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May 30, 2013

Join the “Right End” Hair Revolution


Heidi Klum recently kicked off the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY “Right End” Hair Revolution – a haircare movement that invites women to work at the right end of hair – the scalp.

CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ invites you join the “Right End” Hair Revolution by heading to to join the “Right End” Hair Revolution and receive a free product sample, while supplies last, and enter for a chance to win one of 1,000 exclusive and custom-designed “Right End” tote bags.

We want to follow YOU on Pinterest: We, at CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™, have joined the world of Pinterest and in our efforts to ensure our fans are the most stylish around, we would love to be able to pin your content to our boards. If you are aligned, we would simply ask that you provide us written permission in your response email stating that we, at CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™, are able to pin your content to our boards.


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May 29, 2013

Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted, You Can’t Help But Love It!


Although I don’t like to admit it because it’s cliché, I am one of those girls who spends a good chuck of their summer driving to the beach with my friends screaming Taylor Swift lyrics while her music blasts. Taylor Swift’s songs are so peppy and catchy they instantly put you in a better mood and her perfume has the same effect.

Because perfumes are so expensive, I like to have one or two quality scents. The perfume I used before Taylor Swift’s was quite musty and I hated wearing it in the spring/summer. So once I smelt Wonderstruck Enchanted it knew it was time to make it my signature scent for warm weather! The light, sweet and feminine floral scent is simple and perfect for any and every occasion. I wear it to work, I wear it to go out with friends, at the beach and I can even wear it to go shopping. What makes Wonderstruck Enchanted even better is that the perfume is long lasting, I only have to apply it once and I am ready for the day! Wonderstruck Enchanted has been nothing but flawless and versatile. I am not the only one that loves it, I have gotten at least a handful of compliments about how I smell whenever I am wearing the perfume!

In addition, Wonderstruck Enchanted comes it the cutest reddish purple round bottle with four charms attached to it—a flower, a leaf, a crystal, and a bird. I love the way the perfume looks sitting, ready to use, on my vanity table. Overall, Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume is just like a Taylor Swifts song, so catchy, sweet, and beautiful that you can’t help but love it and other people will too—even if they are a Taylor Swift fan!

image - Version 2Rachel Aiello

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May 28, 2013



Counting calories and so miss your chocolate fix? Well, I have an answer for you. Mid-afternoon when the snack drawer calls, I heat up the kettle, and pour a cup of GOOD EARTH COCOA TANGO TEA. Not only does is give you that afternoon pick-me-up (it does have a slight amount of caffeine), it jolts you with a hint of chili peppers to excite your metabolism to say nothing of the antioxidants in the rose petals and monk fruit extract. But wait, the most important ingredient, COCOA. As you savor the soothing taste of chocolate, the complex flavor of the spices, know that most importantly you are doing something that is not only HEALTHY, but CALORIES FREE.

When the chores are done, and you are sitting to maybe relax a bit before bed, or anytime for that matter, we all know you need a reward for the long hard day. Of course, something sweet always does the trick. BUT THE CALORIES! You could reach for a fruit, but it doesn’t seem to quite cut it. Put on the kettle and pour yourself a cup of GOOD EARTH CAFFEINE FREE SWEET & SPICY TEA.

Sit back and relish the fragrance of the most wonderful blend of herbs that will stimulate your immune system and bring you back to the comforting warmth of a cozy fire on a chilly night.

Visit and view their incredible assortment of teas. There is a flavorful tea for everyone.



Ann Branca, Contributing Blogger

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May 24, 2013

Fabulous is First Aid Beauty Dual Repair Eye Cream


My circles and crows feet around my eyes have been a problem for a very long time. I have tried many eye-creams with absolutely no results. The idea of drastic measures to get rid of the circles was becoming my only alternative, until I tried Dual Repair Eye Cream.  Dual Repair has the ingredients of Soduim Phylate and Glucosy Hesperidin to decrease the look of puffiness and dark circles.  very morning, I crossed my fingers and applied the eye-cream hoping this would be the miracle cream to keep the doctor away.

The results were astounding, within two weeks, my eyes looked unbelievable. The fine lines, circles and puffiness had vanished, and I had regained my youthful appearance. My friends actually thought a surgeon did the work until I gave away the secret of the miracle cream. Dual Repair Eye Crème is very lightweight and provides a great deal of moisture around the eye. The difference between this cream and many of the others were the dramatic results. I can finally say, I found an Eye Cream that actually works!!!!

