April 3, 2016

The Magic of Silk is found in Silkriller




Silk + Briller (Shine) = Silkriller. That’s how the name Silkriller was born. To appreciate this luxurious skincare line, you must understand the importance of Silk. Silk has been associated with beauty for thousands of years. According to ancient history, silk was so important that it was worn by royalty, used as currency and sought for medicinal purposes.

Scientists have discovered that Silk extracts protect the skin’s natural moisture, and Silkriller has formulated a skincare line densely infused with silk fibroins. A patented technology extracts the Silk in the silk protein and is formulated into their skincare giving your skin a beautiful shine and silky soft skin.

Silk has amazing properties. The extracted Silk is rich in protein and contains the same amino acids as the human body. Silk extracts are easily absorbed in the skin allowing antioxidants and amino acids to repair skin cells while improving skins elasticity. Also, If you cleanse your face with soap, you already know that soap has a drying effect on your skin. Silkriller is formulated without surfactants (soap). As you can see,  Silk is an extremely beneficial extract to have in skincare.

The Silk found in Silkriller is spun from 100% locally produced and manufactured Japanese silk. The Silk is made in the mountains of Osaka, Japan, and their products are produced without harmful urban pollutions in the air and soil.


I have had the opportunity to try Silkriller’s Revitalization Silver Set. The set includes a Facial Foam, Lotion (Beauty Tonic) a Moisture Cream and 3D Silver Gel. All of the products can also be purchased separately.

The facial foam is a gentle cleanser and does a wonderful job washing away make-up and other impurities. I also noticed that my skin was soft right after cleansing. Silkriller Facial Foam is infused with natural honey, grapefruit and silk fibroin.

Silkriller Lotion/ Revitalizing Beauty Tonic is a toner. It’is very refreshing when applied right after cleansing. The lotion is especially recommended for those with sensitive and dry skin.  My face usually gets a little red after cleansing and I noticed that the lotion calmed by face and reduced the redness quite a bit.

One of my favorites in this line is the 3D Silver Pure Rich Gel. It only takes a drop of this gel to cover your entire face.  3D Silver Pure Rich Gel has unique anti-aging properties and will firm skin and removes wrinkles by keeping cells hydrated and energized. You might notice firming skin as soon as the next day.

Top off your skin care regime with Silkriller Moisture Cream. This moisturiser really does feel like silk.  The Moisture Cream also increases skin cell regeneration and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. If you use this skincare consistently, you will notice your skin looking younger, brighter, and healthier.

I want to note that each skincare item is packaged with a detailed instruction sheet with a visual on how to apply the skincare item so you can achieve optimal results.

To be part of the silk skincare experience, you must be part of Silkriller Skincare.  Visit them at silkriller.com and begin your quest for the silkiest skin.

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