Julee Ireland
February 28, 2016

DIY Coat Hanger Heart Wall Art

diy_heart_wall_artClick here to watch my video tutorial: https://youtu.be/X-AGhbZluzQ

I LOVE to get creative with items I find around my home.  I have a collection of wire coat hangers in my hall closet from my dry cleaners and I thought I would put them to good use. I thought why not turn them into decorative heart wall art for my gallery wall? All of the supplies that I used I already had in my home and it took me less than five minutes to make each wall art heart. Here’s how you make them for yourself!

Supplies: Wire coat hangers, Pliers, String, Fabric or Trim of choice (yarn, lace, twine, burlap, ribbon, fabric, trim, lace etc.), Hot glue gun, Spray paint (optional) Small command hooks, nails or picture frame hooks (as you desire.)
Step One: Use your pliers to cut off the curved loop at the top of the hanger. Spray paint your hanger your desired color (optional).
Step Two: Bend and manipulate the wire hanger into a basic heart shape. The twisted part of the hanger (which was once at the top) becomes the bottom point of the heart shape. Don’t worry about making your heart perfect. “Perfection is in the imperfection” and the imperfection is what makes it interesting and gives it an organic feel.
Step Three: Choose a material that comes in long strands – yarn, lace, twine, ribbon, burlap, etc. Secure one end of your material to the bottom of the heart with hot glue. Then, stretch the strand across the shape and secure on the wire with a dot of glue. Continue to crisscross the strand back and forth across all areas of the shape, securing with glue along the way. When the entire heart is filled in with overlapping lines, snip off the remaining material.
Step Four: When you are finished making all of your hearts, lay them out on the floor to decide how you want to arrange them on your wall. Lastly, hang them up using one or two small nails or small command hooks for each heart. You can also use one as a Valentine’s Day wreath for your front door. So cute!

I love the way this project turned out. Can you believe how simple it was? Who would have ever thought wire hangers could look so beautiful? Have fun creating your own wall of hearts. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel and my new web series DIY on the FLY at www.youtube.com/c/juleeireland and please like, share and subscribe. Each month I post new DIY on the FLY video craft project tutorials for your home and lifestyle. They’re always chic, easy, super fun and budget friendly to make!

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February 17, 2016

Incorporate Love Into Your Home Year-round

Love_Heart_Valentines_Day_Julee_Ireland_TelevisionFebruary 14 is the day that we celebrate love but I believe that love should be celebrated every day.  I recently had the pleasure of sharing these four simple tips to incorporate love into your home and life year-round on the Studio 10 Tampa show with Stephanie Webb and Toby Hall and I wanted to share them with all of you. Yes, that’s Toby Hall as in the former Major Baseball League pro baseball player for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He was the co-host for the day and it was quite fitting as his Anniversary was on February 14! We had a lot of fun. Be sure to watch the video clip on our blog and I hope these tips bring lots of love into your home.


1. The entry to your home is your first impression and it’s the perfect place to set the tone for Love. People tend to glance to the right as they enter a home so it’s a great place to display a beautiful table with an open bowl or a family or couples portrait on the wall holding hands, sharing a kiss or family hug. Remember, if you enter a home with a feeling of Love, you will exit with Love.
2. Out of our five senses, the strongest is our sense of smell. Scents remind us of people, places, and life experiences that we love. A scent has the ability to transcend us to another time and place. Placing candles or essential oil room fragrance throughout your home in various scents that fit the mood that you wish to evoke in each room, is a great way to connect your sense of smell to your heart and home. You can easily create feelings of happiness, harmony, tranquility and Love. Lemon and Orange is uplifting, Lavender is calming and is known to relive stress, Eucalyptus promotes balance, and Vanilla or Ylang Ylang is alluring and romantic. My candle pick besides my own soy candles at www.juleeireland.com is a line I discovered at Cosmoprof called Naturally Bare. These are Reiki Infused Organic Soy Candles with a line of body products. I love that they are all natural, affordable and I love the clean sophisticated look of the line!  www.naturally-bare.com
3. There’s no better way to bring instant love into any room in your home than through a vase of fresh, fragrant, colorful flowers. Choose a vase that fits the look and feel of your room and use a variety of seasonal stems that match your accent color in your room to brighten your space year around. When it comes to roses my favorite company is Spring in the Air Luxury Roses.  What could be better than two dozen Roses fresh from the grower in Colombia sent straight to your doorstep? I order the roses monthly and because they are fresh they last two to three times longer than flowers that you purchase through a supplier such as a florist or grocery store.  They are the most beautiful roses ever! I promise you will love them. www.springintheair.com It’s a Glam Thing exclusive. Use coupon code WOW at checkout for 15% off your order!
4. Surround yourself with Love at home by displaying meaningful art, photos, books, or words to remind you daily of the things that matter most in your life. Make your home a gallery filled with Love. Wayfair is my go to place for everything for the home. They have great prices and something for everyone’s taste.  The wall art I featured on the show is from Wayfair.  www.wayfair.com

