September 22, 2016

You never need a wash cloth if you have a dew puff


If you use a washcloth to wash your face, I found just the thing to replace it. The Dew Puff is our new washcloth. This little puff is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and strong enough to give your face and neck the gentle cleansing it deserves. My husband and I each have our own Dew Puff and we like the way it cleanses. One of the things I noticed about the Dew Puff  is the way it is contoured like a teardrop.  This shape enables you to focuss on a large area or zoom into small spaces like the corners of your eyes (not in your eyes of course) and ears. Unlike a washcloth which has to be laundered after each use,  with the Dew Puff, simply rinse out and let dry and it’s ready for another use. The best thing about the Dew Puff is that you can use it alone by just adding water or add a bit of your favorite facial cleanser, you don’t need much, just a drop.

The Dew Puff not only aids in cleansing but its material allows you to exfoliate for bright and glowing skin. The Dew Puff  is an organic sponge made of pure plant fibers, mainly, the root of konjac, a plant native to Asia (also known as Elephant Yam).  Don’t let the hard texture scare you. Once you wet it, the Dew Puff becomes soft and ready for gentle cleansing.

The Dew Puff is Chemical Free, biodegradable and vegan approved. Have problem skin? No worries, The Dew Puff  is perfect for every skin type and is available in three different types of sponges:

  • Original – Use alone or with one’s own favorite cleanser
  • Bamboo Charcoal – Removes toxins. Perfect for blemish prone skin.
  • Asian Clay – Removes impurities for a healthy glow. All the ancient benefits of clay.

You can purchase your Dew Puff at, you won’t be disappointed.

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