April 24, 2011

“My Beautiful Mommy” is a wonderful children’s book written by “World Renown” Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer

Are you considering plastic surgery? Do you wonder how you should approach your children regarding the subject? This is a wonderful children’s book, that is so well written by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, with absolutely beautiful illustrations by Vic Guiza, and it takes it’s place as the first children’s book of it’s kind that tackles the topic of plastic surgery.

I remember when my children were younger and I decided to have reconstructive surgery on my nose. It was a bit of a challenge trying to explain to my young boys what I was having done, that I might look a bit different, have bandages on, and awkwardly try to tell them that there was really nothing for them to worry about. Oh, how I would have loved to have had Dr. Salzhauer’s book, “My Beautiful Mommy”.

Dr.Salhauer had his own personal experience that encouraged him to write this book when he personally had a nose job and had many questions asked by his 4 year old daughter. He also noticed that a number of his clients were not sure about how to answer their children’s questions about procedures that they were going to have.

Quoting Dr. Salzhauer
, “I know how scary and intimidating a doctor’s office can be for most children. Kids tend to fill in the blanks when they see mommy in bandages, and they often feel sad, hurt and confused as to what happened. This book is meant to be a guide for parents who have already decided to undergo plastic surgery; and help explain to their children why mommy looks different.”

“My Beautiful Mommy” can be purchased at: www.amazon.com and www.mybeautifulmommy.com. The book sells for $19.95, and you will be able to find out more about Dr.Michael Salzhauer, and a summary of
My Beautiful Mommy”, on the website, as well.

This book is very child friendly. The positive storyline is a very enjoyable read…

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