January 18, 2011

Adriana Marie is Looking for a Guest Fashion Designer

Paging all Fashion Designers Wanna-Be’s

How do you define love???? With Valentine’s Day fast approaching,  all of you budding fashion designers have an early “Day of Lovers” gift from Adriana Marie Co. If you have always dreamt about being a fashion designer, but never knew how to go about achieving your dream, here is your chance for an insider perspective without any risk! If you have any love quotes or sayings (positive ones please! There are way too many on the negative side!) please send them to Adriana Marie on the contact page of her website, www.adriana-marie.com and you may be chosen to be the next featured collaborator.

In addition to being a featured collaborator and receiving a free tee shirt of the one you helped design, Adriana Marie will put you in contact with the Head Designer herself for an opportunity to find out how to get your own design company started.  Inspired by love, Adriana Marie is very excited to present her very first AMore collection, and give an early present to all of you budding fashion designers! Surely this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! And with it being so easy to enter, what do you have to lose???  But don’t procrastinate……deadline is January 25, 2011.

This is surely no surprise that Adriana Marie Co, the vintage inspired driven tee shirt line, is giving back to the community and offering this type of opportunity.   Adriana Marie was founded on the principles of giving back to society in a positive and inspiring way. Each shirt that designer Adriana makes, she carefully selects each shirt staying loyal to her customer base and design aesthetic. Thoughtfully crafted and hand designed, AMco tee’s are unmistakable and one-of-a-kind. Once the collection is sold out,  no others are made, making AMco’s customers exclusively unique.

In keeping with the philosophy of giving back to society, when you purchase an AMco tee, they donate $5 to Nourishing NYC, whose mission is to alleviate the strong correlation between low-income status and poor dietary health.  They provide nutritionous meals and nutritional education without questions and without criticism.  Anyone is welcome regardless of age, sex, race, financial qualifications or religious beliefs. Adriana Marie Co is also the founder’s consultant for Dresses for Haiti, and designs dresses for the charity , whose mission is to change the life of women around the world with every stitch and seam they create.

Such a wonderful company, and such a wonderful opportunity! Don’t miss it!

I am looking forward to previewing Adriana Marie’s Amore’s collection here on It’s a Glam Thing!

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