I hope these tips and a few of my favorite brands help you to celebrate love year-round. xoxo

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February 5, 2016

DIY on the FLY Box of Roses

DIY Box of Roses


In honor of the month of February, Valentine’s Day and the celebration of Love especially for the love of beautiful roses; I thought I would share with you my latest video and a DIY on the FLY box of roses craft project.  This is so easy anyone can make it and the real beauty is that you can make this any time of the year for yourself, as a gift or as a centerpiece for any holiday, event or life celebration.  Be sure to check out my YouTube channel and my new web series DIY on the FLY at www.youtube.com/c/juleeireland and please like, share and subscribe. Each week I post new DIY on the FLY video craft project tutorials for your home and lifestyle. They’re always chic, easy, super fun and budget friendly to make!

Here’s how you make a gorgeous box of roses…

Supplies: box, plastic liner, disposable plastic container that will fit into your box or Saran wrap to line your box, wet floral foam, floral tape (optional), spray paint or wrapping paper to decorate your box (optional), ribbon (optional), scissors, blue painters masking tape for stripes (optional), flowers (various varieties of roses and peonies work beautifully).
Step One: Use your masking tape to mask off a design for your box. Such as: Stripes. (this is optional) Next, use your spray paint to paint your box in your desired color. Option Two: Use decorative wrapping paper, old sheet music or photos to wrap or create a collage with ModPodge on the exterior of your box.
Step Two: Line your box with your plastic liner, container or plastic wrap.
Step Three: Cut your wet floral foam to fit inside your box. When your floral foam is cut to fit; saturate it well with water and put it into your box. Optional: Use your floral tape to create a 1” grid on top of the box as a guide to insert your roses into the center of each square.
Step Four: Cut your roses at a 45 degree angle so that they are the correct height to fit just over the top of your box. Insert your cut roses into your wet floral foam or into the open areas on your tape grid.
Step Five: Add a Ribbon band, bow or handwritten message of Love and Voila! You’ve just created a lovely box of Roses!

Lastly, be sure to email me photos of your own creative box of roses so that I can post them on both of my blogs. I would love to brag about you! Email your photos to: juleeireland@gmail.com for consideration.


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January 15, 2016

Clear Your Clutter, Create New Success in 2016

Clutter_Organization_Julee_Ireland_2016_Home_New_YearClutter hinders your psyche more than you know both at work and at home. When physical items invade your space that are not needed or that are unorganized it affects you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s like an invisible force that causes stress, has a negative effect on relationships and your health and it can hinder your ability to act and think clearly blocking success in all areas of your life. With each passing year you continue to grow and change. While change is good holding onto things that no longer reflect who you have become is not a good thing because it creates negative energy. Let’s start the New Year off by clearing out the clutter and opening up your heart, home and workplace to create success! Here are some simple tips to help guide you.

