September 20, 2016

Elizabeth Guests on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend

Watch this week as Elizabeth Colen, It’s a Glam Thing visits Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend  and demos some DIY at-home workouts.


Elizabeth Colen Tampa Bay Morning Blend

Photo: Elizabeth Colen Tampa Bay Morning Blend (past appearance on the show)

elizabeth colen your carolina

Photo: Elizabeth Colen Your Carolina (past appearance on the show)

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August 8, 2015

Hilton Orlando to reopen SPA

Hilton Orlando will reopen its spa with a fresh persona come late August. After undergoing a facelift, the new eforea spa will offer guests a truly global experience with bursts of local flair.

Hilton Hotel in Orlando Florida

Hilton Hotel in Orlando Florida

With the soft-opening slated for August 21st, eforea spa will treat clients to such indigenous treatments as the Orange Blossom Hydra-Lift Facial and Beach Body Contouring Wrap as part of its Escape Journeys experience. Florida based products, such as the Pevonia skincare line will be used along with hints of citrus, coconut, papaya and mango, transporting guests to a tropical oasis in the middle of Florida.

The locally inspired therapies join the brand’s signature global Journey Enhancements. These powerful mini treatments, designed by master therapist Sean Jordan, reflect spa cultures from around the world with ancient healing methods to target the face, shoulders, neck, scalp, and feet.

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July 23, 2015

VIP Exclusives is ready…are you?

Time has come for the VIP Exclusives Fashion Show at the Tampa Convention Center. Models are getting fitted, everyone is setting up and excitement is filling the arena. With everything from fashion, awards, entertainment and chocolate ;), it is a night you will not want to miss.

This Saturday, July 25, is fast approaching and we would love to see you all there for this eventful night. Check out the VIP Exclusives website here: for information on how you can get your tickets. Hurry the chocolate is waiting, UHHHH I mean the fashions!

VIP-Exclusives Fashion Show logo

VIP-Exclusives Fashion Show logo

Please stay tuned for pictures and an overall coverage of the event! 🙂

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July 20, 2015

Mia Marcelle Swimwear return to Miami w/ WOW-Worthy Collection

Miami, FL. Napa Valley, California’s Mia Marcelle Swimwear, opened the show at SWIMMIAMI with a live electric violinist playing “When I Met You in the Summer” before golden clad models took to the runway.

The collection included sexy silhouettes, with a personal touch seen in every piece, including an original print, Cube, designed by her 8-year old son. Adding a twist on traditional one-pieces, plunging necklines and cut out sides featuring intricately braided straps complemented the barely-there bikinis.

Mia Marcelle Swimwear 2016 collection

Mia Marcelle Swimwear 2016 collection

The audience was captivated by the bold, golden beauty accents and beehive bouffants as the models walked the runway in the 2016 collection wearing gold ankle-strap stilettos and gold hoops. For the finale, model Johanna Da Ru strutted down the runway wearing a $1,500 handcrafted, custom teeny bikini covered in Swarvoski Crystals all fixed to the suit by hand.

Sexy yet functional, the many of the pieces such as the Paia Multi Way Bandeau & Nikki bikini as well as the Hot Coral Chantelle Top & Hana Bottom were expertly crafted with sustainable techno-fabric imported from Italy. This fabric, made with Econly, is 100% regenerated polyamide fibers from post-consumer materials; which when tested in real life conditions proved to be twice as resistant to elements such as chlorine, suntan creams and oils. The innovative construction and the presence of LYCRA XTRA LIFE allows for Mia Marcelle’s swimwear to successfully combine stylish and sexy with strength that will endure wear and tear.

VIP guests were gifted with incredible branded beach bags, packed with all the goodies you need for a flawless day at the beach, including a branded beach towel.

About Mia Marcelle Swimwear

Mia Marcelle designer Amber Wagner, along with her husband Joe Wagner, added some spice to their Napa Valley winery by making it the headquarters for their burgeoning swimwear line. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of confident women, the mother of six chose to chase her dream of fashion by diving head first into the swim world. Her pieces breathe femininity and sensuality, incorporating both sophistication and minimalism.

For more information on Mia Marcelle Swimwear check out:

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May 26, 2015

VIP-Exclusive fashion comes to Tampa

In just a short time, I will have the honor of attending the VIP-Exclusives Fashion Show at the Tampa Convention Center on July 25. The show will feature some top designers such as Lacie Cupani and Cupani Fashion, David President, MEROCKI, Jacqueline Saldana, Jackie Hutcherson, Nailuj Villarroel, & Aleksandra Salo just to name a few. Also, featured guest judge will Mr. Reginald Roundtree, news anchor and reporter at 10 News! Stay tuned for more updates on the show featuring pictures and more.

But hey are you going to be in Tampa and want to attend? Check out and see where you can get your tickets! Going to be a fun night of fashion & entertainment.

VIP Exclusives logo

VIP Exclusives logo

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May 19, 2015

The Villages goes Global

I bet your wondering about that competion that was held at TSPA and Salon Jaylee for Global Beauty Masters? Who got chosen, who’s going? Well, I am happy to announce that the teams from TSPA and Salon Jaylee will be participating in the qualifying rounds at Premiere Orlando on Saturday May 30th!

