March 19, 2012


SCHICK HYDRO SILK RAZOR                         

Out with my OLD…In with my NEW… Schick Hydro Silk Razor.  I must admit, there really was nothing wrong with my old razor except it was really old.  I can’t even remember how long I have had it.  My old razor was very convenient for me because it used the same cartridges as my husband’s razor, so I always used his stock of blades.  Like I said, very convenient.

What I didn’t expect was to find a razor with a “Hydrating Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum”.  A What??  Say that again… “Hydrating Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum”?   Well,  Let me explain…

If you did not know, shaving in general often results in leaving your skin feeling dry and/or irritated. As stated by Schick, “The Schick Hydro Silk Razor has a moisturizing serum that activates with water to help replenish skins natural moisturizer throughout each shave”, and this razor does exactly that.

There are also other features about this razor, which without a doubt, left my skin feeling exceptionally soft.  The razor has 5 blades which allows for a very close shave.  The moisturizing serum skin guards that are on top of each blade helps smooth skin while shaving.  The moisturizing serum lasts up to 2 hours.  It didn’t even feel like I was using a razor, that’s how smooth it was.

The razor itself is beautifully designed. It’s easy to hold as you are shaving around curves (it didn’t slip out of my hands like my last razor did).  The shape of the Schick  Hydro Silk Razor was definitely designed with a woman in mind.  I almost felt like the shape was designed especially for me.

The Schick  Hydro Razor comes with a  suction cup and refill blades.  The blades are also sold separately.  I  placed  the suction cup in the shower to hang my new razor.  This was a new experience for me.  My new razor is right at my fingertips whenever I reach for it.

I must add that whether you are using your old razor or new one, Skintimate Moisturing Shave Gels are a lovely addition to your shaving routine.  These delicously scented shave gels offer vitimins and antioxidants that help replenish your skins natural moisture.   You must try them and see for yourself. visit  to see a complete line of Skintimate products.

You will find the Schick  Hydro Silk Razor in supermarkets and drugstores or visit

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