October 18, 2012

It’s All About Silk

Curls can be fun and sexy, but to get them that way seems impossible. With all the gel, mousse, and hairspray it takes more time to do your hair then it does to make breakfast.  If you could get that same sexy look with just one product you would do it right? I knew you would.

BIOSILK Beach Texture Spray can give you those fun, sexy just got off the beach curls.  Made with natural silk, vitamins, herbs, and texturizing salts BIOSILK Beach Texture Spray creates curls to look natural and adds just the right amount of volume.  I mean come on right? What curly hair babe wants flat, stuck to the head, curls.

When I started using BIOSILK Beach Texture Spray, I noticed a change in my curls from the first use.  There was a lot less frizz and the look of dryness. BIOSILK Beach Texture Spray gave them a “new life” and they seem very happy.

So throw away all that unnecessary product and go for the one that does it all, BIOSILK Beach Texture Spray and give your curls new life.

Vist www.BIOSILK.com and see it for yourself.

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April 25, 2012

Is it love? No it’s EvaAmour

I can remember when I was younger my mom having what she called her “signature scent”. Every morning after her shower she splashed herself with it smelling up her whole bathroom. I remember asking her why it was her “signature scent”, and she it is a scent that she always wore that made her feel good about herself. That does not mean that she didn’t wear other scents, it was just her favorite out of all of them.

Now here I am 21 years old and I now realize why my mom had that love for her one favorite perfume. Having worked in fragrance at Macys Department Store I have smelled and tested many different fragrances. Some are sweet, some strong, some floral, or citrus, you name it and I have probably smelled it. After all my fragrance experiences I have finally found that one fragrance that not only smells delicious but makes me feel like a sexy sassy little redhead. It is called EvaAmour by the gorgeous Eva Longoria.

I love EvaAmour as an “every day wear” perfume. Every time I put it on I always get compliments on it. Older women and younger women both ask me what perfume I am wearing and where they can get their own. You can be the envy of all your friends and drive men crazy with one spray of EvaAmour in the morning. All you have to do is spray it on the pressure points of your body and before you know it people will be following you home.

For your own bottle of EvaAmour by Eva Longoria check www.hsn.com and see for yourself just what sexy smells like.

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