Step One: Take time to walk through the different spaces in your home and office and sit for a while. Look around the space and write down the items in each room that make you feel discomfort, that clearly no longer reflect you and that you feel you can do without. If you give yourself time to sit, think and explore each space you will be surprised at what you discover on your own.

Step Two: Now that you have explored and taken notes throughout your home and office it’s time to prioritize! Make a list of the areas you wish to declutter first. Pick the space in your home or office that makes you feel the most unsettled and that’s the most disorganized.

Step Three: Before you start with your first space be realistic about setting a time frame to complete the task and start small! Begin with a drawer, cabinet or counter and create three piles. One, to give away, two, to throw away and three, items to keep.

Step Four: Remove pile one and two from your room and begin placing your third pile back into your space in an organized fashion. Don’t just toss or put things back into your cabinet or drawer because all you would be doing is creating smaller clutter. It’s important to reintroduce your items into your room in an orderly, organized manner with thought and intention behind it. And be sure to dust and clean along the way to truly revive your space and your soul at the same time.

Step Five: As you finish eliminating clutter in each area of your home or office take the time to marvel at your success. With your hand over your heart take in some deep breaths through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Ask yourself how do I feel? Do I feel calmer? Do I feel lighter? Do I feel inspired to move on? If your answer is yes to any of these then by all means carry on!

I sincerely hope by clearing out the clutter in your life it helps you to open the door to a renewed home, health, happiness and success in 2016. I would love to see your before and after photos and feature them on my blog. Please feel free to email them to me at juleeireland@gmail.com along with any of your thoughts or comments. Happy New Year!

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January 15, 2016

Home Hacks to Get Organized


Do you want to get organized and start the year off with a clean slate? Well, look no further. I have some great DIY Home Hacks that will help you do just that! The best part about these home hacks is that they are budget friendly and so simple anyone can do it!

Dreaded Dresser Drawers-Dresser drawers especially socks, under garments and t-shirts always seem to find themselves in pure chaos. I’ve got
a great solution for you! It worked for me so I’m sure will work for you. Here is Home Hack number one to reclaim your dresser drawers and start
the New Year off on the right foot! Use PVC pipe to create storage units for drawers and closet to keep your shoes, undergarments, socks, t-shirts and
anything else that will fit in them in a neat orderly fashion. You can also use PVC pipe to hold your shoes or to keep your office supplies organized!
Clean Up Your Clothing and Closet-We are all guilty of holding onto clothing that we no longer wear because we think we will wear
someday soon. The fact of the matter is that if you have not worn it in the last six months you most likely will not wear again. Rather than hold
onto things that you really don’t need I have the perfect Home Hack to help you make room for something new and retire the rest to a new home by
donating your old clothing to your charity of choice. Here’s Home Hack number two. Hang all of your clothing hangers in your closet backwards.
As you wear an item replace it on the hanger the correct way. Every six months remove any items hung backwards and donate them. I promise, if you have not
touched it in 6 months you are not going to wear it and it is just taking up space. It does the heart good to donate. You can also take your items to a
consignment shop so you can earn some money for your unwanted clothing.
Disheveled Linen Closet– Sheet sets have a way of separating themselves from their mates just like socks. I don’t know about you but it was
always a source of frustration for me trying to maintain my linen closet and keep things together and organized until I thought of a creative way to
solve the problem. Here is Home Hack number three. It is so simple and it works! You are going to love it! All you have to do is store your sheets
inside their matching pillowcase to keep everything neat and organized as a set and to save space at the same time!
Simplified Desk Drawers-Part of what makes us most productive in life and at work is having a little organization. It all starts with your desk and
desk drawers. It is really easy for your desk drawers to become a junk drawer and we don’t want that. Here is Home Hack number four to help you
start your year off headed straight toward success. And you can start by creating an orderly and efficient desk! Use old ice trays, boxes or silverware
trays to line the inside of your desk drawers and create compartments to keep all your office supplies neat and organized!
DIY on the Fly Tip by Julee Ireland-Jewelry Organization and Wall Art
It’s easy to lose jewelry and if it is not in sight you will forget that you have it and it will never get worn. Trust me. I have been guilty of this
also. Here is a great Home Hack and DIY project that you can do to create a chic wall hanging to display your jewelry as wall art, while keeping it
organized at the same time! All you have to do is use an old frame and some radiator mesh. Here’s how you make it!

