Nick Northstar
August 18, 2015



Last week was a fabulous week! I was invited to attend so many exclusive Hollywood events. Every event was perfectly put together and glamorous. My favorite party by far was the Television Critics Association Annual Summer Party. This exclusive party was held at the beautiful Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. The party was thrown for the cast and crew members of CBS, The CW and Showtime. The list of A-list celebrities I spotted and rubbed elbows with made my head turn. The best part of the night was hanging out by the red carpet. The carpet was the best view in the house to see who was attending and more importantly what they were wearing.

As expected everyone looked amazing. Not a hair out of place or unwanted wrinkle to be found. Some of the most memorable looks came from the men of evening. James Van Der Beek and Charley Koontz from CBS’ CSI:CYBER walked the carpet together and although I don’t think they planned their outfits to match, they were totally twining.



Both gentleman, along with countless other celebrities embraced the latest summer trend of white and cream colors. James wore an all cream deconstructed cotton suit. He paired it with a crisp white button down that had a beautifully detailed navy collar. Charley choose a cream colored sports coat and paired with stylish dark navy denim. He completed his look with a slim navy tie and striped pocket square. You could totally see their chemistry as they walked the carpet smiling, laughing, and cracking jokes.

Getting invited to an event of this magnitude was nothing short of extraordinary. Each celebrity was nicer than the next. I left that evening knowing that the glamour of Hollywood that I usually admire from a far is even more glamorous up close and personal.

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July 27, 2015


While I appreciate a well dressed woman, I LOVE a well accessorized woman even more. I especially love when women wear jewelry. Jewelry tells a story, it adds dimension and most importantly it shows personality.
One of my favorite jewelry lines is Jennifer Reeves Designs ( I first discovered the line when my good friend was wearing an absolutely beautiful necklace out here in Hollywood on the red carpet. When I asked her who it was by, she said it was made by Jennifer Reeves. I went online to view the collection and right away I knew I had found a brilliant and very eye-catching brand.
Jennifer Reeves Designs collection includes necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. All of her jewelry is handcrafted and made of the finest gems, pearls and opals from around the world. Originally from Australia, Jennifer travels the globe for inspiration with her passion being seen in each unique piece she creates.
“I love to design using the most awe-inspiring elements. I channel my appreciation for nature’s most extraordinary gifts and believe that every woman is innately bestowed an alluring strength.”
final JR logo
Her ability to create extraordinary and  one of a kind pieces makes her collection a must have for any and all women… and I hear she is coming out with a men’s line too soon!
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July 24, 2015



Shopping for clothes brings me pure joy, and until last week I was under the impression that most people felt the same way. Then some friends told me shopping is anything but fun for them. It made me wonder if others felt the same way, so I began asking almost everyone I met if they enjoyed shopping. To my surprise, about half of the people I asked said that shopping made them anxious and they only did out of necessity. To help the shopping-challenged, I’m sharing my shopping tips in hopes that people will use them to make their shopping experiences more enjoyable.


Embrace what you feel comfortable in. Not everyone feels good in the same style clothing. Decide if you like loose fitting clothes or clothes that are more tailored. If categorizing yourself helps, then figure out your style category. Are you classic, simple, bold, hipster, bohemian, rock and roll, trendy? Once you decide what your favorite styles are you’ll know what to be on the look out for while shopping.


This is probably the best piece of advice I have to give. Every brand represents a certain style and they all cut their clothing different. Some brands run small while others run big. If you stick to your favorite brands you’re less likely to be disappointed once you get in the fitting room. Shopping the same few brands every season means you can keep adding pieces to build a cohesive wardrobe.



If you haven’t worn something in over a year it’s time to toss it. I personally don’t get rid of anything until I try wearing it for a whole day. If I wear something for the entire day and it doesn’t make me feel good, like maybe the shirt rides up or the fabric makes me itch, it goes in the Goodwill pile.


