March 20, 2011

Words of Wisdom from Diane von Furstenberg

I had the extreme pleasure of being invited to a taping of the Nate Berkus Show last week (thank you Amy!!!). In addition to being a fan of Nate’s designs, I always enjoy seeing a show taped. I knew I would learn something from his show and was looking forward to attending.  

Beautiful weather, great friends, fabulous seats way in front……what could be better? It was then we started looking around at the set. There was a bedroom hidden that looked like it was clad in DVF sheets. Could it be the guest on the show would be Diane von Furstenberg?? Nate and Diane…..magic!

Indeed Diane was Nate’s guest. She had done over the bedroom for Dana, one of Nate’s lucky listeners. Diane came on to the set, looking absolutely amazing. She discussed her beginnings and the wonderful wrap dress that has with stood the fashion trends of the past 30 almost 40 years. She talked about her home décor line, and her inspirations. She is inspired by many things… and nature being two of her biggest inspirations. She told us that she always has a camera on her many trips, and will take pictures of rocks, trees, leaves, anything that she enjoys in its beauty.

What I found extremely inspiring was when Nate and Diane were discussing empowering women with fashion. Diane said that she was convinced the success of the wrap dress was due to women of all ages, shapes and sizes looked good in the dress. When we look good, we feel good, and exude confidence. Nate asked Diane if she was always that confident woman. She laughed and said something to the affect of, ‘We are women, and we are always comparing ourselves to others. I would look at the woman across the room and think of how put together she was, admire her sense of confidence. It was when I realized that she was looking at me thinking how put together and confident that I was, I gained my confidence.’ A sentiment I hope to remember the next time I feel those jabs of insecurity arise.  “Being insecure,” said Diane “is a complete waste of time!” Words of wisdom to live by from the great Diane von Furstenberg!

Thank you to Amy for the invite, to Nate and his crew for a great show, (highly recommend it if you are in New York!) and to Diane von Furstenberg for reminding us to be the confident women that we all are! For more on The Nate Show, see and for Diane’s fashion, home, accessories, and luggage line see .


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