May 26, 2015

Meet Our Glam Bloggers

donnapicDonna Raheb is a Beauty and Fashion enthusiast who thrives on staying on top of all of the latest Fashion and Beauty trends. When she’s not blogging or attending a fabulous fashion show or next “it” beauty event you can find her working part time as a legal secretary for her husband’s law practice. Donna currently resides in Lincoln, Rhode Island with Joe, her best friend and husband of 30 years, where she enjoys baking, reading, gardening, and her daily exercise routine. She is also a proud mother of four grown children.

As our It’s a Glam Thing®, go to gal for all things trending Beauty and Fashion, Donna will keep you coming back for more!

Antonia Rutter bio coming soon!

DSpanglerpicDonna Spangler is a Hollywood Beauty, Fitness and Lifestyle Expert and Author that has appeared on a variety of television and Internet shows. She’s also been a Beauty and Fitness contributor to several magazines over the years. This former Playboy model is currently an active fitness competitor, educator and advocate for women of all ages where she lends her fitness expertise to motivate others to achieve their personal fitness goals. As an Author, Donna is best known for her 2006 Worldwide, Best Selling Book, How To Get A Rich Man. With a zest and passion for living an authentic, healthy lifestyle Donna always has some compelling advice to share with her audience.

ElizabethpicElizabeth Colen holds the title of Ms. Fit One. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Motivational Speaker, Television and Radio Host and Personality. Elizabeth is also the star of her own television show, Ms. Fit One. She has been featured as a fitness and nutrition expert on several reality shows such as Money Talks, Chat Zone and worked beside A-list celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow. As a radio host she has been a featured expert on Real World Weight Loss, the Oneness Wellness Lifestyles Show with Shifa, and CORE Radio. Elizabeth is also Fitness and Nutrition contributor for several magazines such as, Flourish, Courageous Women, and Megku where her insightful articles focus on helping to guide others on their journey to living a healthy lifestyle.

What makes Elizabeth Colen such an expert in addition to her certifications? We can answer that. Elizabeth fought her own battle with obesity and won, so she knows firsthand what it means to struggle with weight and a positive self-image. Determined to overcome the obstacle of her weight Elizabeth went from a size 24 to a size 6 and lost over 115 pounds! Her battle was won through diet, exercise and will power. The best part is that she has kept the weight off for several years and has turned her own experience into making a positive difference in others lives. Her motto…if she can do it, so can you and she’s here to show you how.

Elizabeth currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina where she trains and works as a well sought after fitness and nutrition private trainer using her expert knowledge to help others achieve their goals for living a healthy lifestyle. As the inventor of the 4F philosophy; Food, Fitness, Fashion, and Fun her mission is to guide you on your path to living your life to the fullest through a healthy lifestyle.

enyapicEnya Flack is an actress, reporter, television spokesperson, host and entrepreneur best known for her series regular role on UPN’s Malcolm and Eddie and as one of the stars of the Syfy Channel series Black Scorpion.  She has guest-starred on countless television series including CSI: Miami, Rules of Engagement, The Game, The Sopranos and Ally McBeal and was also a model for the hit game show Deal or No Deal.  She has worked as a sports reporter for FOX Sports Net and KCBS-Los Angeles, entertainment reporter for E! News Live and as the host of Travel ala Mode for Sky Radio.  She’s also an official judge and former titleholder in the Miss America Pageant system and state director for the Miss World America Pageant, Enya is the owner of and founder of a full-service international event-staffing agency.

Enya brings a fresh flair, worldly sophistication and fashion sensibility to her show segments and blog for It’s a Glam Thing®. She’s a true beauty herself from the inside out. Follow Enya’s segments on It’s a Glam Thing® TV and her blog for all the latest beauty and fashion tips and products to keep you in the know.

juleepicJulee Ireland is a native of Seattle, Washington and a true jack-of-all-trades with a colorful career that has spanned the world. She’s a mom, designer, author, television host and lifestyle and DIY expert as well as a contributor to several magazines and blogs. Julee started her career as a fashion designer before morphing into becoming a well-known interior designer working for some of the largest residential home builders in America building homes from the ground up. In 2009 she launched her own greeting card line and invented a greeting card soap, which has been sold in stores around the world. Currently, Julee designs, creates and develops products for the gift, home, stationery, beauty, and lifestyle industries. Her passion for innovative design and her extensive experience in the manufacturing, retail, and wholesale industries has also led her to a successful career developing and introducing products into the marketplace for celebrities, hotels, department stores, and individuals as well as her own brand, Julee Ireland®.

Julee also works as a spokesperson, commercial, and voice over actress and television personality and host for It’s a Glam Thing® where she produces her own segments that can be seen on several shows across America. In addition, she graced the sidelines for several years as a professional NFL cheerleader for both the Seattle Seahawks and the Oakland Raiders. This was a truly treasured time in her life. Her daughter, Sophee Ireland, hopes to dance in her mom’s footsteps someday soon.

