March 12, 2018


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Formula gives you instantly beautiful nails! The newly upgraded 3-in-1 formula with built in base and top coat, boasts an updated bottle, a revamped formula and really nice shade additions. With Insta-Dri, you can get an extra day of wear and up to 33% more chip resistance.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri® Nail Color "Buff and Tumble"

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri® Nail Color

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri® Nail Color’s newly upgraded 3-in-1 formula with built-in base and top coat offers shiny, extended wear in a single step. The new Insta-Dri is housed in an updated bottle with a  new logo and comes complete with color-matched caps for easy shade choice.  The revamped formula delivers an extra day of wear and chip resistance. Up to or almost 3x as many consumers preferred the new formula versus the former.

Insta-Dri’s brush covers in one stroke. One stroke, one coat, and you’re done. The fresh updated shade palette co-created by Global Color Ambassador Madeline Poole features gorgeous new hues that dry in 60 seconds, all in a single coat.

Insta-Dri is full coverage, offers longer lasting results and is streak-free. From soft, subtle neutrals to bright tones that pop, here are the latest vibrant shades to join the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri range.

Muted And Modern NEW shades are Champagne Supernova, White On Time, Taupe To Go, Buff And Tumble, Petal To The Metal, Silver Stallion, Heather Hustle, Thyme Is Money (Pictured above: Buff and Tumble)

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March 9, 2018

Hard Candy Be Bold Glitter Mascara

Hard Candy was founded in 1995. The company’s first product was nail polish.  I believe I was one of the first to buy a bottle! Fast forward to 2009, Hard Candy announced a partnership with Wal-Mart making it available to the mass market.

Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Be Bold Glitter Mascara is a new offering. The mascaras come in  intense opaque shades that last colorfully for long time wear. They are available in 10 shades and come with a great quality mascara brush. They are only $5!

We will have some photos for you soon of the mascara in action on one of our beautiful models beautiful eyes.

Suggested use: Apply only to lower lashes for a POP of color or layer it over your regular mascara.

Our model and I love Marilyn Monroe and we thought the packaging looked great laying on this photo at our office.

Available at Walmart and . Stay tuned for more!

Hard Candy Be Bold Glitter Mascara

Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Be Bold Mascara Glitter Colored Mascara


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March 7, 2018

Spring 2018 Fashion, Nails, Home

Spring 2018. What’s on the horizon?  From a bold tomato red to a romantic yet elegant lavender, this spring season is bound to blossom with a fresh take on your favorite color trends. Here are a few ways  to incorporate this season’s trending colors into your everyday life.

Fashion- Press play on your pastels! Make a statement by pairing pastels with neutrals like a white or sand colored jacket and accessory. Team two pastel pieces together for a solid ensemble.

Nails– Ready or not, it’s sandal season! Before hitting the mall to see the newest spring shoes, why not get started with some fun nail polish colors to spice up your manicure and pedicure. Rose gold remains a favorite but brands have been adding some shimmer and shine to their collections for a more futuristic, galactic look.

Home Decor- Let spring inside! Add a new piece of artwork to incorporate trending colors into your home. This is an easy way to brighten up your space and gear up for the new season.

Optimism Acrylic painting on poplar wood, print on plexiglass and LED lighting

Optimism Acrylic painting on poplar wood, print on plexiglass and LED lighting

Ariela is scheduled to exhibit at Artexpo New York this spring. Her art incorporates a range of bright colors and focus on self-reflection – encouraging the viewer to reflect and improve their outlook.

A Home Decor Tip from the team at It’s a Glam Thing: To use curtains or not? With the right pattern and fabric, curtains have the power to completely switch up a room’s look.

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March 2, 2018

Actress, dancer, & singer Teyana Taylor unveiled nail salon

Actress, dancer, and singer Teyana Taylor unveiled her new ’90s-inpired nail salon with OPI, Junie Bee Nails. The salon’s namesake comes from her 2-year-old daughter with Cleveland Cavaliers Iman Shumpert.

Teyana Taylor flashes her red acrylic nails.

Teyana Taylor flashes her red acrylic nails.

