December 2, 2015

NAILS Parent Company Buys Modern Salon Media

This just in…..


Bobit Publishing Modern Salon

Bobit Business Media, publisher of NAILS Magazine and VietSALON, has acquired the assets of Modern Salon Media from Vance Publishing Corp. Modern Salon Media is the leading information resource for the professional salon community. Its family of integrated, multi-media brands serves and connects salon professionals at every stage of their careers and melds beautifully with Bobit’s NAILS and VietSALON brands. The brands include Modern Salon, Salon Today, and First Chair as well as several custom media and digital products.

Steve Reiss, publisher of Modern Salon Media, based in Lincolnshire, IL, will continue to lead those brands with Michele Musgrove, associate publisher/editorial director.

Michelle Mullen, publisher of NAILS and VietSALON, said, “Our readership of nail professionals will benefit from our having such deep reach into the professional salon industry. Combining our resources will help us serve the market even better.”

Read more:


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July 15, 2015

Color loving with Framesi

My mom, Sharon Hatcher, is back with another great blog! Here she shares her “Color Loving” with Framesi Color Lover! Check it out below.

Framesi Color Lover Shampoo & Conditioner is great to help retain that perfect color that you love so much for a lot longer. It is gentle and therefore the color you started with stays true for a longer period of time. Made in the USA and free of sulfates, paraben, gluten, DEA & sodium chloride makes this product a great choice to give your hair the TLC that it needs. I really liked the body that my hair has after using these products. I thought I was ready for a haircut, but found that I was really enjoying my length with it’s new bounciness & body. You only need a little each time you wash your hair so that means the product lasts longer than most. Framesi also has a line of hair color that you might want to check out. If you would like to acquire some of your own “Framesi” products, go to to find a salon near you.

Framesi Color Lover Shampoo and Conditioner

Framesi Color Lover Shampoo and Conditioner

Guest post by Sharon Hatcher

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July 9, 2015

Skin…your timeless virtue

No matter what my current skincare routine is, there is one product I refuse to part with. For about 2 years now, Timeless By Pevonia Gentle Foaming Scrub has been an essential to my weekly regimen. About 3 times a week I use the gentle foaming scrub to help unclog pores, exfoliate and give an over all “polish” to the skin. Used for all skin types, the foaming scrub is soft, gentle and calming.

Timeless by Pevonia

Timeless by Pevonia

This summer here in Florida has really caused my acne, and irritations to flare up. Also, my allergies have made my skin itchy. The infused chamomile has helped with my irritations and I am just able to love my skin again. Not itchy or red and a soft surface for my makeup. My skins texture has improved and my makeup goes on and comes off with ease. I have also found that the gentle foaming scrub can be used as a great body exfoliator.

Timeless by Pevonia offers a line of anti-aging all natural skincare products designed with you in mind. Every spa that uses Pevonia, the specialist will assist you in finding the perfect products specifically for your skin. So if you want that custom skincare just for you, check out and start loving your skin again!

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June 17, 2015

From the salon to the runway

There is so much more to this industry than just standing behind the chair. I remember hearing that when I went to beauty school but I had no idea what exactly my educators were talking about. Until it happened. Thats exactly what Tearsheet and Giovanni Giuntoli shares in their 3 day workshop experiences. Starting with Giovanni’s own image of becoming an editorial stylist, & wanting to educate and support other hairstylists,Tearsheet gives stylists the tools they need to build a portfolio, grow a business, along with branding themselves within the industry. Learn how to break down hairstyles in magazine pictures, understanding more of how to do hair with the end result in mind, keeping longevity in hairstyles and so much more.