Find “looks” online or in magazines that you like. If a sales associate    (hopefully at one of your favorite brands) asks if they can help you, show them the picture and let them pull pieces that resemble what you’re looking for. It obviously won’t be identical, but remember your going for similar. One of my favorite ways to find cool looks is to pick a celebrity style icon and mimic their outfits.


Knowing how much you can spend will eliminate most buyers remorse. When it comes to shopping, it’s good to remind yourself that it’s ok that you can’t have it all. If you can’t afford something, tell yourself that next season they’ll be something better.  There’s nothing worse than having to return something because you went over your budget.

Shopping is an art form. You’re not required to love it, but knowing how to do it efficiently can definitely help you hate it less.

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July 16, 2015




This week the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) launched its very own menswear dedicated New York fashion week. The men’s fashion week highlights the growing relevance of menswear in the fashion industry.

Officially named the New York Fashion Week: Men’s, the CFDA initiative will showcase Spring/Summer 2016 fashion trends. The shows run the second week of July and will be held at the Skylight Clarkson Square in Manhattan. The CFDA men’s fashion week answers the call for a men’s only dedicated fashion week in New York. As many designers will tell you, fashion week in New York is usually dedicated to women, and men’s designers are forced to either show their collections during  women’s shows or take their collections oversees.



“[New York Fashion Week: Men’s] gives the designers a business platform to show during their market dates and is an opportunity to demonstrate the collective talent of an important segment of our industry,” CFDA CEO Steven Kolb said in a statement.

Amazon’s portfolio of fashion sites, which include Amazon Fashion, East Dane and MyHabit, will serve as primary sponsors, with additional support from Detroit-based leather goods company Shinola as well as Cadillac. Confirmed designers include Michael Bastian, Tommy Hilfiger, Rag & Bone, Todd Snyder and many more.

It is truly an exciting time for both men’s fashion designers and the people who love to wear their fashion.

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June 25, 2015



Veteran agents Linda Robirds and Marlyn Klaarmond have made a break from OC-based Brand Model & Talent Agency to launch “It Model Management.” The new partners spent a combined three decades at Brand, where they built the agency into a Southern California powerhouse, pulling big business away from nearby Hollywood agencies. It comes as no surprise that a caravan of loyal clients including Adidas, Audi, Coca-Cola, Disney, Harley-Davidson, Mercedes, and Nike have followed the agents to their new digs in Irvine (CA).

Most of the duos’ top models have also leapt to the It Model Management roster. Jack Cain, an actor and one of the industry’s leading commercial print models tells ItsAGlamThing, “I owe Linda and Marlyn so much. For over twenty years they’ve taken care of my family and me. They are truly special people and amazing agents.”

Looks like this remodeling job turned out picture perfect. Check them out at:

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June 19, 2015



Carolyn Hennesy stormed into the final season of ABC’s “Revenge” like a nor’easter. Playing mommie dearest to Louise (Elena Satine). She seemed born for the role. In fact, we’re hard-pressed to fathom anyone else playing the deliciously devilish Southern matron Penelope Ellis.
Hennesy is no upstart.  She’s been paying her dues for years in memorable parts (HBO’s True Blood, ABC’s Cougar Town, ABC’S General Hospital) and a few forgettable ones. (Boob Jobs & Jesus).  But hey, a girl’s gotta eat.
Hennesy is also, by all accounts, an actor’s actor. A gal’s gal and the truest of pals.  She’s a champion of animal rights (hosting “Animal Magnetism” on UBN Radio) and a giver of gifts. With little fanfare, she’s visited LA area colleges and offered encouragement, inspiration, and even scholarships to promising drama students.
There are a lot of unsung actors deserving of an Emmy this year.  Walton Goggins (FX’s Justified) and Reid Scott (HBO’s Veep) come to mind.  But Hennesy gets our Glam Thing vote for years of outstanding work both on-screen and off.