Julee has always managed to find inspiration in the smallest of life’s pleasures whether it’s in the people she meets on the street or a stroll through a local flea market. Her simple take on life combined with a her ability to connect with people, her sophisticated wit, charm and humor clearly reflects a unique approach to design and lifestyle that’s all her own. What’s next for Julee? Look for her soon to be released book series on Amazon titled, DIY of the Fly™ where she demonstrates simple step-by-step instructions for DIY projects that cost under $25 relating to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Follow her blog for all things design and lifestyle!

LisaGALpicLisa Gal is a name that celebrities recognize especially when it’s time for the Oscars, Emmy’s, Music and Film Festivals to hit the Red Carpet. Who’s Lisa Gal? She creates Hollywood Swag and stunning gift baskets for the elite Hollywood Celebrities in Los Angeles and New York.

Lisa has also worked in the film, television and commercial industry both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, which is what led her to starting her unique Hollywood Swag business. With a mind for marketing and her connections in the film industry, Lisa saw a clear path in which to help other business owners get their products into the hands of celebrities through gifting. She took her idea and founded Hollywood Baskets in 1994 and the rest is history! Today, Lisa has a thriving business with a team of talented gift basket designers and an A-List following.

If you have a unique product or service that you want to get into the hands of celebrities through gifting contact and be sure to follow Lisa’s blog for all the latest and greatest celebrity gifting news!

lizzypicLizzy Small is a singer, actress and University of Santa Barbara college student. This talented young woman adds triple threat to her resume’ with a vast and varied career as a dancer too. She’s also a veteran of over 70 television commercials, music videos and variety shows. Lizzy is especially pleased to announce the release of her new song, Gravity that she co-wrote and sings. It’s now available on YouTube and Sound Cloud. As if that is not enough for this budding star, Lizzy also added a supporting lead role in the film Spare Parts with George Lopez, Marisa Tomei and Jamie Lee Curtis to her resume. This is one Star that just keeps burning brighter!

melindapicMelinda Lombardi is an accomplished creative makeup artist, television host, and beauty expert with experience in all aspects of media make-up, film, television, fashion and print. After a successful career as a dancer, choreographer and actress that has spanned the globe in countries such as Australia, Japan, and London, Melinda has taken her passion for the arts and applied it to her makeup artistry.

Melinda’s training and education, along with her affable personality provides her clients with multi-faceted professions. Melinda is passionate about utilizing her art to help others see the true beauty that lives within and to find their best possible self. Her motto…“Each face is a blank canvas with endless possibilities”.

When Melinda is not in the studio performing her makeup artistry you can find her out and about in New York City reporting and blogging about all thing beauty for It’s a Glam Thing. Follow Melinda’s blog for all the latest industry beauty tips and tricks!

NickpicNick Northstar grew up in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. His father, a sound mixer, and mother (one of Edith Head’s seamstresses) met while working at the same motion picture studio. After graduating from high school, Nick hitch-hiked to New York and studied acting at the HB Studios. But he found his true calling when he started writing society bits for a local rag. After a few exciting adventures and living the fast paced life in the Big Apple, Nick went back west to California where he’s lived every since. These days you will find Nick rubbing shoulders with A-list celebrities at various Hollywood parties and Social events where there’s always a good story to tell and never a dull moment. Nick is still a confirmed bachelor looking for love and lives with his best pal Astra, a Great Dane.

Shannen Burke is a certified aromatherapist, herbologist, holistic healer and blogger for It’s a Glam Thing®. Her training has led her to a successful career spanning over ten years in the spa industry where Shannen is highly regarded as an expert in her field.  As if that’s not enough, she is also a top producing sales representative for multiple companies within the beauty industry. Additionally, Shannen works behind the scenes with several development houses to create custom formulas for private label beauty products. You might never know it but the next beauty product that you purchase just may have been developed by none other than Shannen Burke!

Shannen enjoys living the single life, her pet Yorkie whom, she refers to as fur baby, is almost always by her side.  She loves the beauty and tranquility of the beaches where she spends a good deal of her free time.  She currently resides in California’s San Fernando Valley.

VickipicVicki Fischer is a thirty-year veteran in the entertainment industry as a successful actress, model, commercial voice and on-camera talent. Vicki is currently a television staff announcer, national makeup artist, and beauty and style editor and correspondent for It’s a Glam Thing®.

Having worked with many celebrities coupled with her first hand experience; Vicki understands both sides of the camera. She’s come to realize that first, feeling good about yourself from the inside is the real “Magic” that becomes your outer beauty. Vicki incorporates that same energy into her It’s a Glam Thing® articles, to empower her readers in a positive, fun, and informative, feel good way.

Teen BloggerspicAdrienne and Rachel are our team leaders for It’s a Teen Thing™, teen bloggers. With varied personal and academic interests, both teens share the same passion for beauty, fashion and style. Based in Rhode Island, team leaders Adrienne and Rachel are both high school honor students. Rachel loves to cook and play basketball and Adrienne is a dancer and Soloist with the State Ballet of Rhode Island. They find their blog content by interviewing and reaching out to their teen peers that includes, guys and gals, for beauty and fashion product suggestions as well as, current teen issues to share with their audience.

Together Adrienne and Rachel bring you all the latest teen trends and teen topics to keep you fully informed. They are always looking for interesting content. If you have a product suggestion, a story, or teen topic that you want then to blog about and share with the world, feel free to email with your request.




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