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November 21, 2014

Do I Need to Brand Myself?

As someone who works in the field of product development and “branding” I am often asked: ” What needs to be branded?”  “What does it even mean to “brand” oneself?”  “Do I need to brand myself?”

These aren’t simple yes or no questions. No matter your field, your goal, your dream, your current position, branding yourself doesn’t hurt your image and it can even help guide you towards creating your dream job.

Business branding is, in large part, protecting yourself.  Buying your business domains, trade marking your name and/or business name, getting copyright or patent protection on things you create or invent is crucial in building your brand and business.  In the sense of business, consider branding as protection and a necessary step if you want to ensure no one can recreate what you do exactly as you do it.

Personal branding is different.  It’s about making sure that when a group of people picture you or your personality they are all thinking of the same things.  It doesn’t have to be what you wear, but it can be as simple as that, especially if you are in the field of design or fashion.  It doesn’t have to be your comedic timing, but it can be, if you are a writer, comedian or television personality.  It doesn’t have to be your products or services, but it could be if you are to be considered an expert in a certain field.  It is truly about representing yourself on any and every platform in a way that is uniquely and authentically you.  It’s about being remembered and having the true you represented so well that you leave a lasting impression with people whether it be at the close of a meeting or when someone reads your “about” page on your website. 

Photo by Debbie Walton

Photo by Debbie Walton

Do you need to brand yourself? Only you can answer this question and your answer depends largely on if you want to be thought of and remembered for what you contributed to the world when you’re not around. Personally, my greatest contributions that I hope to be remembered for above all else, is as a woman who inspired others through her work and who was a really good mom at the same time.

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November 21, 2014

Winter wonderland of beauty video

Check out the great products in the video here:

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November 21, 2014

New Its A Glam Thing Blogger

It’s A Glam Thing is proud to welcome singer and actress Lizzy Small as one of our newest regular bloggers! Lizzy will soon be joining the It’s A Glam Thing family as she blogs about Hollywood, the music industry, college, trends, pop culture and all things of interest to high school and college age gals! Check out Lizzy’s new single and video GRAVITY on Youtube & SoundCloud!



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November 21, 2014

Make Fashion to Fingers with Fabulous Nail Art Designs


Nail Art Nails have never been so perceptible in vogue until a new idea of beautifying nails transpired. There has been an upsurge in the importance being given to nails after the arrival of this unique approach of nail art. This includes experimenting with colors, blending of patterns, collaboration of designs, diamante stimulants, shimmery motif, etc.

It has become a fashion statement, a conceptual manifest, a trendy guise and also a way for people to present their thoughts, ideas and feelings on their nails which earlier were barely noticed.

Emerging from the trend engine-LONDON, nail polish ideas gained popularity among the masses. Women would flock in the salons and invest their time to get their nails done as perfect and glamorous as possible. Gluing tiny jewels and creating fabulous designs on nails, used to be very onerous and had its roots in salons. With the increasing admiration it gradually became the new cool.

You can easily follow various nail polish ideas mentioned on numerous online websites, by doing if practiced rightly and regularly. It has got levels of difficulties ranging from 1 to 5. 1 is the easiest and is for the beginners, whereas moving up the graph 5 is the most difficult and is for the masters of this art.

Nail art if done in a proper way can leave you with surprisingly beautiful results. Prior to performing nail art, Shape them properly, file them if needed, apply base coat over them as nail polish goes better on even and smooth surface and then work on them. After you are done with the designs, allow them to dry. To speed up the drying span you can either put your fingers in cold water or you can blow dry your nails at a cooler setting, also you can apply after coat over it which is a quick drying agent.

Nail Art Designs:

This art comes with various different techniques namely- taping, sponging, painting, stamping, dotting, water marble, etc. These solely look great in themselves but you can merge these techniques to come up with many new nail polish ideas.