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June 18, 2015

Things Every Woman in her 20’s Should Own


Some woman are born with style. They have ability to dress themselves in a fashionable manor at the drop of a dime. Then there are those women who seem to care less about what they wear. For the ones who are not blessed with the natural ability to pull together a fashionable outfit, I believe there is still hope. For the record, kids and teenagers get a pass if they don’t dress well (I blame the people who raise them), but once women hit their 20’s there are very few excuses for not presenting yourself to the world in the best way possible.

A Blazer

Blazers can take you from day to night. They can be worn to an interview or paired with jeans for a night out with friends. The good news is there are so many different style blazers to choose from. Structured blazers usually have some light padding in the shoulder and offer a more business look. Deconstructed blazers are the ones without padding, and usually made of cotton or linen. My favorite are blazers that have a patterned lining, so when you roll up the sleeves you have a fun detail.

A Genuine Leather Bag

Unless you are anti-leather, it’s an absolute must to have a real leather hand bag. That doesn’t mean you have to spend $500+ on a bag, but it does mean a small investment is required.  A woman’s bag says a lot about who she is. Your bag either tells the world “I have it together” or “the struggle is real”. Trust me when I say, even if you don’t have it all together, if your bag is nice people will assume you’re doing ok. Stick to neutral colors and you’ll get the most use out of it.


The Perfect Black Dress

A black dress is a must have in any woman’s wardrobe. Whether your heading to a fancy dinner, special occasion, or girls night out the black dress will have all your bases covered. The length and style can vary depending on your personality, but just make sure it fits you perfectly.

A Wrist Watch

Even if you still look at your phone for the time, a watch is a very smart look. A stylish watch says that you care about time and is an added accessory to your outfit. You can choose a vintage look with a smaller face, a classic look with a leather strap, or the latest gold and silver trends. There are two rules for wrist watches: remember to wear them and make sure they work.

Quality Denim

These days a great pair of jeans is everything! Just like a best friend, they lift you up and hold all your junk in place. Jeans are the most socially acceptable piece of clothing and can be worn almost everywhere. For most women, they are the essential piece of their outfit. When you do find your favorite pair of jeans, life is all of a sudden better.



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June 11, 2015

The Men Making Women Beautiful


In terms of fashion, the 20th century brought women’s apparel to the next level. Spearheading this reform were a class of male designer artists. Most of these famous male iconic fashion designers are known for their ability to exhibit the beauty of a woman’s body by way of stylish, modernist, creative and elegant clothing. Below you will find a list of my favorite men who have been making women look stunning, beautiful and gorgeous through their interesting and unique fashion designs.


An amazing Italian fashion designer. Noted for his clean and tailored lines. He formed his company in 1975 and by 2001 was acclaimed as the most successful designer to come out of Italy, with an annual turnover of 1.6 billion. Fun Fact- Armani was the first designer to ban models who body mass index was under 18.


The American fashion designer was born in the heart of fashion, New York City in 1942. He originally launched a denim line, but his name rapidly became one of the most recognizable in fashion. In addition to clothing, Klein has also given his name to a range of perfumes, watches and jewelry. Fun Fact- Before going mainstream, Calvin was considered the toast of New York’s elite fashion scene and quickly became known for his ability to charm so effortlessly, and to “work a room”.



A fashion designer, philanthropist, and highly success business man with an estimated wealth of $8 billion. Known for his timeless fashion sense, the man has made his name by way of the famous short sleeve collared shirt with the Polo emblem. These shirts have since become highly sought after and can be seen worn around the world. Fun Fact- Under his high school year book picture he stated that he wanted to be a millionaire.


The Texas born designer is counted among the most famous designers today, his portfolio includes serving as a creative director for both Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. His designs are sexy, yet elegant. He encompasses modern glamour and is known for using superior materials and workmanship. Fun Fact- Tom is also a film director. His most notable film “A Single Man” starred Colin Firth, who was nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award.

When it comes to males creating fashionable clothing and accessories for women, these men are the cream of the crop. They’ve spent their lifetime designing and producing some of the best fashion the world has ever seen.

