July 25, 2011

Say Goodbye to Dark Spots!


Skin 2 Skin™ Care
Controls Dark Spots with Vegan Peptide Technology!

Dark Spots, photodamage or sun damaged skin is something that most people will not escape. It occurs with exposure to sunlight starting at an early age with 25% of our exposure occurring before the end of our teens. Even if you limit your exposure as an adult and use SPF there is a real possibility you will develop dark spots.

The damage is not only limited to dark spots but uneven pigmentation, darkening of the skin, small spider blood vessels, Rosacea, sensitive skin, rough and scaly patches, freckles, thinning and fragile skin, pre skin cancer and skin cancer. The most advanced vegan peptide technology is in Skin 2 Skin™ Care’s Photoaging Repair Cream that can help solve darkening of the skin without sun sensitivity that is related to lighteners, glycolic acid and Retinol. Ever read the back of a product label that has glycolic acid, lighters or Retina l in the ingredient list. It is stated “Do not expose skin to sun” or “Stay out of the sun when using this product”. That’s nice but we don’t live in a cocoon.

Ken Simpson, (pictured below) founder of Skin 2 Skin™, knew that there had to be a better way to help control the appearance of photo- damage without hiding from the sun. He knew first hand since he lives in Palm Springs, Ca where sun is plentiful and there is no hiding from it. Before creating Skin 2 Skin™ out of necessity because of a brain tumor and radiation treatments that were destroying his skin, he had tried all the other products including lighteners, glycolic acid and Retinol. He had become severely sun sensitive with fragile skin because of the products. “l love the color red but it is not a flattering color for my skin,” says Ken.

Ken’s answer was to create a skin care product using two of the most advanced vegan peptides that would help reverse and prevent sun damage and dark spots. The formulation had to be perfect for the peptides to be delivered and work properly, and at the recommended dosage. Ken went to work and created Skin 2 Skin Care Photo aging Repair Cream, a result driven pure and organic multi functional skin care product.

Skin 2 Skin Care Photo Aging Repair Cream is formulated with the ingredient Kinetin N6. Kinetin exists naturally in our cells and is known as a “sensitive skin alternative to retinols” and a potent antioxidant. It promotes the natural cell division increasing natural exfoliation of dead skin cells. It works by improving the skin’s health by retarding and delaying natural cell aging and preventing future premature cell sun damage and death while restoring and recovering savable sun damaged cells. It is one of the most effective skin aging preventative measures in your anti-aging arsenal. It works in the deep cellular levels for the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots plus improves the skin’s texture.

It’s also formulated with the newest advanced vegan peptide that lightens the overall appearance of the skin without damaging the skin, Melanostatine®5 . It inhibits the synthesis of melanin, dark or black pigment controlling dark spots and the darkening of aging skin. This helps to prevent hyper-production, dark spots and has the lightening ability for all skin tones Caucasian, Asian, Brown and African-American without long term damage, thinning if the skin, and the need to avoid the skin.

Visible signs of dark spots and overall skin darkening can be seen to diminish within 4 weeks with twice a day application of the Photoaging Repair Cream. It increases your skins hydration and improves the health of your skin’s barrier that naturally protects the skin from UV, Bacteria, Fungus, and chronic inflammation causing premature aging of the skin.

This is why the Photoaging Repair Cream is one of Anna Torv, of the TV show Fringe favorite products “I lather it on my neck and chest which seems to have taken most of the beatings the Australian sun has to offer.”



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