September 23, 2010

From Across the sea

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Hello there! I am sorry for my absence. I had booked a trans-Atlantic cruise about a year and a half ago on a relatively new cruise ship company, MSC (short for the Mediterranean Shipping Company).  We traveled from Kiel, Germany to New York City. They were offering a two-for-one price to the Australian market, and a friend in Australia thought that we had to make the journey! I have always wanted to do the Trans-Atlantic, as my ancestors had done coming over from Ireland, and with the special pricing, it was a no brainer to book!  And taking a cruise that was 95% Aussies guarantees it was a lot of fun!

MSC’s Poesia is a new ship, built in 2008, and is kept in immaculate condition.  I found the staff very friendly.  While I am certain that there is a huge difference between travel on the QE2 and on a two for one deal, I found that bang for your buck, it was an incredible trip.  They are also advertising many introduction trips and low fares, so if cruising cheap is a priority check them out at I did have my hair done by David while on board.  I found the hair salon and spa to be top notch.  I must admit I was not a big fan of the buffets, however I would highly recommend doing the ala carte restaurants for meals. 

Of course while overseas, I did manage to check out some beauty and fashion! I was extremely lucky enough to find a fabulous outdoor flea market in Copenhagen that specialized in clothing.  At the time, my luggage had been misplaced by Lufthansa, so it gave me a much needed excuse to go clothing shopping.  Given the exchange rate, I was able to clean up……….even scoring a full length Mongolian lamb jacket for less than $ 40/US.  I am hoping to include Copenhagen in any trip that I may do to Europe just as an excuse to shop! It is a beautiful city.

And a trip to Europe would never be complete with a trip to the beauty counters……. And just going into a Boots drugstore is heaven!  Not only for the cosmetics, but also for the funky jewelry! I stocked up on the series 7 line, and especially the protect and perfect intense beauty serum which was voted the best wrinkle smoother for 2009.  The entire line is fabulous, and you can also get much of the line at Target stores here in the states.  Other great finds were Rapid Lash, a non prescription eyelash enhancing serum and Sanctuary’s Spa Facial In-A-Box, which contained all of the ingredients in a professional spa facial treatment to give you the full benefit and visible results at home.  The Sanctuary’s brightening facial gave you some relaxing moments while at sea.

It was a memorable trip! And it is wonderful to be home!

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