1. Nail Taping: All you need is to stick thin strips of cello-tape over your nails. It could be as fine as one or even more to give a check board look. You can also use nail-stripper available in the market. Once you are done with taping, apply nail polish over the non-taped area and after letting it dry, remove the strips. You can also use different colors to give your pattern a funky look.

nails taping


2. : Sponging your nails though is a time consuming yet interesting art. You can have different kind of sponges like the makeup sponge, the kitchen or bathroom sponge to obtain different textures. You will be required to mix two or more colors on a palette using a tooth pick. Let the sponge soak the polish and dab it over your nails.

Sponge nail art


3. : You can do free hand painting over your nails using different brushes to create the plot. It could be anything like a butterfly wing or a flower or may be some conceptual drawing.



4. Dotting nail art: Apply a base color to your nails over which you will create polka dots (using nail-dotter) or a floral design. You can use anything circular around you to decorate your nails. This technique might need a little practice, but once your hands gain fluency in motion you will do it easily.



5. Water marble: These designs look great on every occasion. These are vibrant, flamboyant and it looks very pretty. This includes dropping of nail polish onto water and creating designs using a Q-tip or a tooth pick. Once you are decided with the design to put on, place your nail over it to let the polish come over it.

nail art design


After you are completed with nail art, apply some lustrous nail enamel over it to give it a fine, shiny and glossy look.

Remember everything you put on defines you are noticed especially when you are quirky and up to the minute. Experiment with iridescent colors, wear the perfect hues, make exemplary designs and giggle while watching those envy blazing eyes glancing at you!!

Author Bio:

Laura Jacob is a Passionate blogger. She works on behalf of Ni number. She has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2006.

As an avid reader and blogger, she shares her experience through her articles on Travel, Education, Health & Beauty and many more.



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November 20, 2014

Get the Look: Reese Witherspoo​n at Wild Premiere

See how you can get the hairstyle that celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel created for Reese Witherspoon at the Wild premiere in Los Angeles.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

THE LOOK: Modern yet classic – accented with a 60’s inspired heavy side swept bangs and a simple chic bun


·To begin, Abergel created a very deep side part on towel dried hair and applied John Frieda Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir to create beautiful shine and pliability.

·Next, he applied John Frieda Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion from the roots through mid shaft to create volume.

·Then, he blow dried the hair smooth with a round brush creating side swept bangs for a 60’s feel.

·Once the hair was dry, he took a fine tooth comb and teased the crown making sure to smooth it with a paddle brush. Once the shape was achieved, he locked it in by spraying John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-Day Hold Hairspray.

·He tamed any fly aways by rubbing a dime size amount of John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch-Up Crème and running it through the hair.

·Abergel then pulled the hair into a low ponytail staying about 4” above the nape of the neck and secured it with an elastic. He then twisted the hair into an “S” shape knot and pinned it in place.

· To finish, he sprayed John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-Day Hold Hairspray to set the look.

Get the products here at

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November 20, 2014

Add some WINTER to your day

Just in time for the holidays, a fragrance that will make you smell and feel just like your walking in a winter wonderland. Daesein’s WINTER fragrance is a sensual blend of blue spruce, forest pine, black cardamom and French lavender. It is free of toxins, vegan, cruelty-free, and fee of parabens. Even for us sensitive skinned people we can enjoy the satisfying aroma with no harsh chemicals. Now you can really give the gift of Christmas when you give them WINTER.

WINTER is a fragrance that when I sprayed it on, I said “that’s me”. It reminded me of Winter’s in Ohio. Snow on the ground, deer running through the yard and the smell of a freshly cut pine tree in my living room. Now that I live in Florida I still like to remember Christmas in Ohio (minus the cold) and WINTER does just that. WINTER lasted me from morning to night with touchups in between. I find that to be the worst when it comes to fragrance when you have to reapply. Even my mom, who is the toughest critic when it comes to anything with a smell. She likes that WINTER is not strong, is very sensual and smells just like walking outside.

Now I’m just speaking from a woman’s point of view but WINTER is not only great for women but men as well. After launching in 2013, WINTER has flown off the shelves in stores such as American Rag, Larchmont Beauty and many more! So if your in need of a great stocking stuffer or Christmas gift exchange check out WINTER Unisex Fragrance at and also check them out for fragrances that will bring every season to life by simply spraying a bottle. Launching in 2015!

