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January 2, 2013

It’s Time for a Fresh Start with Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C


The New Year is a time to start fresh, make changes and reach new goals for the upcoming year.  Many people are opposed to making New Year resolutions due to the many failed attempts over the years.  My skin has felt like a failed attempt in trying to make it look better with many disappointing products over the last several years.  I had almost given up until I tried Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C, which uses power Vitamin C and antioxidants to repair skin and reduce the signs of aging.  My skin had completely lost its youthful glow and smooth clear surface.  I attributed the decline in my skin and signs of aging due to motherhood, bad skincare products, and lack of time to spend on a beauty regime.  My friend introduced me to Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C and asked me to try it for thirty days.  The few big dark spots I had tried to cover up with expensive make-up had vanished.  The Serum C helps lighten and brighten the skin tone, and helps accelerate the healing of the skin.  The many skin problems I had were corrected with one product, lessening the time and expense required for great skin.  I was excited to have my youthful glow back especially for the holidays.  There is only one resolution I will keep this New Year, to continue with Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C, the beauty regime which takes approximately thirty seconds to apply and corrects a multitude of skin problems.

You can find  Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C and othe abulous anit-aging skincaare products at


Guest Post by Liz Vachon

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January 1, 2013

My Coffee Addiction is now an Eight O’Clock Coffee Addiction


This Christmas, my parents bought me my very first Keurig Machine. The K-Cups that they bought for me were EIGHT Clock Coffee Brand. I had never heard of that brand before. After trying my new Keurig machine and Eight O’Clock K-Cups, my coffee addiction has turned into an Eight O’Clock Coffee addiction.  It is the perfect blend of coffee, not too bland, not too bitter…it’s just right.  And for those of you who don’t use Keurig coffee makers, don’t worry, you can purchase it in bags of coffee grinds as well.  Any way you decide to use it, I promise it won’t disappoint you.

I also can’t wait to try the flavored Eight O’Clock Coffee! Yum! One of them is Eight O’ Clock Coffee’s new limited edition Chocolate Mint Coffee. I have heard this new Chocolate Mint coffee is a decadent blend of 100% Arabica coffee with a taste of peppermint with a smooth dark chocolate note. It will be available in select stores and online nationally at in 11oz bags.

I want to share with you one of the “brew-it-yourself” coffee recipes that Eight O’Clock Coffee created that can be made with a traditional coffee maker or with a Keurig® brewer, turning coffee-for-one into coffee-for-fun!

Marshmallow Candy Bar!

Start by putting one Tbsp. of mini marshmallows and one snack sized chocolate/caramel-type candy bar in the bottom of a mug. Then, pour your Eight O’Clock Coffee over the candies. If you’re using a Keurig® brewer, simply brew the coffee into the candy-filled mug. Stir until the candy melts, and you’re done! Test before adding extra milk or sugar – it’s so delicious you may not want to add anything else!

“Brew-it-Yourself” holiday coffee recipes include: Caramel Almond Coffee, Caramel Apple, Chili Chocolate, Coconut Coffee, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Marshmallow Candy Bar, Peppermint Perfection, White Chocolate

Guest Blog by Jenna Raheb



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December 28, 2012

First Aid Beauty is FAB-ulous!


First Aid Beauty’s new Ultra Repair Moisturizer is the ultimate Hydration for a fab-ulous face!  I love this facial moisturizer.  It is perfect for you if you have dry, itchy or super sensitive skin that can not tolerate parabens, lanolin, fragrances or artificial dyes.  Its very light weight and sinks into your skin quickly adding hydration with a soft finish. My mineral makeup went on flawlessly when using this moisturizer. Natural botanicals like Licorice root, Feverfew and White tea deliver a healthy dose of antioxidants to combat free radicals. Colloida oatmeal, shea butter, avocado and meadowfoam seed oil tops off this fantastic daily moisturizer.

First Aid Beauty’s new Ultra Repair Moisturizer can be purchased at and 

Guest Post by Crystal Price


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December 27, 2012

Morning Glamour is a Touch of Class

Who has not woken up in the morning to find their hair standing in every which way and/or visible creases on their faces which are noticeable for a couple of hours into the day. Studies have been shown, that both these problems can be eased simply by switching from cotton pillow cases to satin ones.  Morning Glamour does just that! Morning Glamour is two standard satin pillowcases which improves our appearance just by sleeping on them.  If you think about it, it is true……Cotton fabric is an abrasive material.

It may feel warm and cozy, but it is a highly absorbent material that draws moisture from our skin and hair as we sleep. We don’t need our pillowcase stealing the moisture from our skin and hair!! Whether you are a light sleeper or a heavy one, repeated action on the cotton pillowcase during the night, can cause hair to tangle and break which is a result of spit ends or hair loss!  Cotton fabric ruffles the cuticles of the hair and makes hair frizzy, especially if you have curly hair as I do.  The same repeated action can irritate skin and cause our ever less elastic skin to crease.  Morning Glamour allows your face and head to move easily on the pillowcase, avoiding the friction and damage caused by cotton.

Satin is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Morning Glamour not only has these wonderful benefits to improve your appearance and avoid damages but sleeping on satin is the ultimate comfort and luxury not only for the wealthy. Your bed will feel inviting and enjoyable. Morning Glamour is a touch of class and will relax you so you will be able to get a good night’s sleep.  The Morning Glamour pillowcases have a stay-put pocket design which keeps the pillow in place while you sleep. Sleep your way to a wrinkle free face and healthy hair just by switching your pillowcase to Morning Glamour!!!!!!
Morning Glamour pillow cases come in 6 different colors and patterns

Guest post by Laurie Carcieri

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December 20, 2012

Welcome Guest Bloggers.

We welcome our fabulous guest bloggers to it’s a glam thing. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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