February 15, 2011

Fashion Week Recap-LUCA LUCA

Since its inception in 1991, LUCA LUCA’s reputation and distinctive fashion designs have positioned the brand among other iconic fashion brands as one of the leaders in the industry. Their first collection in the fall of that year saw a unique infusion of Italian craftsmanship, timeless elegance and an appealing modern edge.  Their pieces are unique fabric and color combinations, in an extraordinary spectrum of colors that are coupled with feminine silhouettes making the LUCA LUCA one of the favorites among the red carpet and society set.

LUCA LUCA has always appealed to the modern, sexy, sophisticated woman.  Raul Melgoza, the Creative Director since 2008, has added his own touches and inspirations to the line. For fall 2011, Melgoza stated, “This season was inspired by the adventures to be discovered in the deep woods—the beauty, the color, the fantasy. The whimsy of a fantastical late autumn forest exploration brings to life graceful, flowing pieces. Throughout the collection, femininity is flaunted with embroidery and willowy prints that metamorphose into delicate lace. The contrasting elements in each piece represent a sexy, sophisticated woman with an uninhibited desire for adventure.”

Melgoza’s mission was to create a sophisticated forest-inspired look by juxtaposing fabrics such as leather, suede and lace to create texture and dimension.  The collection consisting of 30 looks, was full of rich olive greens, chartreuse, and burnt sienna browns that are mixed with bold fuchsias, golds, reds and orange coming together for an autumnal array of spectacular grandeur.

I have been a fan, and this collection surely does not disappoint.  I love them all! To see the entire collection, check out Shawn’s amazing array of photos that do Melgoza’s designs justice at   http://shawnpunch.photoshelter.com/gallery/Luca-Luca-Fall-2011/G0000W0ST6MMDkKo/

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