August 29, 2016

Top Hollywood Couples- Divorces among Hollywood Celebrities


The stories of famous couples splitting up often flood the media and divorces continue to be a common occurrence in Hollywood. Different couples end their marriages for different reasons. Anytime a relationship comes to an abrupt end, the situation is sensitive regardless of how well known the individuals are.

In the midst of conflict, blaming each other and grieving the demise of the marriage, divorcing couples have to interact constantly as they negotiate the terms of their divorce. Divorce has an extensive effect on the couple, their children, relatives and fans around the world.

Hollywood Divorces- Empathy and Entertainment

When the media provides news about famous divorcing couples, people everywhere monitor the situation closely. Attention-grabbing headlines such as ‘Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise call it quits’ are bound to elicit reactions, especially when people have been watching a celebrity romance unfold. Most celebrities are used to the fact that they will no longer enjoy privacy.

A high-profile divorce gives fans and critics the chance to share the opinions about the relationship and why it may be ending. While marriage may essentially be between two individuals, ongoing media coverage of a celebrity union ensures that other people are able to get access to their private issues. Hollywood divorces continue to be popular topics that are regarded as entertaining.

Public Scrutiny

The exposure of celebrity couples typically begins through both intentional and unintentional public displays of affection that are captured by the media. The intricacies of the relationship are shared widely and when the couple starts a family, members of the public feel like they are involved.

When the couple starts experiencing relationship problems, issues such as infidelity, drugs and egos arise. The pair eventually breaks up and the public anxiously waits to see if they will move on to new relationships or possibly reconcile. Visit for more.

Top Hollywood Divorces

Various top Hollywood couples have gotten divorced over the years and these include:

  • Mel and Robyn Gibson
  • Michael and Juanita Jordan
  • Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving
  • Kenny and Marianne Rogers
  • Michael and Diandra Douglas
  • Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
  • Donald and Ivana Trump
  • Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva
  • Madonna and Guy Ritchie
  • Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

It is virtually impossible to keep up with numerous Hollywood divorces and there are various reasons why celebrities end up divorcing. These include jealousy, incompatible schedules and financial challenges.


Hollywood celebrities are likely to find themselves in situations that create insecurity and jealousy in their marriages. They also face a lot of tempting situations that occur both on and off camera. The media also plays a significant role in transforming harmless situations such as a hug between co-actors at a party into an intimate affair.

Time Apart

A Hollywood career usually involves a lot of travelling and spending time away from spouses and families. A marriage can become problematic if the spouses are constantly apart or consumed by the vibrant Hollywood lifestyle.

Battle of Egos

For most Hollywood celebrities, the attention from fans and media is quite an ego boost. A famous individual may begin to feel like he or she is extremely important and take their partner for granted. This is a common challenge among so-called new celebrities who are yet to get used to a life of fame and wealth.





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