Before I introduce you to the teams let me recap a little on what Global Beauty Masters is. It is a televised competition held every year where teams from all over the world compete to see who will win the title. From this round at Premiere, the teams who are chosen will go on to compete in Las Vegas. This is a full body competition meaning that more attention to detail and creativity the better. As you can see from the teams (photos below) creativity and detail was on point. (These photos are the editorial shots they submitted. A new theme will be chosen by the teams for Premiere)

The teams who will be participating are: (there have been a few substitutions to the teams)
From Salon Jaylee:
Shear Force (villainess)

Model-Bethany Bandy Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Model-Bethany Bandy
Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Lindsey House – hair
Tyler Sponaugle – makeup
Livia Chestnut – nails
Bethany Bandy – model

Teasetastic (Egyptian)

Model- Shereza Abedeen Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Model- Shereza Abedeen
Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Jerri Taylor – hair
Brandy Smith – makeup
Ivette Marti – nails
Leigha Miller-(will model at Premiere Orlando)

From The Salon Professional Academy
TSPA Totems (headdress)

Model- Alexa Stafford Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Model- Alexa Stafford Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Cameron Balmer- hair (Original stylist. Zach Brazier will be the stylist at Premiere)
Robbie Coy – makeup
Estefania Patino – nails
Briana Rideout–(will model at Premiere Orlando)

TSPA Candy Crushers

Model- Kaitylnn Smith Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Model- Kaitylnn Smith
Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Manna McCloud – hair
Alexis Cruz- makeup (original artist, Cierra Mills will be artist for Premiere Orlando)
Joslyn Richards – nails
Katlyn Smith – model

This team will not be competing at Premiere but I want to showcase their hard work:
Jaylee’s Steam Punks

Model- Brittany Oyen Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Model- Brittany Oyen
Photo by Brian Sumner Photography

Sabrina Langston – hair
Gino Canessa – makeup
Amanda Mastrapa – nails
Brittany Oyen – model

Congratulations to all the teams! I am so happy for all of you and I wish you the best of luck at Premiere Orlando! Bring it on

For more information on Global Beauty Masters check out for The Salon Professional Academy check out and for Salon Jaylee check out and Brain Sumner Photography check out

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May 14, 2015

Diaper Drive Sunday 5/17

Come out and help us support our Domestic Violence Survivor Patty Perez! Patty started an organization called Means Of Hope. She is collecting diapers, wipes and other necessary items for babies that she will be taking to local Domestic Violence Shelters for mothers who have left their homes.

Come out and support Patty by bringing any necessary baby items you can think of!

Diaper Drive

Diaper Drive

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May 4, 2015

Hair this & that on Studio 10

Today I share some “Hair This and Hair That” on Studio 10.

on studio 10

on studio 10

Watch the segment here:

Just like our skincare routine our haircare routine should be changed with the upcoming summer months. Here are a few tips to change up your haircare routine for beautiful, soft, healthy hair all through the summer.

Like the oils in your skin, the oils in your scalp can speed up in the summer causing excess buildup and the clogging of the hair follicles. Beautiful hair starts with shampoo and conditioner. Treatment shampoos and conditioners like Pura d’or Organic Shampoos and Conditioners come in a variety of options from hair loss treatments, to scalp dandruff treatments. When the follicles (which are like pores) get clogged it can cause your hair to look dull, and dirty. Be sure to use the right shampoo and conditioning products during the summer months.

Also, just like our skin, our hair needs protection from the harmful UV rays. Especially if your hair is color treated. When going outside to the beach or just to go for a stroll, wrap your hair in a cute scarf or put on a hat. When hair is color treated it can tend to fade a lot faster and can sometimes turn a little brassy. Hats block sun and are also great for protecting our faceas well.

We have heard of swimmer’s ear? But have you ever heard of swimmer’s hair? Thats right. As we know during the summer we swim a lot and when we can tend to get a chlorine buildup on our hair leaving that ugly discoloration of green film. BUT it not only happens to blondes. A quick remedy to take care of that problem is before going in any kind of water (salt, lake, pool etc.) rinse your hair with clean lukewarm tap water. Also, be sure to apply a coat of leave in conditioner to act as a barrier.

Summer weather is also notorious for creating frizz! When applying an anti frizz serum make sure you find one that is silicone based. The silicone in today’s products are more advanced giving it more access to the hair. It is also non greasy and micro fine allowing more particles to process into the hair. The more particles the more you can be sure the deposit of the serum is even throughout the whole head. Follow instructions on the bottle of how much you should use (usually a dime size amount).

If you have long hair, the struggle of the heat and perspiration can be a real drag. And when we go out, sometimes we don’t want to have to put our hair up. Baby Powder can act as a barrier as well. Before you put on your clothes or even do your hair apply a thin layer of baby powder to your skin, like the back of your neck, down your back etc. then finish dressing. You may notice that throughout the day just how much more comfortable you will feel. Also, the baby powder leaves a cooling sensation on your skin.

For more info check out Annie’s blog at and more info on the products visit and

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April 3, 2015

Treat your eyes like “Gold”faden

The eyes are the windows to the soul. But when eyes are tired it can get a little “foggy”. In a world where technology is the center of our lives and business even looking at screens can cause it too. With Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes you can clear your windows in as little as 1-2 weeks. It could not have come a t a better time in my life.

Goldfaden MD bright eyes formula will help to decrease the appearance of fine line, dark circles and will reduce puffiness. I know from working on a computer for 8-9 hours a day by the end I’d be surprised if they weren’t puffy lol. Also, being deprived of sleep does not help either. It seems that no matter how much water I drink they just don’t seem to go away. Goldfaden is helpful with all skin types even sensitive skin. All products are gluten, paraben, Petrochemical, alcohol and silicone free. I swear I would not know what I would do without it. ( a video on the product will be filmed and airing soon)

Goldfaden was created by Dr. Gary Goldfaden, M.D., a practicing dermatologist. He has been practicing in South Florida for over 40 years with one sole purpose “My ultimate goal is to let people have a relatively simple skincare regimen that is both preventative and restorative.” He has many more products to choose from. For more info on all the Goldfaden products visit

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