I found my Dual Repair Eye Cream at and it can also be found at

4481_1046410411674_7883755_nLiz Vachon, LICSW, Wife and Mother of two

National Keynote Speaker on Bulling


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May 23, 2013

Smashing Smashbox Creates Killer Eyes



Smashing results for your eyes – wow – I have never used SMASHBOX before, but I recently came across the SoftBox PHOTO OP EYE SHADOW PALETTE IN SOFTBOX II.  The gorgeous ‘little black box’ the most beautiful colors – soft, warm, highly pigmented and creamy. With my dark, almost black brown eyes sometimes I need a pop. With this color palette I can go from day to evening in almost no time at all, but the colors stay on all day too.

The first time I put the makeup on, my daughter actually did the eye makeup. She’s an incredible budding makeup artist and I said – okay, why not? This day, believe it or not, she had been at the dentist and had five teeth pulled out, about five hours earlier.  (She had impacted baby teeth that would not come loose with adult teeth growing in).  She wasn’t completely recovered but was sitting on the couch and really not feeling too great.  As soon as the words, ‘Let’s try out that Smashbox Eyeshadow’ came rolling off my lips, she leapt off the couch and was in full force doing our eyes in no time.  Then of course we had a major photo shoot before she fell back into a lump on the couch. She claims her teeth hurt but I actually think Sponge Bob just pulled her back into TV Land.

The colors are highly pigmented and so creamy. And, they stay on all day long – looking as good in the morning as they do in the evening.  Recently I had one of those long, long days where I had two meetings, a lunch, an event at night, and then had to pick up my beau from the airport! Literally when I picked him up at 9:30 he said, ‘You look beautiful honey!’ Wow.

The other nice thing about this eye makeup is that its good for sensitive eyes. Sometimes makeup can irritate me, but not Smashbox!  I love the neutral colors. Perfect for my brown eyes! I’m Smashed!

You can find Smashbox Cosmetics at Sephora, Sephora inside JCPenny, Ulta, Nordstrom,, and select Macy’s      Price: $39.00

0Guest Post by Julia Tanen

Julia is a writer, blogger, book author

and mom from Boston, Massachusetts


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May 22, 2013



Dermelect Nail Polish is the first peptide`infused color treatments for fragile, weak nails.  I read this quote and thought every nail polish claims to build strong nails and repair any damage.  Dermelect is the only product that actually helped my nails to grow within a two-week period.  Usually, I apply the nail polish and have a difficult time getting the polish to glide smoothly and evenly on my nails.  The painting process is tedious; however, Dermelect goes on easily and smoothly and quickly creates beautiful, bold colors on your nails.

The first coat instantly bonds to the nail, while the second fuses with the base coat to create a flexible web of color that resists chipping and improves brittleness.  The Dermelect polish also has a brilliant shine and is fast drying.  Dermelect actually has me doing my own nails, even creating beautiful designs on my nails.  If you want to make polishing your nails hassle free and build strong healthy nails without sitting in a salon for hours, purchase Dermelect Nail Polish.

Dermelect’s Fearless Beauty collection contains four creamy hues injected with high-voltage bright pigments, guaranteed to turn heads. FEARLESS (cobalt blue) and MOXIE (Pink), shown above are two of the colors in the collection along with RENEGADE (jade) and BUZZ-WORTHY (lemon). You can purchase the entire collection and other fabulous color nail lacquers at


4481_1046410411674_7883755_nLiz Vachon, LICSW

Wife and Mother of two

National Keynote Speaker on Bulling


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May 19, 2013

I Want To Be The Only Teeze


I am so excited…..I found another great product that I must tell all!  Well I didn’t find it, a very good friend of mine did.  I was in the gym locker room after finishing up a hour and half workout.  A couple of workout friends invited me for coffee, well hot water.  As everyone knows, especially my close friends, I don’t drink coffee but who can pass up a get together with six stimulating, heart-racing women! Yes, I will just order hot water with lemon and laugh my head off.

As we were gathering our workout bags, my good friend took out this bottle and flipped her hair over and spritzed it twice then flipped it back to her normal style and spritzed it two more times. She then passed me the bottle.  As I took the bottle, I was glancing at the print on it, then I did the same… flip and spritz! Mane Teeze Hair Perfume, a perfume for your hair by T&M Hair Perfumes …. ok, why didn’t I think of this invention?  I never knew there was a perfume for your hair!  Who does not like their hair to smell wonderful and invigorating especially after a workout or a non wash hair day?

