August 31, 2015

DIY on the Fly with Julee on Studio 10 Live

Julee Ireland of It’s a Glam Thing and author of the book series ” DIY on the FLY under $25″ presents these steps to create DIY Flower Nursery Wall Art.

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DIY otf

Step ONE: Lay your Monogram Wood letter on a flat, clean surface. Optional: Paint or spray paint your Monogram letter the background color you like. It also looks beautiful to keep the natural wood color.

Step TWO: Take your artificial flower sprays and cut the flowers where they meet the stem. You can also use craft paper flowers, fabric flowers or other prepackaged flowers from your local craft store.

Step THREE: Arrange your cut flowers on your Monogram letter. Start with your larger flowers first and then use smaller flowers to fill in the gaps. When you have the basic placement of your flowers designed use your glue gun to glue your flowers in place.

Step FOUR: Cut two pieces of ribbon your desired length and tie a bow in the middle.

Step FIVE: Turn your completed Monogram letter over. Use your hot glue gun to glue each side of your ribbon down to create your hanger for your Monogram letter. Now all you need is a nail to place in the wall where you want to hang your beautiful Monogram Flower Nursery.

DIY on the Fly cover

DIY on the Fly cover

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