December 28, 2012

Trends of the New Year 2013

As 2012 winds down, jump into the New Year in style.  Fashion is constantly involving, giving you the opportunity to spice up your daily apparel, get immensely creative and invent a new self for 2013.  And with the post holiday sales about to commence, what would be a better time to give your wardrobe a facelift?  Listed below are a few suggestions for stepping into a new year with a sexier-than-ever self.   Cheers!


Hottest trends for 2013:


The power suit: swanky and sleek women’s suits will take off next year, and we will be seeing a surplus of a feminine yet powerful collection of female suits.womans suit


Suit shorts: Playing on the above, taking the suit and slashing the pants mid-thigh will be an ultra hit this coming season.  It’s a powerful yet mega sexy twist on the traditional suit.


Simple contrast: black and white contrast will be huge.  Color block, stripes, loud patterns will be showcased in timeless and sophisticated black and white.

donna wt pants ct


Ruffles: yes, the ruffles will be back again, but this year we will see deep ruffled necklines, edgy and distressed slits and all around bolder styles.


Bermuda shorts: The knee-length short is more feminine than ever, with flattering cuts, girly patterns and lustrous materials.  For those that have been on the fence about these modern shorts, this will be the perfect season to dive in.


Stripes, stripes, stripes:  Whether in a contrasting black and white or bold color, stripes will be a must-have come the New Year.  This simple yet fierce pattern makes a statement, and bonus, it’s also slimming.


Peek-A-Boo: This fun and flirty style of dress will be in full force next year, giving the ladies a sweet yet slightly edgy style for a date, cocktail party or night on the town.


The low heel:  A feminine daytime option for every chic woman, the girly low heel is a perfect complement for any casual yet stylish ensemble.  Sport them for brunch with your lover or happy hour with the girls.



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