December 17, 2010

Need a Table at the Hottest Restaurant?

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It’s that time of year! The latest Zagat’s is out listing the best restaurants. New York City is a fabulous place for us “foodies”. We have exclusive restaurants, world-class chefs, innovative cuisines, stylish atmospheres, impeccable service, all of which lead to extra-ordinary dining experiences. Whether we are wining and dining our clients, our families, our friends, our just ourselves, we know that we are WHERE we eat. It is part of the fun and excitement of living here……

What isn’t fun of these “see and be seen” restaurants is trying to get a reservation! If you aren’t a world-renowned food critic, or an “A-lister” or the latest reality star, you could be making a reservation months in advance. That can be a problem when an account that you need to land comes into town last minute and wants to go to Ciano! I know I always felt that when I had clients in town, that they knew some of the highest calibers restaurants and most sought after places better than I did! And they expected to go—the fact that you couldn’t get a reservation was not an option. If only you knew someone who was a concierge!

Thankfully we all now know The Concierge’s concierge! French-born Pascal Riffaud, with over his 30 years of world-wide concierge service experience has created , an exclusive reservation concierge service that offers its members access to the best restaurants in New York City.  For the first time is offering New Yorkers and ingenuous visitors direct access to the most exclusive and trendiest establishments.  The newly launched Web site is the first and only site that allows a member to book a reservation at restaurants that typically demand weeks to even months in advance.  Mr. Riffaud has created an innovative and convenient way for members to reserve tables at New York City’s famous hotspots; he does the work for you, even canceling it if the need arises.

Serving in such prestigious and legendary places as Hotel Prince De Galles in Paris, The Stanhope and St. Regis in New York, Mr. Riffaud rose to the rank of Chief Concierge where he was responsible for directing the concierge service operations. His philosophy was to always make it happen for his clients, and never take NO for an answer.  Fluent in four languages, he has built relationships with some of the finest chefs and Maitre’s around the world.

Launching PCI, Personal Concierge International, and the first private concierge service outside of a hotel in 1995, Mr. Riffaud’s career took an exciting turn. Seeing that there was a need to facilitate access to Manhattan’s most elite and hard to obtain reservations, he created his latest venture to provide his members unforgettable dining moments.  Having his finger on the pulse of what’s “hot” in New York, he personally handpicks, goes to and frequents the restaurants in the portfolio of to maintain the highest standards of choices for his members.

The site of ( is extremely user friendly. Once someone has become a member, in just three clicks users at a glance, can obtain virtually guaranteed reservations at some of the finest restaurants in NYC for the exact date and time they desire.  It also allows you to see what is available the current (up to about 3pm) and the next day.  Looking for a certain cuisine? You can search for that as well.  And for you lucky IPhone, IPad users, the site can act as a GPS, locate where you are and restaurants with openings that are close by. (And you will receive the holiday gift of a free ipod touch if you join with a  yearly membership). is not just for Manhattan. It works for the hotspots in the boroughs, the Hamptons, Upstate New York, Miami and Paris.

Must run……my table is ready!

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