The interior embodies classic Harlem with neon sneakers dangling from a power line to a graffiti train as the waiting room and even ’90s pop culture cartoons adorning the nail stations. Taylor says she wanted to create a space that brought a barbershop vibe into nail salons. “We didn’t have a lot of nice nail salons – growing up you had a couple fold out chairs,” Taylor laughs. “Nails are important to me and my community.” She hopes her first nail salon will also create opportunities for Harlem

It’s not just the salon décor that’s unique about Junie Bee Nails, but also the techniques and nail art offerings. As Taylor describes bringing back the airbrush technique, she herself is sporting long coffin-shaped nails with a sponged-on red acrylic.

Next to Taylor is her partner, Coca Michelle (@cocamichelle), a London-born nail technician with fluorescent orange braids. The pair met while Taylor was filming America’s Best Dance Crew and hit it off immediately. Taylor knew Michelle was the person to help her shake up the idea of what a traditional nail salon looked like. “I’ve never seen someone like her in the nail salon. She had big baggy clothes and tattoos – seeing her was like a diamond in the rough. […] I asked her to go on tour with me. She was really able to express herself,” says Taylor. Just as she hand-picked her business partner, she did the same for her staff. Michelle and Taylor recruited nail technicians through Instagram. “I’m a visual person and I want to see it. We went through every single DM and hand chose every person.”

OPI named Taylor its newest brand ambassador. Taylor had Junie Bee Nails in the works before the professional nail company and her even began their partnership. “OPI came to see it [Junie Bee Nails] when it was still a bakery. They could have given up on us, but they believed in us.”

The salon will be part of an exclusive partnership with OPI products offering a full range of hand and foot care, as well as the brand’s newest lacquers and products.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Teyana in what’s sure to be an incredible year ahead for her, starting with the opening of Junie Bee,” says OPI co-founder and brand ambassador Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. “We can’t wait to see Teyana’s salon vision come to life. It will be such a fun and unique space.

Junie Bee Nails officially opened on Feb. 20.

See the full article HERE.

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January 24, 2018

Hair, Skin and Nails Beauty Solution

Did you know that the life cycle of hair is different for each individual strand? Strands have a life span of 2 to 7 years. The cycle is through three phases which are characterized by how far inside the follicle the hair bulb lies: anagen (growth phase, deepest), catagen (transitional, medium), telogen (resting before expulsion, nearest base of scalp). Hair follicles change due to a many factors including age, stress, hormones, nutrition, and pollution.

Because many hair follicle changes are outside of our control, Bergdorf Goodman hair stylist, Lucy Garcia Planck, offers the following recommendations you can take to ensure your best chance of initiating new growth.

Skip super-hot water. This can stress the follicle as well as exacerbate minor skin irritations like psoriasis.

Don’t pull your hair. You unknowingly do this every day. Improper brushing, towel drying (pat dry instead), and ponytail holders are culprits.

Pamper your scalp with vitamins and food to alternative medicine. There is no shortage of ways to do this.

Biotin is the essential B vitamin necessary for ensuring normal hair life cycle functioning. It can be found in a yummy gummy like Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair Skin and Nails.

Onion Juice is packed with antibacterial properties, onion juice wards off germs that cause scalp infection and lead to hair loss.

Coconut milk has rich proteins and essential fats that control hair loss, coconut milk stimulates growth and nourishes tissues and many people swear by the ancient Chinese medicine Acupuncture technique to stimulate follicle regeneration.

“Beautiful hair starts from the inside out! vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin & Nails is my go-to to get essential nutrients for healthy hair everyday,” says Lucy.

Store locations that offer this product can be found right here:

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

America's #1 Gummy Vitamin Brand vitafusion

America’s #1 Gummy Vitamin Brand vitafusion

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September 19, 2017

New York’s downtown scene, Marie-Lou & D’s flagship salon



Inspired by the carefree elegance of classic French salons and the trendsetting edge found in New York’s downtown scene, Marie-Lou & D’s flagship salon is nestled in the heart of SoHo on 345 West Broadway.
Founded by Dharmendra Manwani and headed up by Creative Director Leon Gorman and Color Director Tre Wyrosdick, Marie-Lou & D is home to top European trained session stylists, colorists and beauty experts that are hot in-demand.
Marie-Lou & D’s vision is to maintain a unique salon experience for the world’s au-courant clients by offering a full-service menu in an inviting, warm atomosphere. MLD is also proud to host and support their “Beautiful Karma” program that provides education to underprivileged girls; they are invited in and taught skills in haircutting, styling, and spa servicing that offers them lifelong career paths in the bustling beauty industry.
Marie-Lou & D’s full-service menu includes:
haircare, nails,
massages and makeup application.