Tearsheet logo

Tearsheet logo

Tearsheet offers experiences every month where Giovanni and the Tearsheet team of educators will go to your salon and bring education to your team. Workshops, Tearsheet offers, allows students to travel to multiple locations, such as Miami, Phoenix & Chicago, Las Vegas and NYC. In the experiences students/stylists will work 1 day with the team hands-on a mannequin doing techniques and watching demos while the following 2 days are “on photo set” educational experiences. All the while you are immersed, being the best way to learn anything, in the photo shoot culture while learning and expanding on your skills. When they become a Tearsheet graduate, Tearsheet will have you on the list of artists to be invited to working NY Fashion Week, Photo Shoots, and much more.

Giovanni started doing hair in Chicago as an assistant. He assisted a stylist on an editoial shoot and became inspired when the images came back of his hairstyle. Giovanni stated “Tearsheet understands a lot of hairstylist come from a small town and have big dreams of doing amazing events in our industry, and now they can all while working behind a chair. Tearsheet can do this for them.” Education, Imagery, network, experiences…

Tearsheet also has the first, most successful hairstylist team of graduates working within the company and doing all the unbelievable events mentioned.

With Tearsheet, in just 3 days, your career will explode open to what is out there in our industry & will leave you wanting more. If you want to see how your salon, or yourself can book an apt. or want to see more of the collection of pictures visit Hurry the runway is waiting!”

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June 10, 2015

Its SHOWTIME in Orlando

4 student teams, 6 professional teams and one goal in mind.. to win the Orlando section of Global Beauty Masters. Last week the 3 teams from The Villages went to Orlando to take on the challenge. With the clock set they went to work. Then at 7 o’clock on Saturday May 30, SHOWTIME! In 2 categories, student and professional, the models walked the runway, complete with a panel of judges, to show off the teams hard work.

After much deliberation and bickering between the judges it was time for the teams to talk about their inspirations and time leading up to this. According to audience members it was like sitting in on American Idol. Team Shear Force created their mermaid with an octopus made out of hair. Team Teasetastic were inspired by “The Little Mermaid” making their model with bright colors because it was held in Orlando and the students wanted their mermaid to be from the dark part of the ocean. The students assumed that mermaids were always usually whimsical with bright colors, they wanted to stand out.

2 teams from the students and 2 teams from the professional group were chosen. Even though the teams from The Villages did not make it to the round in Las Vegas, I wanted to showcase their beautiful hard work. From what I saw on FB posts and talking to a few of them they said this experience was amazing and were very honored to be a part of it.

Congratulations to all teams for making it this far. You all did so great and I am happy that each of you had this opportunity. Check out their beautiful work here below.

Shear Force
Lindsey House – hair
Tyler Sponaugle – makeup
Livia Chestnut – nails

Photo by Molly Soltis Model: Bethany Bandy

Photo by Molly Soltis
Model: Bethany Bandy

Jerri Taylor – hair
Brandy Smith – makeup
Ivette Marti – nails

Photo by Molly Soltis Model: Leigha Miller

Photo by Molly Soltis
Model: Leigha Miller

Manna McCloud – hair
Cierra Mills – makeup
Joslyn Carcano – nails

Photo courtesy of Molly Soltis Model: Briana Rideout

Photo courtesy of Molly Soltis
Model: Briana Rideout

For more information on Salon Jaylee and The Salon Professional Academy in The Villages check out and

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May 29, 2015

Celebrity stylist, Yves Durif, expands

Celebrity Stylist, Yves Durif, Expands His Team at The Carlyle

Yves Durif logo

Yves Durif logo

New York, NY – Celebrity Hair Stylist Yves Durif has injected his elegant art deco Salon, located inside the historic Carlyle Hotel, with new energy and style with the appointment of several new stylists and colorists, a brow expert and an eyelash specialist. The new appointments also allow the Yves Durif Salon at The Carlyle to expand their schedule and provide service on Sundays and Mondays.

“I am so honored and fortunate to be able to grow my fabulous team and the services we can provide to our clients by introducing this group of trendsetting stylists who share my vision of an individualized approach to hairstyling,” says Durif.

