December 21, 2010

2011 – The Year for Wendy Wilson

We all know singer Wendy Wilson, her sister Carnie Wilson and childhood friend Chynna Phillips as the famous award-winning pop group Wilson Phillips from the 90′s. And, of course, Wendy and Carnie as the daughters of Brian Wilson, the celebrated founder of The Beach Boys.

This winter marks the 20-year anniversary of Wilson Phillips, and the group is back together with a new Christmas Album titled “Christmas in Harmony.” I’ll share more about that a bit later, but first I’d like you to get to know Wendy Wilson, as I did during our recent phone interview.

At 41, Wendy is a charismatic, multi-talented woman with a natural beauty that radiates from within. I really enjoyed our conversation.

I spoke with Wendy shortly after Thanksgiving and was curious how she, her musician/sound engineer husband Dan Knutson, and their four young boys — Leo (age 7), Beau (age 6), and identical twins Jessie and Will (age 3) — spent the holiday.

Wendy said they went to her mother’s “festively-decorated” Brentwood home for a lovely family celebration. Wendy loves to cook, and this year she prepared a new candied yam recipe that was a hit. (BTW: Wendy’s mom Marilyn is famous in her own right – from the 1960’s girl group The Honeys.)

I was so happy to receive this Thanksgiving picture of the Knutsons.

(Left to right: Dan, Jessie, Beau, Leo, Will and Wendy)

So how did Wendy meet her husband Dan? The pair clicked while she was performing with “The Beach Boy’s Family & Friends Tour” nearly ten years ago – Dan was working as a sound person. I also learned that Dan is a super talented and self-taught musician, who can play a number of instruments and also writes music. It’s no surprise that the Knutson children, while still pint sized, are also gifted musically.

I had mentioned to Wendy how unique the children’s names were and she told me that she and Dan chose them based on actual names of Cowboys.

This seemed like the perfect time to find out how Wendy switches gears from being a busy wife and mother at home to a famous entertainer traveling around the country.

Wendy told me she always had the ability to focus and switch gears, and despite missing her family like crazy when she’s on the road, she is able to transition between the two mindsets. When on the road she talks with her children each morning and evening just like she’s right at home with them, and the outcome works. When performing, she’s focused on entertaining and having a great time.

Image and beauty was next on my list and Wendy said she really liked the Gift Basket she received from Lisa Cocuzza’s It’s a Glam Thing and has been using many of the goodies daily, including Systeme 41 Nourishing Day Cream.

Wendy loves cosmetics and enjoys having her makeup done professionally when work calls for it. She appreciates the process and creativity that comes from being in the makeup chair, and has learned a lot from working with makeup artists during her career. She considers herself a “lipstick and mascara gal” on her own time, with MAC among her favorite product lines.

Wendy often does her own hair coloring and favors the Medium Golden Brown shade by Loreal. The artist recently had highlights added and, during a trip to New York this fall, braved the scissors and had her hair cut with some layers.

When Wendy is in New York, she looks forward to getting pampered at the Gita Gabriel Salon and Spa on East 60th Street, where services include facials, mani-pedis, and massage. During hard-to-find free time in Los Angeles, it’s a rare treat for Wendy to sneak away to a day spa like Burke Williams for a little R and R.

When it comes to fashion, Wendy has some favorite designers including UGG, BCBG, Prada, Jill Sanders, Calvin Klein, Free People and Donna Karen. A new find for Wendy are J BRAND jeans.

Wendy’s (and Wilson Phillips) new stylist is Art Conn. She told me his input is amazing, as he knows colors, styles, and looks that just work for each of us as individuals….classy and fun…exactly right for the group.

I wondered how Wendy felt about the comeback of Wilson Phillips. She said she was thrilled to be working together again with the girls. “It’s like going back to the early 90′s… same energy…a positive reception from the public…just the perfect time of life for all of us.”

These gals really have an appreciation and love for one another!

What other future opportunities interest Wendy? The talented wife and mom is in discussion to write a cookbook. Along these lines, there’s been talk about Wendy hosting a cooking show, serving as a judge on a reality show, endorsing products close to her heart and recording a children’s album, maybe even with her own kids! Whatever Wendy chooses to pursue, I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing a lot more of this special lady in 2011.

But for right now, the multi-platinum selling trio of Wendy Wilson, Carnie Wilson, and Chynna Phillips are back with an incredible Christmas Album (“Christmas in Harmony”), music that is sure to light up the holidays.

Visit this site for information about “Christmas in Harmony” and hear songs from the new CD.

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