julee AZ Midday 1

Old Frame, Hot Glue Gun, Radiator Mesh, Fabric, Sharpie pen, Scissors, Picture Frame Hanging Kit, Paint and Four Door Knobs
Step One: Take apart your frame and remove the glass and backing. Paint your frame your desired color or leave it with its current finish.
Step Two: Lay your glass on top of your radiator mesh and trace an outline with your sharpie pen. Cut along your traced line with your scissors.
Step Three: Use your frame back as a template on top of your fabric and use your Sharpie pen to trace and outline. Cut along your traced line with
your scissors.
Step Four: Use your hot glue gun to glue your fabric to your backing.
Step Five: Use your hot glue gun to glue your radiator mesh to the inside back of the frame.
Step Six: Install your fabric frame backing to your frame behind your mesh. Optional: Install your four doorknobs spaced evenly across the bottom
of your frame.
Step Seven: Install your picture frame hanging kit if your frame is not already equipped with picture frame hooks. You are now ready to hang and
organize your jewelry on your wall as wall art!

Now that you are organized and off to a great start to the New Year, I would love to see the results! For consideration, please email photos and your contact information to: juleeireland@gmail.com  I can’t wait to post them on my blog and brag about you on my social media.

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December 21, 2015

DIY on the FLY Holiday Snow Globes

Making Snow Globes on Good Things Utah!

Making Snow Globes on Good Things Utah!

I Love the Holidays especially when it comes to making handmade decorations or gifts for my home, family and friends. My daughter has been collecting snow globes from around the world since she was small and we love to display them during the holidays and throughout the year. They are inexpensive and easier than you think to make. This is also a really fun project to do together with your kids, grand kids and teens! Here’s how you make your own snow globe. Have fun and email me photos of your creations to juleeireland@gmail.com. I would love to post them on my blog, social media and share them with the world. Now let’s make craft magic happen!


1. Mason jar or old jar that you wish to recycle. I have used pickle jars, pasta sauce or jam jars so look in your refrigerator or cabinets
before running out and buying something new.
2. Miniature embellishments or mini ornaments. (Michaels Craft Stores has a nice selection. You can also find them at most craft or hobby
3. Packaged snowflakes. (Michaels, Joanne Fabrics or most craft stores.)
4. (Optional) Spray Paint in desired color to paint your lid.
5. Hot glue gun.
Step One: (Optional) Use your spray paint to paint your lid.
Step Two: When your lid is dry begin placing your miniature embellishments onto the inside of your lid to create a festive scene that you are
happy with.
Step Three: When you are happy with your scene use your hot glue gun to glue your miniature embellishments in place.
Step Four: Sprinkle your snowflakes onto the bottom of the lid around your holiday scene. Put the glass jar over the lid and tighten until it
is completely closed. Voila! You have just created a beautiful snow globe!
Step Five: (Optional) You can add water to your snow globe if you like. I personally like them without the water just as much.
Note: If you are making these with small children substitute the glue gun for Elmers glue and let dry before adding the snowflakes.
These are so charming and delightful and they make a truly wonderful gift for friends, family or teachers. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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December 18, 2015

It’s a Glam Thing Lifestyle & DIY Expert YouTube Series Sneak Peak

Watch, Subcribe and Like It’s a Glam Thing and Julee Ireland YouTube channels for the latest trends in Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and DIY videos!

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December 17, 2015

Sky Princess Studios and IAGT DIY Expert & TV Personality Julee Ireland Launch YouTube Series

Turn and old clock into festive holiday home decor!