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November 19, 2014

Laughing Buddha has become my nightly Ritual


Rituals Laughing Buddha Fortune Shower Oil
Rituals Laughing Buddha Fortune Shower Oil is the perfect solution for dry skin. It reently occured to me why my skin is so incredibablly dry lately. Since the summer ended, I haven’t been moisturizing enough. During the summer, I always use sunscreen on my arms and legs so I don’t feel the dryness as much. So far this winter, I am having trouble with dry skin and it driving me crazy, especially at night. 

My newest solution for curing my dry skin is with  Rituals Laughing Budddah Fortune Shower Oil. This is not just your typical shower oil. With only a few squirts of the oil in a luffa sponge, Laughing Buddah Shower Oil works into a light silky soft  foam leaving you skin soft and nourished without a greasy feeling. I didn’t even believe it was an oil, it certainly didn’t feel like oil was on my skin.**

The Sweet Orange and Cedar wood ingredients, provides a  soothing and relaxing shower. Another nice feature with Rituals Laughing Budddah Fortune Shower Oil is that the oil will help extend the life of your tan. As stated by Rituals, “The oil hydrates your skin in the shower, so that you lose less pigment, meaning you can thus enjoy your holiday tan for even longer.”

**As with any products containing oil,  please remember to rinse the bath or shower well after use to avoid slipping, whether the product feels oily or not.

Visit You will find Laughing Budddah Fortune Shower Oil, shower foam , body cream, scrub, bed and body mist, a hand lotion and gift sets that are perfect for holiday giving.
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November 19, 2014

Gift Idea: Vintage Black Glamour

I have a lot of friends who are pretty tough when it comes to buying gifts.  So, I’m always looking for  something unique.  This morning I found a really interesting BBC video clip spotlighting a new book called Vintage Black Glamour that looks fabulous!


The author, Nichelle Gainer, started a Tumblr page on the topic after discovering that black actors, entertainers, models, etc. were greatly underrepresented in most depictions of Hollywood’s golden age of glamour. The resulting recently published coffee table book not only contains those photographs but also biographies of some of the men and women who paved the way for current-day celebrities.

I can think of at least three friends who’ll be getting this for Christmas!  Take a look…Maybe you know someone who would love it too:)

Lena Horne | Vintage Black Glamour by Nichelle Gainer

Lena Horne | Vintage Black Glamour by Nichelle Gainer

More about the book:



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November 19, 2014

Makeup Show Recap

If there is one place I love better than Studio 10, its getting to cover the Makeup Show Orlando. Held in the ballroom at the Hyatt Regency, The Makeup Show Orlando offers everything from education, and info on the latest and greatest makeup/skincare products on the market. Definitely a show for the beauty “hoarder” and makeup fanatic (which is me lol)and for those who want to enhance their makeup skills thanks to the awesome classes and education while there.



While I was at the show I ran into some familiar faces such as well known makeup artists Tia Dantzler, James Vincent and Vivian Infantino. Not only that but I met many new people as well and discovered some new and fascinating products such as The Beauty Butler, Tanique, Facial Smoothies, Shea Moisture, Tat2U Cosmetics, Cara Cosmetics and so many more but there will definitely be a blog on each and every one. Also, as a member of the press I was gifted a press bag full of many more samples that I cannot wait to try out.

Cara Cosmetics

Cara Cosmetics

Not only was it the makeup that fascinated me it was the work I saw by some amazing artists. Every year the Cosmix Makeup School’s booth showcases the work of some incredible artists that are literally out of this world and even The Makeup Show holds contests on what is called fantasy makeup. I saw everything from underwater theme, to outer space. Unfortunately I could not take many pictures due to the battery on my phone dying :(.

I am anxious and excited to get started on blogging/vlogging about the awesome products I received to try. Stay tuned for more!!!

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November 17, 2014

Holiday gifts on IndyStyle TV

Today I presented “Holiday Gift Bazaar” with products chosen especially for IndyStyle Wish TV viewers.

