March 31, 2016

Three Cheers for Biosil!

As the old saying goes “The proof of the pudding is in the eating” I was told by a gal working at my local health food store that Biosil would greatly improve issues that I was having from my hypothyroidism, specifically with my hair and nails. For nine months now I have faithfully taken Biosil and have seen a noticeable improvement in my skin, hair, nails, and joints! Knee pain that I used to suffer terribly from when running, skiing and or playing soccer has become almost non-existent. My hair is thicker and my nails seem to grow faster. And the weirdest one of all…. my grey hairs seem to be fading, which I might add was even verified by my colorist. Then on top of it all I stumbled upon Christie Brinkley who appears to be touting all of the same things and then some. How fantastic does she look for 61! Collagen… Collagen… Collagen.

In researching Biosil it appears to be an advanced collagen generator, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, strengthening and thickening hair, improving skin elasticity as well as strengthening nails.

Honestly this is one of those things that you just need to try out for yourself and do some reading up on reviews of the product. Definitely worth giving it a go!


About Barb:

Barb was born and raised in Calgary Canada. She moved to Vancouver to go to UBC and pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She spent 30 years as a commercial actress as well as spending a year abroad modelling. She has always had an avid interest in natural ways to maintain looking youthful.  Natural Beauty has given her a creative outlet to explore the products available in todays market.

About Christy:

Christy was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She started acting in the theatre at age 10 and by the time she was 12 Christy was working regularly in the film and television industry. Christy was also an athlete and excelled in track, soccer, and basketball. After high school she backpacked through Europe and then continued with her education at the University of Victoria. Christy has always been very intrigued by health/wellness and exploring beauty from the inside out. She is an avid researcher and her curiosity and advocation for advanced beauty regimens allow her to explore many unique practices and products.  Christy still lives in Canada with her husband and three daughters. She is currently an entrepreneur and stay at home mom. 

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