January 18, 2011


Where Taste Makers Shop for the Latest and Greatest

Are you someone who likes being in on the latest trends?  Whether the trends are in fashion, beauty, or décor, do you like knowing what’s in style? Be sure to check out the website where taste makers share and shop for what’s next, www.thisnext.com. ThisNext is about product discovery where the experts in fashion, accessories, beauty, décor and lifestyle share bring you their best finds from across the web, informing you of the trends that are shaping our world.

Founded in 2006, by a team of seasoned internet entrepreneurs ThisNext has changed the way people discover and shop for products online. Mary Alice Haney serving as Editor-In-Chief works with some of the most innovative and seasoned professionals at the top of their game.  The expert taste makers have worked with all the major magazines, celebrities and certainly know what will be hot.

ThisNext allows you to subscribe to the categories you like most.  You can personalize product feeds and have information emailed directly into your inbox.  You can subscribe to as many topics as you want. Create your own boutique. And because ThisNext is a social network, you can go shopping with your friends.  Make new friends that share your sense of taste and style. Share recommendations. Create a wish list. Not only will you get the gifts that you want, but you’ve got an army of personal shoppers to help you with your style.  The more people you add as friends on ThisNext, the more awesome recommendations that you will automatically see on your home page. Who couldn’t use some help and a second opinion from your friends?

If you have great taste, and scour the internet, specialty boutiques and magazines for the latest products this is also the site for you. Get ready to share your knowledge about the coolest products on the market and become a ThisNext maven. ThisNext will give you some recognition for finding the best items on the web.  Best yet, being a maven gives you a lot more than bragging rights! You also get a welcome gift filled with ThisNext approved products, product sneak-peaks and insider information before anyone else, exclusive offers from your favorite stores, and VIP event invitations.  It pays to be up on things!

ThisNext doesn’t make, carry or sell anything.  There is no conflict of interest. They are a recommendation site which means that the products you see on the ThisNext site are there because they were recommended by one or more of their users.  If you are looking to buy something or get more information about a product, there is normally a link that will bring you to a link to the list of places that users have found the item. 

With over 6 million users a month, you can keep up with all of the latest and greatest items!

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