April 21, 2013

A Must-Have When Gifting Jewelry this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you can never go wrong with a gift by giving a beautiful piece of jewelry. After choosing the perfect piece, ensure that it will be the perfect fit for your special someone so that they can wear it all night long.

Whether you are gifting a ring or earrings to your loved one on Mother’s Day, BlingGuard, offers the most effective and comfortable products to make your jewelry look and feel fabulous.

BlingWraps are innovative solutions to ring resizing that help keep jewelry from twisting, turning or sliding by adding 1+ ring sizes to your finger. BlingWraps use a patented “padlock” design that is invisible and fits securely beneath your ring to keep it in place. http://blingguard.com/


BlingDots are earring supports and stabilizers that ensure comfortable and positioned earrings perfectly on the ear. They are mad of hypoallergenic foam that provides comfort and support while lifting the earrings up on your ears.  Earrings no longer droop or fall forward and also greatly relieve the weight of heavy earrings and help stop your ear lobes from stretching. http://blingguard.com/

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