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June 4, 2015

Now Is The Time To Take A Fashion Risk


As most fashion followers know, June is not only the first month of summer, but its fashion month. It’s a time for people to show up and show out. Whether going to the grocery store, dinner, or red carpet events, June is a time for the conservative and sloppy dressers of the world to throw their style inhibition to the wind and take fashion risks.

Let’s be honest, wearing the same look day in and day out is boring. The problem is, too many people are afraid of what others think about what they wear. The little voice in our head is constantly questioning our outfits, “is this too tight” or “is this too loose”, but what’s tight for one person may be loose for another. That’s why June is all about finding fashion trends that people can actually wear in their everyday lives. Let’s discuss the latest Summer 2015 trends that can take people for blah to BAM!


Designers are reimagining this classic shape with drop waists, double high slits, and different width belts. It’s hard to figure out what to love more about this look: the sleeve, the collar that frames the face ever so perfect, or the comfortable yet flattering length. One things for sure, It’s a one stop shop for effortless chic.


Before you roll your eyes and say “not for me,” hear me out. From amber and canary to saffron and marigold, trust that there is a shade of yellow for everyone. The tricky part is figuring out your skin’s undertone, then finding the hue that best complements it. Keep in mind that yellow is a happy color, and has been known to attract positive vibes


Fall may have brought us proper plaids, but for summer it’s all about the tiny well organized check. Whether you opt for a fitted or loose look, those little checks have a sexy written all over them. Check Please-

Black and White

The trend’s not groundbreaking, but black and white is everywhere. Always has been and always will be. Some people just need to be reminded how to keep it fresh. To keep this classic color combination interesting, one must mix various textures, patterns, and silhouettes.

Kimono-Style Light Weight Trench Coats

Slouchy, lightweight trench coats—belted just so—were spotted all over the runways this season. I’m a sucker for a good layer, and why wouldn’t I be? This look is comfortable, stylish  and a mix between a robe, a proper coat, and a kimono. It’s a win any way you look at it.


Head-to-Toe White

At this point, it isn’t about the rules of when you can wear all-white; it’s about how you wear it. New styling tricks include mixing textures, layering multiple pieces, and teaming various shades. All white everything is a statement that we should all be attempting to make. It oozes confidence.

Flats, Slides, and Sneakers

Thank the fashion gods, comfortable shoes are here to stay! So whether you’re a sneakerhead, appreciate minimal two-strap sandals, or love plain slides—there’s something cute and comfy out there for you. Feet around the world are saying thank you.

What’s most important is having fun with the looks, not wearing them all at once, and remembering that clothes are temporary ways of expressing yourself, they’re not life changing. Just think of June as a one month pass to try different styles and not worry about anything but how each piece makes you feel.


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April 30, 2015

The Coolest Denim CEO Talks To It’s A Glam Thing!

warren meia pics 005-2

Warren Green is the CEO of Golden Girls Clothing and GGJeans, a clothing/denim company out of Canada that has taken Hollywood and America by storm being spotted on countless celebs and red carpets. It’s A Glam Thing got to chat with Mr. Cool about his ever-growing brand…


How would you describe your own personal style?

My personal style is very casual and laid back as you can see… Jeans and sweats all the way!

What fashion trends in the denim world do you see happening that you either like or dislike?

I really like the return of the sixties and seventies. The resurrection of acid wash and tie-dye denim is so cool and fresh. What I really don’t like is bell bottom pants and super flares though. After seeing girls in slimming and flattering tight stretch denim jeans and now going to bell bottoms is not an attractive look.

What makes your jeans different than others?

We are all about comfort and sculpting all women’s bodies into fitting into a perfect jean. The fabric moves with your body so it continuously keeps your body tight, while being able to wear our jeans all day and night… You will never want to take them off!

What styles / collections do you have coming out later this year and into the future?

We are in the midst of putting together our Spring collection. We will be adding the dye and super bleach denim into the line. We are also adding skimmers and flare legs.

If you weren’t running GGJeans, what would you be doing?

I would probably be really bored. This company is like my baby.

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