This long lasting, fresh scent for your hair is noticeable for up to 12 hours.  Mane Teeze Hair Perfume is gentle on all hair types and is sulfate and paraben free which I am a strong believer!  It does not leave any oily residue or dry out your hair.   It comes in three delicious scents:

Haut Mess (my favorite) – A sweet dessert of chocolate and caramel for a yummy day!

Black Widow –  Undertones of dark amber for a smokey, intoxicating scent!
Social Butterfly –  Rich vanilla and coconut for a lavishing feeling!
Each cost $35.00 and can be purchased at and in select salons.
I enjoyed the coffee hour with my gym friends that day.  My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard!   It was very entertaining but I have to admit, I could not stop smelling my hair! Mane Teeze Hair
Perfume is amazing and I need to purchase all three for myself but I know for sure, I won’t be passing around the bottles in the gym locker room….. I want to be the only tease.


426346_2615090938519_1292450244_32037462_1878770512_n - Version 3Laurie Carcieri

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May 16, 2013

Enter the “New Face” of Hawaiian Tropic


Big news from Hawaiian Tropic! The brand has officially retired their Miss Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contests, and is launching an online search for the “New Face” of Hawaiian Tropic. Women are invited to enter a nationwide Facebook contest to become the brand’s new spokesperson. The woman who best embodies beauty, confidence, style, enjoying the sun and keeping skin healthy will appear in Hawaiian Tropic advertising, receive an all-expense-paid tropical vacation and serve as an official brand spokesperson.

May 6 through May 31, 2013, women can enter by visiting the Hawaiian Tropic Facebook page and submitting a photo and information about their personality and interests. The top five will be announced June 28, and the finalist with the most fan votes will be unveiled as the New Face of Hawaiian Tropic on July 19, 2013. Throughout the contest, the brand will give away weekly prizes including designer sunglasses, beach towels and Hawaiian Tropic product.

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May 16, 2013

Beach Bombshell – Ouidad’s Wave Create Sea Spray


I found the perfect product just in time for summer, Ouidad’s Wave Create Sea Spray.  My hair is thick and curly and it is difficult to find products that do not weigh my curls or waves down, making them look flat and greasy.  Ouidad Sea Spray is fantastic; I just flip my head and spray into sections.  When I flip my head back up, my hair is beautiful, flowing, tousled waves. The ingredients of seawater and salt create volume and texture while making hair healthier as you apply the product. Ouidad is unbelievable because usually spray is hard and sticks to my head, making my hair extremely dry. Ouidad’s Wave Create Sea Spray has a triple function, the algae extracts help to condition hair-maintaining elasticity; is rich in B12 amino acids that deeply nourish your hair. The spray literally creates gorgeous texture, while moisturizing your curls or waves.  My beauty routine for my hair this summer will consist of throwing this one product into a beach bag and I’m ready for day or night with tousled waves for the beach or beautiful ringlets for dinner by the water.


4481_1046410411674_7883755_nLiz Vachon, LICSW

Wife and Mother of two

National Keynote Speaker on Bulling


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May 12, 2013

Carol’s Daughter Adds the Finishing Touch to Your Hair

Macadamia_FinishingShineMist4oz_BulletCarols Daughter Macadamia Finishing Shine Mist weightless sheen is wonderful!  I was very surprised by the 4 oz bottle for at such small cost.  Carols Daughter Macadamia Finishing Shine Mist has a fabulous macadamia scent while leaving your hair beautiful and shiny. The Finishing Mist can be used for all hair types, especially dry or coarse. Carols Daughter Macadamia Finishing Shine Mist is made without water and alcohol, so you will not lose your style your hair will not dry out.

I sprayed 8 to 10 inches away from scalp on my dry hair and instantly saw the difference. The Finishing Spray contains biotin which helps hair grow along with vitamin E, A, C, sweet almond, jojoba, soybean and safflower seed oil. I especially love the fact that there are NO artificial colors, parabans and no mineral oil!. Carols Daughter Macadamia Finishing Shine Mist will also do a fabulous job protecting your hair from extensive use of hot styling tools.

Find this wonderful beauty must-have at. You won’t be  disappointed.

 Crystal Price
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