August 28, 2015



He may be young, but Hollywood child star Evan Brinkman sure knows how to steal a scene and he proved that in the recent hit Judd Apatow comedy Trainwreck. In the film, Evan played the dorky, sweet, and sensitive stepson Allister who annoys Amy Schumer’s character throughout. In real-life he is anything but annoying.

It’s A Glam Thing had a chance to chat with Evan and find out a bit more about his style away from his character in the film and how he puts together his incredible fashion choices for red carpets and interviews…


How would you describe your own personal day-to-day style?

I would say that I dress nice casual day-to-day. I usually wear a minimum of two different outfits a day. The first outfit is for school and it is usually cargo shorts with a polo shirt or v-neck shirt. Once I’m home from school I change into a t-shirt and shorts. On the days that I go golfing I wear Under Armor golf apparel.

What trends/brands do you like currently?

I prefer The Gap and Old Navy for my school clothing. Nike for my after school clothing and Under Armour for golf. For my shoes I prefer Converse, Vans and Under Armour. For dressier clothes I always go to J. Crew.

Being so young, do you even like dressing up for red carpets and such?

Yes, I really liked the clothing I wore for the red carpet and multiple interviews for Trainwreck. I had several business casual suits and shoes from J Crew. My mom used the Very Personal Stylist from J Crew and she would send multiple outfit choices for me and my mom to choose from on-line. For the red carpet I went to Nordstrom’s and found the suit, shirt, bow-tie and shoes. The suit was altered by Nordstrom’s and it was very convenient for us to find everything there.

What was it like getting styled each day on the set of Trainwreck? Did you have a whole team dressing you? Did you have any say?

The wardrobe department had requested all my sizes before my first fitting. When I arrived on set there were so many choices for my outfits that were unique, quirky and fun. There were 3 stylists that helped me throughout the filming and I remember wearing a lot of J Crew clothing. I did wear my own Converse, Chuck Taylor’s, the very first day for my fitting and the stylists loved my shoes. I ended up getting 3 pairs in different colors for my wardrobe changes on the set.


What is your definition of “Glam”?

Stylish, confident & attractive.

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