On IndyStyle TV

On IndyStyle TV

Watch the segment here:

The Obedo Neck and Back Cradle Travel Pillow is perfect for the Holiday traveler or office, spa, and home. The Obedo Neck and Back Cradle provides comfortable support for your head and neck. Use it for lower back support or for neck support while sitting watching TV, working at your desk, reading, for driving comfort, in-flight comfort and more. It’s adjustable and portable, completely washable and folds up flat when not in use. Chiropractor recommended.

Just in time for the holidays, Gerard Cosmetics announced the addition of Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick to their line. tThe initial line includes these perfect for all seasons colors:

ALL DOLLED UP- Feminine and flirtatious, this pretty in pink lipstick is a pigmented and playful way to finish your look. No doll face is complete without this stunning staple.

TEQUILA SUNRISE- An intoxicating coral lip color with a creamy orange undertone. An exciting and refreshing way to rock some color.

FIRE ENGINE- Stop traffic with this classic and ultra glam red lipstick. Feisty and flattering, this will be your staple for a night. Turn up the heat with this beautiful blue-toned hue.

1995-Inspired by the 90s grunge revival and the beauty trends of an unforgettable decade, this iconic creation by the one and only Jaclyn Hill. Matte but creamy, this lip color isn’t trendy but a timeless expression of glam.

NUDE- You can never go wrong with this effortless, everyday hue.

Kelley West ​Microderm360 is the creation of renowned Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Kelley West who has worked with some of the world’s leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Kelley has been seen on The Doctors, E!, Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA and more.

The Microderm360 is equipped with a revolutionary new patent rotating head that allows the Diamond Tip to access hard-to-reach parts of the body at a precise angle, making it the only product with this feature. You can use it on your face, hands, neck, elbows, feet and more. It comes in a pretty box that is easy to holiday wrap or just simply stick a bow on it for gift giving.

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, non-invasive, skin resurfacing through mechanical exfoliation with vacuum suction. The Diamond Tip abrades the skin while the powerful vacuum sucks up the dirt and bacteria from the deepest part of the pore. This gets the pore extremely clean. It stimulates blood circulation and also stimulates your body’s own production of elastin, protein, and vitamin D — everything needed to clean and plump your skin. Microdermabrasion may improve age spots and blackheads; remove thicker, uneven outer layer of skin; reduce scarring, discoloration and sun damage; improve hyperpigmentation; exfoliate your skin,lessen the appearance of stretch marks; reduce fine lines, wrinkles, 11 o’clock lines; reduce or eliminate enlarged pores; and help increase your collagen production for a younger looking complexion.

PediSavers are anklet and knee high pedicure socks and are perfect stocking stuffers! Your toes are tingling with delight after a leg and foot massage. Now before getting your nails painted, just slip into a pair of Pedisavers. Not only will Pedisavers help moisturizers work longer, but there’s also no need for uncomfortable toe separators.Pedisavers will keep you toasty warm as you put on your flip flops and make your way home, in any kind of weather! Available in white, pink and red with new designs and patterns just launched!

Apothederm Skin Care Science Deluxe Skin Care Set in a gift box is a limited-edition gift set and is the perfect way for skin care product lovers to try Apothederm products and see what you like best! These sample sizes are perfect for traveling, and all sizes are TSA compliant. Available for a limited time only, while supplies last. Includes:

Apothederm Firming Serum

Apothederm Moisturizing Cream

Apothederm Hydrating Eye Cream

Apothederm Moisturizing Cleanser

Apothederm Bright Skin Serum

Apothederm Brightening Cleanser

The “Kym Douglas Beauty Bib designed by Julee Ireland” was designed to protect your clothing from cosmetics, hairspray, perfume and other product spills. It is 100% nylon for easy cleaning. Just wipe off with cold water and a rag or paper towel and hang dry.It is compact and fits in your purse to take with you when you travel or where ever you go.The Beauty Bib is also great to use as a dining bib to protect your clothing from coffee and food spills. Perfect for all ages, young to elderly. The Beauty Bib is available in two fun decorative designs. Chic Pearl and So Debonair tie. The Beauty Bib makes a great gift for all occasions.

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