Westlake Village, CA – Sky Princess Studios and award winning producer, Jenna Winters, announced today the launch of DIY Expert, Television Personality & Author, Julee Ireland’s weekly DIY on the FLY YouTube Channel Instructional Video Series. Each week Julee will demonstrate simple lifestyle do-it-yourself projects from her own home that cost fewer than twenty-five dollars to make derived from her book series or from things that simply inspire her everyday. With over twenty-five years of design and DIY craft experience, she teaches viewers how to tap into their own creativity to make craft magic happen!

When Jenna was asked what captivated her most about producing the DIY on the FLY YouTube Channel Series, Jenna responded, “I love Julee’s unique approach to crafting and her fun-loving personality. She is down to earth, funny and really teaches what she preaches. With the camera rolling she amazes me with her ability to think on her feet and take something she finds in her refrigerator or garage and literally transform it into something beautiful to display in your home in just a few minutes. It really is DIY on the Fly! I never know what craft project she is going to whip up next so she keeps me on my toes.”

Julee uses her experience and creativity to inspire others to turn unused items otherwise tucked away in cabinets, closets or the garage that are left collecting dust into something new. Her series will cover everything from do-it-yourself home décor, gifts, parties, tablescapes, kids crafts, weddings and so much more! The weekly series will keep you entertained while learning how to craft simple budget-friendly projects from the comfort of your own home.

When we asked Julee what inspired her to write her books and launch her own You Tube channel, she said, “When I was a young girl my family did not have a lot of money so I learned early on to use my imagination and hands to make things. It truly was my greatest gift because if I wanted new clothes for my Barbie doll for instance, I didn’t have money to buy them. I had to make them. It was in those moments that I discovered my passion for designing, creating, and crafting anything I could conceive. It’s so gratifying to take a vision formed in your head and bring it to life. I believe everyone has the ability to create something beautiful; they just need someone to open up their heart, mind, and spirit to discover what lives within them. I am also really passionate about people. I want to use my talents to reach the masses and inspire others to put down their phones and tablets for a minute and use their imagination. Crafting is so much fun and it teaches you to think-outside-the-box. My book series and YouTube channel are opening the door for me to achieve my bigger dream of inspiring others!”

For more information contact Jenna Winters, Sky Princess Studios, Producer @ jenna@skyprincessstudios.com or Lisa Cocuzza, Public Relations @ 818-795-6449 / lisa@itsaglamthing.com. Visit Julee Ireland on You Tube to view her channel or visit her websites to learn more @ www.juleeirelanddeisgn.com , www.juleeireland.com and www.itsaglamthing.com . Visit Amazon.com to purchase DIY on the FLY Under $25: Monogram Home, in paperback or the kindle version

About Julee Ireland:

Julee Ireland is a true “jack-of-all-trades”. She is a Mom, Designer, TV Personality, Author, Lifestyle and DIY Craft Expert. She began her career as a fashion designer, making custom clothing for celebrities, athletes and notables including Bill Gates! Julee eventually transitioned into a renowned interior designer working for several of the largest homebuilders in the US. In 2009, she created and successfully launched her own Julee Ireland greeting card business along with the Julee Ireland organic bath, body, soap and candle brand. Julee is also the creator of the Kym Douglas Beauty Bib, featured on television’s Ellen show.

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December 16, 2015

Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List

I love the holiday season like most because I get to decorate every inch of my home inside and out, wear pretty dresses and give gifts to others! I put a lot of thought into gift giving and I am always on the hunt for the most unique gifts that help to simplify life or bring hours of enjoyment to the person on the receiving end.  I had the pleasure of sharing some great gifts on the Good Things Utah show with Michelle Money. Here are some of my favorite holiday gifts for everyone on your list.

Holiday Gifts for Everyone on your list!

