August 5, 2015

DIY tips from RPZL Headmaster especially for Brides


Look One: Fishtail Crown Braid
· RPZL clip in extensions are needed to add the extra length and volume. Place the extensions in the direction that the braid will wrap.
Start the fishtail braid at the nape of the head and complete the braid
Attach the braid symmetrically around the head using bobby pins (same color as your natural hair) to secure
Leave a couple of straight strands to frame your face. These can be left straight or curled.
Spray with extra strong hair spray
Add any bridal hair accessories afterwards
An easier alternative to achieve a similar look (if you do not know how to fishtail) is to do a Braided Crown Braid, following the same steps as above, but using a traditional braid!


Look 2: Sleek and Chic Low Pony
RPZL Clip in hair extensions should be added here for the dramatic length
This look can be done with or without a part
If you want a part, define the part using a comb
If hair is wavy or curly, use a flat iron to get a completely straight finish
Use a pomade to comb hair using a fine-toothed comb
The ponytail is a low pony at the nape
Use a strong elastic to secure the ponytail leaving a small portion of the hair outside of the elastic to wrap around to hide. Secure with bobby pins (same color as your natural hair).
Use a small amount of pomade on the ponytail and finish with extra strength hairspray
An easier alternative to achieving the same look is to use RPZL’s Pony in an Instant! With a simple click, you can achieve the same look. RPZL has the most expansive selection of color, texture and length ponies available and pre-blended options too that are ideal for presenting a natural look. Our Gorgeous Bride is wearing RPZL’s Daring Dark Chocolate!


Look 3: Romantic Soft Curls
For this look, the hair has to be blow out with a volumizing spray at the crown. No part should be made. The division of the hair needs to be made while drying.
RPZL Clip in hair extensions should be added after drying the hair for a fuller and longer look
Tease the hair at the crown to develop the volume. Cover with a section of hair. The volume here is crucial for any bride wearing a veil.
Wrap a front segment of the hair above the forehead using pomade
Attached the hair in the back of the head at the nape. Use hair pins (same color as natural hair) to secure in place. We recommend a hair accessory to be used here if no veil will be worn.
For the soft curls, use a large barrel curling iron to set open waves. Make sure not to use a small barrel that will produce a tight wave.
Finish with an extra hold hairspray


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