August 29, 2012

5 “Must Haves” in my Ballet Bag


Being Junior in High School and A Soloist for the State Ballet of Rhode Island, my time is very limited so I have to make sure my ballet bag is always packed. There are always a few essentials items that I “Must Have” in my ballet bag, and these might be good ideas for you too.

Must Have #1: Tweezerman Match Box Itty Bitty Files are a must.  My fingernails and toenails must always be smooth because I can’t risk tearing my tights, and it does happen from time to time when I have had a rough edge. These itty bitty nail files come in pa matchbox package of 12,so I can share with my friends. 

Must Have #2: Murad’s Skin Perfection Primer is a great product to have before applying makeup, which we do often at the ballet. I like Murad;s Skin Perfection Primer because it helps control acne breakouts, reduces the appearance of pores, and controlsshine.  Aftr all, who wants to have a shiny face when they are on stage, or anyplace for that matter.

Must Have #3: Eylure Naturalites Eyelashes are another important accessory.  Available in assorted styles and sizes, they are reusable and come with their own adhesive, which is very convenient.   They are easy to use and takes little time to apply.  When I want my eyes to POP onstage, I use Eylure Naturalites!

Must Have #4: I always like to carry a fragrance in my bag and Lavinella “Summer Vanilla” Roll-on is the perfect one for me.  This fragrance has a delicate vanilla scent. It is subtle enough that I can roll on  as often  I like without it being over powering. Lavinella roll-on comes in a very slim bottle which fits conveniently in my ballet bag.

Must Have #5: I have at least 6 Mia Hair Accessories in my bag at all times.  I love the Braidies, which is a hair braid headband.  They look like real hair and one size fits all and comes in 2 sizes, thick and thin.  When I wear my hair in the bun  I wear  the Braidies.

The braid adds a unique and stylish look. Tony Ties, are a must too. These no tug hair ties (leopard print being my favorite) hold my hair back in a ponytail before I make my bun.  Tony Ties come out easily without pulling on my hair.  Mia Hair Accessories come in 5 natural Hair colors.




Adrienne, Teen Blogger

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