December 19, 2010

Fun Holiday “Stocking-Stuffer” Ideas

This is the perfect Holiday “Must Have” gift for all the little girls and young ladies in your life.

I’m a “kid at heart” and wouldn’t be without “my” Piggy Paint, and with five young granddaughters, I also paint a lot of fingernails and toenails.

You can imagine my enthusiasm when I read how Stay-at-Home Mom, Melanie Hurley, due to concerns about traditional kid polishes for her children from the chemicals to the smells of solvent-based polishes, became the founder of Piggy Paint. As a result, Piggy Paint offers consumers a safe nail product that’s environment friendly, as well !

Piggy Paint is:
* Water-Based
* Non-Toxic
* Free of Formaldehyde, Ethel Acetate, Acetone, and other harsh chemicals
* Hypoallergenic, with an odorless formula that’s gentle enough for sensitive hands and noses

They glide on with ease, dry quickly, and are removed with Piggy Paint Polish Remover .

Piggy Paint has a variety of great colors and gift sets, too!!

Earlier this spring, Piggy Paint launched their new line “Project Earth”. These polishes are geared toward the “Tweens” interested in eco-friendly alternatives. This line includes 5 colors and a “glow in the dark” polish!

Find out more about Piggy Paint at As the company says, ” PIGGY PAINT….It’s as Natural as Mud! “


All ages love Bling Strands. You really must visit their website at to see how easy these beautiful strands of shimmering metallic fibers can be tied into your hair with a knot to add a simple every day glimmer or holiday shimmer to any length hair or hairstyle. There are video and written instructions on their website.

Bling Strands are made in the United States and are guaranteed to be lead-free, non-toxic, and non-flammable.

Bling Strands:
* Require no tools or glue
*Can be washed, dried, flat-ironed and curled (up to 400 degrees)
*Remain in your hair from a few days to several weeks (unless removed)
*17 colors are available – In Natural, Brights, and Pastels
*Only a few strands are needed (10-12) for an “eye catching” look

What a unique gift for girlfriends to exchange during this festive season! You can get together and create some fun looks by tying them in to each others hair, or, if you choose, you can have your hairstylist put them in your hair.

One thing for sure, Bling Strands is a gift that will be remembered, and enjoyed….

While you’re on the Bling Strand website check out the “New” Bling Jewels! These are genuine crystals that bond to your hair with a flat iron and are easily removed. They make a terrific gift, too!

Remember, you’ll “Light” up any room you walk into when you’re wearing Bling Strands, Bling Jewels, or…. Both!


This product caught “my” attention in the first line of their press release that read, “Creatively-challenged” Bowdabra creator (Sandy Sandler) helps crafters tackle tiny bows with the Mini Bowdabra

I’ve always been amazed at the lovely craft work I’ve seen not only in stores, but have personally received as gifts over the years.

This little Mini Bowdabra would be the ideal gift for both experienced crafters, younger crafters just getting started, and especially the “creatively-challenged crafters” who would love to “let loose’ their creativity.

The Mini Bowdabra can create tiny bows for scrapbooks, handmade cards, little hair accessories, and many other projects.

This would be a treasured “Stocking Stuffer”, and not only can you purchase it on their public website :, but the recipient of the gift can go to the website and subscribe to their newsletter, download craft ideas, and more.

The Mini Bowdabra is really one of those gifts that “keeps on giving”.

Wishes to all for a happy, safe, and a wonderful holiday season with family and friends…..

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