With over 30 years in the Beauty Business – both behind the chair and owning her own establishment – Yvette Chabrier joins the Yves Durif Team and works her magic as both a stylist and a colorist. Her special formula is both talent and personal intuition which has been nurtured by her other passion in life, the practice and philosophy of Yoga.

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Manabu Unno joins the Yves Durif Team from the Garren Salon. A gentleman of great style himself, Manabu’s work is dedicated to lending style and beauty to his fiercely loyal clientele. His extraordinary editorial work can be seen in the pages of such publications as W, Allure, Vogue, Nylon and Paper Magazines.

From her personal presentation, to the wonders of the colors that she crafts, Alexis Unno is an artist of perfection who also joins the Yves Durif Team from the Garren Salon. Her keen sense of style has ingratiated her to a myriad of trendsetting clients in the world of fashion and her work has been featured in such publications as Vogue, Vogue Italia, GQ, W, Interview, Allure, Teen Vogue and Latina Magazines.

A colorist and stylist, Tim Johnson joins the Yves Durif Team with over 20 years of experience working in the beauty industry. His work has graced the runways at fashion shows and hit the red carpet at both the Sundance Gala and the Academy Awards. He brings a calming nature with him and helps any person who sits in his chair enter into a world of trust and happiness.

Jessica Johnson is known on both coasts as the woman to see for sensational brows. Her 25 years of experience in brow shaping and aesthetics make her an industry expert and innovator who routinely works with celebrities and all who strive to “frame their face” with perfect brows. Jessica joins the team in the Salon every other Thursday and Friday as a Guest Brow Expert.

Specializing in eyelash extensions and brows, Vashaya Ramsey also joins the Yves Durif Team every other week, and aims to help women feel confident in their own skin. Her work has graced the pages of Vogue and Elle Magazines, The New York Times, as well as appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

“With such a broad and diverse new staff, my Salon is like the United Nations of Hairstyling,” says Durif, “Each member of my team has the extraordinary skills to bring out the best in everyone.”

The Yves Durif Salon at The Carlyle is located at 35 East 76th Street on the 3rd Floor of The Carlyle Hotel. For more information about The Yves Durif Salon at The Carlyle visit

About Yves Durif: Yves Durif’s illustrious career began in Paris at the age of 17 inside of the celebrated Jacques Dessange Salon. Through passion and persistence he won over the hair and hearts of his clients and mentors and quickly became a sought after artist. At 30, he made his move to New York City where he met Bruno Pittini, artistic director at The Bruno Dessange Salon. Yves and Pittini quickly formed a bond and he often credits Bruno for helping him realize exactly what makes a haircut “work”.

In November 1997, Yves Durif opened the doors to his namesake salon nestled in a landmark brownstone in New York’s Upper East Side. In 2008, he moved the salon to its current location at The Carlyle. Over the past 40 years, Yves has garnered the trust and loyalty of a discerning, sophisticated clientele ranging from outré style-setters, to CEOs, socialites, celebrities, artists and elegant Manhattanites.

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May 17, 2015

Half up/down hairstyles are here to stay

Half-up styles are back in a big way, but it’s already time to take this look to the next level. If you’re sick of the tired top knot or just ready to evolve the look, try this new twist on the effortless hairstyle, straight from the experts at Butterfly Studio Salon. Ideal for natural texture or 2nd (even 3rd!) day hair, it works with any length and texture. A lifesaver for frizzy hair days and so simple to create – not even a brush is needed!

hair 1/2 up 1/2 down

hair 1/2 up 1/2 down

How-To: Half-Up Double Knot

1. First step: texturizing product/dry shampoo, which is essential for grip and hold when styling. (Kattia Solano, owner of Butterfly Studio loves Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray on the crown area) Lift hair, taking it by sections, spray at the root as if you were teasing and then massage through with your hands to work the product in.

2. Using your hands, section out a “horse shoe” shape of hair at the crown area. Thicker hair can opt for larger section while thinner hair can work with a smaller amount of hair. Rake through with your hands to brush and pull back hair to create a clean section.