  1.  Max Mirani Move Mobile Closet is the perfect gift for the Jet Setter in the family!
    The Move Mobile Closet is a carry-on approved suitcase that serves as your complete mobile wardrobe. It has an adjustable shelf system that neatly
    stores shirts, pants, skirts and more. It has special pockets for undergarments, ties, and accessories with a separate toiletry, shoe and garment bag that
    zips-out and goes straight from your suitcase to your closet. The Move Mobile Closet is 2 carry-on’s in one. The entire wardrobe system ingeniously
    zips-out to become a separate shoulder tote leaving the shell empty for packing spontaneous purchases. This patented feature nearly doubles the
    capacity of the suitcase in seconds and gives you two carry-on’s in one.
    The eye-catching suitcase comes in several sizes, styles and colors with a 4-stage telescopic handle and four 360° swivel wheels making the MOVE
    ultra-maneuverable in the narrowest of airplane aisles. The lightweight and durable shell is created using German-made 100% Pure Polycarbonate
    resins, the same material used to make bulletproof glass. The Move Mobile Closet truly brings new meaning to the words “living out of a suitcase,”
    and has quickly become a favorite accessory of business travelers, professionals, and celebrities. Price starts at $150 for briefcases and up.
    Available at: www.maxmirani.com
  2. Instax Share Smartphone Wireless Printer is the perfect gift for teens and photography enthusiast!
    Polaroid cameras are still all the rage and now you can create and print perfect Polaroid photos right from your smart phone! Just download the Instax
    Share app to your phone, load the Fuji Instax Film into your printer and you are ready to go. It works with an android or iPhone and offers added
    features to spruce up your photos such as filters, design templates and date time stamps. This mini printer is easy to use and allows you to print the
    perfect photo to capture and document all of life’s special moments. This little printer packs hours of enjoyment! Price range from $140 and up.
    Instax Share Smartphone Printer
    Available at: Michaels.com and most major retailers


  1. Peter Pauper Press Coloring Books and Pencils are the perfect stress relieving gift for Mom and Dad!
    Who says coloring is just for kids? The latest trend to hit the store shelves is adult coloring books. Peter Pauper Press has introduced their “Not Just
    For Kids” line of coloring books. Studies reveal that coloring books are a great stress reliever and the perfect way to get away from our phones,
    tablets and computers to get back to basics! So pick up a crayon, colored pencil or marker and allow yourself to be transported back to the carefree,
    relaxed feeling of childhood play. Price range $7.99 and up.
    Available at: www.peterpauperpress.com and retailers across the country
  2. Hover Board is the latest trend and makes the Perfect Gift for the Entire Family!
    The future of personal transportation has now arrived! The Hover Board has quickly become the latest craze for people of all ages. This eco-friendly
    electric vehicle is the newest mode of transportation that boasts up to 10 m.p.h. and can go up to 12 miles on a single charge depending on the brand
    or model that you purchase. If you can ride a bike, ski or skate then you can master the Hover Board. The Hover Board is something the whole
    family can enjoy together and it’s also the perfect way to ride around campus or town. Prices range from $300 and up.
    Available at: www.theproductconnection.com
  3. What would any holiday or event be without a little good old fashioned humor?  I love to laugh and have a good time so when I discovered the selfie-elfie                                                                                                                                                                                       I had to have it! I can’t wait to give this to my family as a group gift at Christmas.  I plan on taking it with me on our travels and getting lots of selfie’s! Price: $12.99                                                                                                                                                        Available at: Amazon.com

Make your own unique handmade gift! DIY on the Fly by Julee Ireland – Multi-Use Tiered Jewelry and/or Serving Tray is the perfect gift for your girlfriend!
It is easier than you think to make this beautiful handmade gift! You can use new or vintage items the choice is yours. Get creative and don’t be
afraid to mix color, texture and shape. I love to use plates or candlesticks that I find at the dollar store, thrift stores, neighborhood garage sales or by
sifting through my own cabinets. You can make something beautiful to give as a gift without spending a lot of money.


DIY on the Fly by Julee Ireland - Multi-Use Tiered Jewelry and/or Serving Tray


DIY on the Fly by Julee Ireland – Multi-Use Tiered Jewelry and/or Serving Tray

Supplies: Three plates (glass, china or plastic) or two plates and one small bowl in varied sizes, shapes and color
that appeal to you. Two small candlesticks that coordinate with your plates or your plates and bowl. Heavy-duty
glue gun.

