January 25, 2011

Re-Inventing an Heirloom

A friend recently gave me a call.   She had been looking through a box of her mother’s jewelry.  Her mother had been quite the collector of all things bright and shiny, leaving my friend with quite the assortment of some gorgeous vintage pieces.  One of her favorite pieces had been one of mom’s pins.  Now my friend wore pins on occasion, but really wanted to be able to wear the pin more than just on an occasion.  Did she think that Amy may be able to work her magic?

Amy, being Amy Nix of nix and stones.  I had shown my friend some of Amy’s pieces at The Plaza Beauty during one of her trips to New York.  Amy is one of my favorite jewelry designers and knowing my friend’s taste in jewelry, I knew she’d love Amy’s creations.  One of the many of Amy’s amazing pieces was a creation of a series of necklaces that were all brought together by a vintage pin.  The pin could also be removed from the necklace, and you could also use other pins in conjunction with the necklace to create other looks.  The necklace was stunning!  The above photo is an example of a piece with a removable pin.

My friend is now having Amy design a piece for her that will use her collection of pins.  What a great way to not only honor and think of her mother, but to also have a statement piece that is unique and beautiful to wear.  Do you have some heirlooms that you would like to update???  Be sure to check with Amy at amy@nixandstones.com (303) 525-4512. I will need to see what Amy can do with some of mine!

If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, be sure to check out her selection at the Plaza Beauty , at The Plaza Hotel.

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