November 25, 2015

Completely Change your Skin tone with MD Complete


It only takes three days with the 3-Day Booster Pack from MD Complete to get your skin in tip-top shape. I noticed results after day one. MD COMPLETE 3-Day Booster Pack, a 2014 Shape Beauty Award winner, will help reduce fine lines and helps refine the texture of your skin leaving it soft and glowing. I noticed that the little imperfections and redness that were on my skin, completely vanished after the 3-day treatment. It’s easy to use, and you don’t need to use any other skincare for the three days that you are using MD Complete 3 Day Booster Pack. 

The Booster Pack contains everything needed to get your skin looking fabulous. Each Night (for three nights) you will massage Gentle Prep Cleanser on your face, and then you will apply Non-Irritating Pro Peel  (leave on for just 5 minutes and rinse off). Finally, Massage Radiance Renewing Deep Moisturizer on your face and neck. That’s it!  In the morning, you simply wash your face with a damp facecloth and apply your favorite sun protection. I applied my makeup as usual after this step and went on with my day as usual.

Dr Brian Zelickson, creator of MD Complete 3-Day Booster Pack states that he “designed this Booster Pack as a simple way to replicate the benefits of in-office peels. All 3 steps are formulated to work together, so they’re all you need to easily boost your skincare results in 3 days”.

MD Complete contains very effective ingredients; I have listed a few below:

The Gentle Prep Cleanser contains Aloe Vera, for hydration and soothing; Chamomile helps soothe stressed skin and Green Tea provides the antioxidants your skin needs to thrive. This cleanser works its magic in removing makeup and cleanses thoroughly to prepare your skin for the next step.

Non-Irritating Pro Peel contains Salicylic Acid which lifts dead skin cells and fruit extracts that help brighten your skin. You should see results almost immediately after performing this step.

Radiance Renewing Deep Moisture is formulated with amino acids, vitamins and Omega 3 & 6 which help a boost hydration and plump your skin; and of course, vitamin C & E will aide in improving your skins elasticity. Your skin will never feel better and more hydrated after this step.

Continue the program for three days then uses once a month for long lasting results. You will find MD Complete at their website MDCOMPLETE along with other anti-aging and acne prevention skincare.





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