June 27, 2016

Lauren b. Hand Scrub made me feel like I just had a hand treatment at a spa



Lauren B. Polishing Hand Scrub is by far one of the best hand scrubs in the market today. I’m thirty eight so hand scrub is a must have to keep up the appearance of youthful looking hands. It goes on smooth with just a little grainy texture for exfoliation. After using it once, my hands looked and felt incredibly soft, silky and well moisturized. Must be the botanical oils and amino acids working. It feels like I just had a hand treatment at a spa. There’s no need for expensive hand creams when you use Lauren b. and her Polishing Hand Scrub.

You will find this amazing hand scrub at laurenbbeauty.com


9a2ec186-5163-4fbc-8800-ff922e629ba1Vanessa Altongy, It’s a Glam Thing Blogger

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