Click HERE to view the list of services
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August 24, 2017

Why Designer Nails Are More in Style Than Ever Before

stylish nails

Why Designer Nails Are More in Style Than Ever Before

If you have been paying attention, the hit television show ‘Claws’ has made people aware of the various nail styles that are going around. The show has probably made you stop and see if your nails are worthy of some praise. The show’s protagonist, Desna, seems to change nail styles a few times per episode and you can even see her working on her own glue on nails, applying gems, and filing her nails when they catch a snag. Characters may show up in snazzy attire, but it’s their designer nails that everyone pays careful attention to. These are the reasons why designer nails should be a part of your everyday life.

They’re Less Expensive Than Nice Clothing

After coming out of the nail salon with a crisp French manicure, you will feel pampered and your nails will be looking incredible. Find the right manicurist to make your appointments and you will spend a conservative amount of money on keeping your nails stylish-looking. Now, when you go shopping for an outfit, you probably won’t be satisfied until you get a specific look that’s only offered by a couple of different designers. Trained manicurists can duplicate almost any designer nail style based on your budget restrictions. In the end, you’ll pay less changing your designer nail style once a week than adding a new designer outfit to your closet.

Great Nails Complement Fabulous Outfits

If you’re going to rock a designer outfit, you have to do it the right way. Freshly done designer nails always pair great with upscale clothes. Additionally, your outfits won’t look like they’re pulled together well unless you have hair and nails that look like they’ve been equally cared for. Find a new designer nail style that will look good on your hands, then you can choose outfits that match the same theme or include similar colors. People will notice your designer nails before they pay attention to your clothing and they will want to know how you came up with such fresh and fabulous ideas for them.

You Can Get New Nail Designs Often

Some women have a nail style that they know makes their fingers look longer, slenderer, and perfectly feminine. Once you have a base nail shape picked out and find the colors that make your hands look delicate you can modify your designer nail styles frequently. In fact, you can just switch polish colors whenever you have an hour of downtime and keep your nails looking impeccable every day of the week. Go to your manicurist to get a paraffin manicure that will hydrate your skin and change your nail designs on a whim.

You can leave your nails bare, go to a nail salon once a week, or make your nails a big part of your personal look. Always use a base coat and occasionally cut down your cuticles so they grow in straight, strong, and stay healthy. Designer nails don’t have to be garish or be super long, but it should be obvious that you spent some time and money making them look incredible.

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August 16, 2017

Tune in tomorrow for another fab! beauty TV segment with Enya

Tomorrow on WBTV Bounce TV during the 8 am hour, Enya Flack of It’s a Glam Thing will showcase beauty products that are conveniently “matched” in sets and kits for easy use and best results.

To include:

Jessica Cosmetics Nails Kit

jessica cosmetics nail kit, dry, brittle, damaged

Pura d’or Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner Set

purador hair loss therapy shampoo conditioner


BCL Spa 4 Step Starter Kit

bcl spa 4 step kit

& select salons and spas worldwide


Double Dare Spa OMG! Mask Kit

omg! double dare spa mask

Luscious Cosmetics BROW LUXE TOOL KIT

Luscious Cosmetics BROW LUXE TOOL KIT

Luscious Cosmetics BROW LUXE TOOL KIT

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July 24, 2017




Over half of women experience hair loss by the age of 50. There are many women out there who experimented with hair color, straightening and other styling methods that involve chemicals that weaken hair. Also stress is also a culprit for hair loss plus hormonal changes. To fight the battle of thinning hair women typically turn to topical products which don’t deliver the results they hope for. Also, most women are not candidates for hair transplants.

For the many women who suffer with hair loss and the self-consciousness it leads to; finally, there is a discreet FDA cleared at-home product designed strictly for women called Theragrow™ $495 

Theragrow is a helmet that harnesses the power of laser light to minimize hair loss and promote hair growth. It delivers the same precise wavelength and dosage of energy proven to rejuvenate hair follicles and effectively regrow hair.


Click the link to see video:

Theragrow allows the necessary wavelength between 670 and 686 nanometers to penetrate deep enough to reach the base of the hair follicles and stimulate growth; a depth of 3 to 5 millimeters. No other light source, including devices using LED light, can achieve this.

By treating the base of hair follicles, Theragrow’s proprietary cold laser technology ensures the mitochondria, the energy generator of hair cells, is reactivated. The mitochondria then produce cell energy that is absorbed by hair follicles stimulating new hair growth.

