October 27, 2016

3 Methods to Overcoming Obstacles


I was recently a panelist for National Association of  Professional  Women and the topic was Overcoming Obstacles, Even During the Most Challenging Times.  It was such an amazing group of panelist and we all had a way to overcoming obstacles that I felt was so incredibly clear and concise that I must share with you.   Let’s face it, no matter where you are in your life you have obstacles.  Everyday, we face obstacles, we have to make discussions that will effect not just today but our tomorrows.  Let me start by giving you  the definition of Obstacle:  It is a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.  No matter how small or big.   I’’ll share with you 3 simple tools you can add to your toolbox and tackle any obstacle.

1.  Face fear – Look, we all have that fight or flight gut reaction and unfortunately many women have that flight reaction stronger than men.  We generally don’t want conflict.  Listen, when we have a plan set in our mind, we move toward that goal but  if someone else (may it be your boss, co-worker, or even your spouse) have a different plan we tend to agree and shy away from our plan even if it isn’t in our best interest.   No more, let’s face our fears. Speak up, show up and be prepared to stand for what you want.    You have a voice use it, no more sticking our head into the sand.  You will be surprised at how great you feel from standing up for something you believe in rather than just going with the flow  and your plan has been sidetracked.

2.  Hold yourself accountable –  We can come up with tons of excuse (obstacles) that can prevent us from doing the things we set out to do. Did you plan out your week? Did you make all the calls you were suppose to make?  Did you workout like you said you were? I could go on and on.  However, we all have 24 hours in a day it’s what we do in those 24 hours that count.  Plan out your week.  Set appointments for the things you have to complete and keep your appointment!  Look at yourself in the mirror and get real with yourself,  you can hide from other but not the person staring back at you.

2.  Get a team –  Look, we all have our strengths and weakness the key is to address them.  Sit down and make a list.  Once you have found your strengths, great focus on those and move forward.  However,  we have to acknowledge our weaknesses.  We all have weaknesses and that is not an obstacle we can’t overcome.   There are people who are strong where we are weak.   Seek out those people and form your dream team.

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