Step One: Start by putting your largest plate on the bottom and use your glue gun to glue one candlestick in the
middle of the bottom side of your plate.

(Note: you can also put your plate down and begin by gluing your candlestick in the middle of the top of your plate. Both ways work.)

Step Two: Glue your middle size plate to the top of the candlestick. Now you should have two tiers to your
jewelry/serving tray.

Step Three: Glue your second candlestick to the middle of your plate and then glue your small plate or bowl to
the top of the candlestick to complete your third tier.

Step Four: (Optional) You can glue a small knob or a cut wooden dowel to the center of the top of your small
plate or bowl to use as a ring holder or as a handle to easily rotate your multi-use tiered jewelry and or serving
tray in a circle.

Have fun and send me photos of your creations so that I can post them on my blog! Happy Holidays!!


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October 26, 2015

Halloween Kids Crafts and Party Must Haves



Decorating pumpkins each year is something the whole family looks forward to but let’s face it, Mom or Dad does most of the work because sharp objects, such as a carving knife, are not exactly made for kids. That’s why you will fall in love with the Spritz Pumpkin Craft Kits! Now you can put the craft paint and supplies out on the table and your kids can decorate their very own pumpkin with ease! This is also a great craft activity idea for a school or birthday party to keep the kids busy. Each kit comes complete with all of the self-adhesive supplies that you need to decorate your pumpkin. The best part is the price-$3.00 for the simple kits such as a bat, witch, fox, owl or cat and $5.00 for a few of the more elaborate decorative design kits which are perfect for adults. Now, head to the pumpkin patch in search of the perfect pumpkin to use with your Spritz Pumpkin Craft Kit!


Planning the perfect party always begins with the perfect party theme. Most everyone loves Halloween and dressings up in a costume, but some are not into the horror aspect of it and would rather decorate with bright colorful colors or happy jack-o-lanterns. The bright colored Spritz Day of the Dead Party Themed Plates, Napkins, Cups and more are fun. You also can’t beat the price! They start at $1.00 and go up to $2.50. Get yours before they are sold out and enjoy the party!



Thank goodness for cameras! They help us to preserve our memories in photographs and when it comes to Halloween and our children, family, and friends we want to capture every one of life’s moments. Everyone enjoys the current party trend of using photo props and photo backgrounds so naturally. You will not be able to resist the Spritz Photo Prop Kit. From Batman, to Frankenstein to Dracula lips, this photo prop kit will have everyone howling with laughter as you snap photos at your party. Price $5.00


Playing dress up is not just for kids when it comes to Halloween. Adults also love to go all out when putting together a creative costume, which sometimes includes face paint, and it’s not always easy to do face painting on your self. Just about any of your local mass retailers carry Temporary Face Tattoos that are quick and easy to use. Use clothing from your own closet along with the Temporary Face tattoos to create a complete costume look! For the spider face, you can wear all black or for the deer you can outfit yourself in brown. The real icing on the cake is the price, at only $3.00. Now you can get creative and join in on all of the Halloween fun without spending a lot of money.


Just like there’s more than one-way to skin a cat, there is also more than one-way to carve a pumpkin, or NOT! Here’s a simple, fun and inexpensive way to repurpose your kids old crayons and create festive pumpkin decor for your home or as a table centerpiece without having to use a carving knife.


Supplies: White Pumpkin, Tacky Glue, Crayons, Blow Dryer

Step One: Take the outside wrapper off of your crayons and cut the crayons in half.

Step Two: Glue your crayons on top of your pumpkin using your tacky glue.

Step Three: When the glue is dry use your blow dryer to melt the crayons creating a colorful pumpkin!

With Halloween fast approaching have fun making crafts with your kids and enjoy planning the perfect party! I hope some of these products and ideas inspire you.  I would love to see and post your Halloween craft and party decor photos so please email them to me along with your full name, city and state to: juleeireland@gmail.com

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