The lightweight Theragrow helmet houses 40 individual lasers. It provides maximum scalp coverage to treat all areas affected by androgenetic alopecia, the condition suffered by most women reporting hair loss.

After the first treatment, the process of halting hair loss and rejuvenating your hair follicles to grow healthier, stronger, thicker hair begins. Laser light therapy targets the stem cells at the base of hair follicles. It’s working deep beneath the surface even before you see visible results.

The inventor of Theragrow, Tamin Hamid Ph.D, who is a former NASA scientist and Biomedical Engineer, is excited to provide a viable, cost- effective solution specifically for women who haven’t seen adequate results from topical treatments. She explains, “women cannot take the only prescription drug available because it is only FDA cleared for men so this is a solution for women that will deliver results. More than 90% of women in a recent user group reported positive results from treatments delivering the precise weekly amount of laser light energy you get with Theragrow.” 

Low-level laser light technology has been proven to repair, improve and grow hair in women. Within the first three months Theragrow leads to reduced hair loss and increased thickness and density. Within six months there’s a fuller appearance and feel to hair with more body, there’s also visible new hair growth at the top and crown of the head. At that nine month mark hair regrowth is significant.

Theragrow is used for 20 minutes, 4 times per week and you can read, watch TV, work on the computer while wearing it. It’s quiet and cordless FDA cleared over the counter medical device to promote hair growth in women. It is not to be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or have been diagnosed with cancer. 

Retail Price: $495.00

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June 27, 2016

It’s a Glam Thing, Enya Flack & Good Day Charlotte

Today, Enya Flack, It’s a Glam Thing presents beauty products that are “Just now” & “wow” to the Good Day Charlotte audience.

Enya Flack Good Day Charlotte

Let’s start off with something fun!

New Pedicure Must-Haves – Dip into Pretty toe separators ($12.99 a set). Don’t smudge your
next pedicure, leave the spa with these quirky, fun & blingy toe separators. Unlike traditional
pedicure spacers, Dip into Pretty’s toe separators are individual pieces that allow for maximum
comfort and easy removal. They are whimsical and blingy designs like ice cream cones, flowers,
hearts and more.

What’s new from the “Trusted and True” Tweezerman brand?

Tweezerman Curl-n- Go Eyelash Curler ($19) For beautiful, long lasting curl on-the- go this is
the portable version of the Tweezerman Classic Lash Curler. It folds into a compact travel tool
specially crafted for great on-the- go lashes. Perfect for purse and travel.

It’s true, hair doesn’t only get static, frizz and fly aways in winter, Summer tresses can
suffer from the same.

Static Schmatic for Hair is the secret to protecting your beautiful tresses and your perfect blow
out with only natural ingredients – Distilled water, Plant Based Soap, Coconut Oil, glycerin and
salt. Eliminate frizz and flyaway hairs with this natural alternative to harmful static sprays ($12).

Oval make-up brushes are the newest beauty trend!

We were able to track down an oval make up brush set for under $50! At . From highlighting to contouring, this 10piece set gives you
so many options for doing your makeup. The brushes have an oval shape design that is perfect
for blending foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow or powders and more. With so many
different sized brushes to choose from, you can achieve any look you want and they are easy to
use. Made with Synthetic Hair, firm grip handle and tilted brush tip.

What’s another tool to straighten hair besides a flat iron?

The Luma Brush is a mix of a flat iron and a styling brush. Instead of using a traditional flat iron
that squeezes hair between two flat heating elements to straighten your hair, you simply brush
it. Now gorgeous, sleek and smooth hair can be achieved in minutes with just a few strokes from your roots to your tips. If it takes you about 20 minutes to straighten your hair with
a flat iron, it’ll take you about two minutes with Luma! Luma Brush heats up to a constant temperature of 185/365 F in 60 seconds. ($79)

What is Sprayable Nail Polish?

Spray Perfect is a new spray on nail polish featuring new technology that lets color adhere to nails, but easily washes off skin with soapy water and gentle rubbing. The color only adheres to your nails! Spray Perfect is available in a variety of colors, including Racy Red, Passion Purple, Party Pink, Naked Nude, Sexy Silver, Whimsical White and Black Beauty. It dries in under 1 Minute. It’s ($19.99) for two bottles of Spray Perfect in the colors of your choice, plus the Spray Perfect Base and Top Coat.   Spray Perfect is currently available online at

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