3. With a small hair tie in one hand, take a section of hair and pull halfway through the tie, so that you are left with a little “pom-pom.” Wrap elastic around 2-3 times until secure without pulling all of the hair through. (Use small clear elastics so you won’t see the tie, and in case you don’t wrap any hair around the knot the ties will be discreet.)

4. Open up the pom-pom with your fingertips for fullness to create a textured knot, then wrap the hair ends around your knot once and tuck hair under the elastic band with ends sticking out. Keep the remaining length right under the pom-pom, as you will use the extra hair length to help with fullness and perfectly messy texture for your next knot.

5. Create your next section right below the first by taking 1 1/2 to 2 inches of hair from the sides (horse shoe of “V” part all the way around the head). Use your hands again to gather and comb the hair back, then combine the hair ends from your first knot with your new section and repeat steps 3 and 4 – tying right under the first pom-pom, tucking through and leaving ends free. If your hair is long enough you can even wrap the extra hair around in a “figure eight” motion around both knots for detail.

6. To finish, spritz a little hairspray and then make it your own. Don’t be afraid to muss it up – the more texture the better! To complete the look, Kattia recommends adding some height/volume at the front top of the head by slightly pulling/gently tugging hair up at the root with your fingers.

*With this hairstyle, volume is always at your side to rid limp hair and that unwanted greasy summer look once and for all. Play with positioning and create more knots for a change up or more customization for how you can wear it. You can even use bobby pins to change the knot shapes.

For more information on Butterfly Studio Salon, in NYC, check out:

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March 30, 2015

Live it, love it, create it

Your beauty is their passion! Hair & Nail Creations Salon in Wildwood, FL is all about giving their clients the the best of the best with no exceptions. Owner/ stylist Annette Campetela Fredericks opened her 18 years ago and has become one of the most visited salons in the area. With 6 chairs 3 nail techs and one eststichian walking into Hair & Nail Creations feels like your right at home.


While in the salon last week, everyone from the receptionist to Annette herself was all smiles, laughing and really making the whole place feel inviting. That to me is a salon that you can just tell cares. They care that their clients will walk out with a smile and they care about themselves as stylists to make sure that always happens. Continuing education, attending trade shows and even influening the stylists to watch how to videos in the back room. That shows that even the greats now that there is always something to impress on.


Even in the midst of wanting to be the best salon they can be, Hair & Nail Creations also opens their arms to support other salons. Having friends who own their own salons, Annette said something that shows just what a success she really is. She said she would rather be the person who helps others get to the top of the ladder than be famous for doing it. She has done that. Tsking one of her stylists from the backroom to the showroom who is now working as an editorial stylist & not asking for anything in return. (accept awesome hair lol) That to me is the true definition of success.

So next time you are in Wildwood FL or just to check out more on Annette and her team check out and follow them on FB!

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February 12, 2015

Get the look: Mercedes-Benz fashion week

The real head turner of this season’s presentation, the hair! Styled to have drama and edge, the look was created with a lot of grit and texture applied by Rene Furterer’s Volumea Spray and Mousse throughout the scalp. They then hand dried the hair leaving a natural texture that was able to be easily manipulated into a ponytail which was then swept forward for a Faux -Bang with soft natuarla pieces falling out around the perimeter.

The Stylist: Adam Margarin
The Team: Rene Furterer and Soda Salon stylists

Mercedes-Benz fashion week

Mercedes-Benz fashion week


•Prep hair with Rene Furterer Volumea Spray and Mousse
•Hand dry to leave natural texture
•Use an elastic and create a ponytail that can be pulled up into a faux bang
•Pin hair across the top of head to keep in place
•Give the faux fringe a soft sweep to the side
•Pull down soft pieces around the perimeter of head
•Finish with Rene Furterer Gloss spray

Mercedes-Benz fashion week

Mercedes-Benz fashion week

For more info on the products used visit:

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