March 28, 2012

Get Ready to Smile with Burt’s Bees Newest collection “GUD”


Burt’s Bees recently introduced their newest collection of Natural Bath and  Body products and as promised, “This fun new collection includes all the “GUD” stuff of sunshine and laughter”.

You are truly in for a treat because GUD has introduced  four exhilarating and luscious scents like “Pearanormal Activity”, which makes you feel like you are surrounded by a bushel of fresh ripe pears, ooh so good.

I have been using GUD’s fabulous foaming hand wash in my favorite scent, “Vanilla Flame”.  Even after hand washing, I can still smell the delightful vanilla aroma and there is always a hint of “Vanilla Flame” floating around me.

Let’s not  forget about the intoxicating aromas of “Floral Cherrynova” and “Orange Petalooza” which actually smells like their scents are exploding with fragrance all around you.

You are truly in for a treat with GUD’s “All Natural” Bath and body products.  Start your day with a refreshing shower using GUD body wash followed by GUD shampoo and conditioner, in your favorite scent of course. GUD’s  luscious scents make these products fun to use and you will feel refreshed throughout the day.

Don’t miss out on treating yourself to GUD‘s Body Butter and/or body cream and keep your skin feeling soft all day long while feeling like their fresh fragrance is swirling around you.

GUD brand plastic bottles are all very eye catching and each scent is accented by its own color.

Visit and watch their smell-tastic video and sign up for a free sample.

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