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March 4, 2013



My hair has always been my crowning glory.  Since I was a little girl, people have always complimented my dark brown curly hair.  My friends always disliked when I tried to straighten my hair.  The beauty regime for my hair for many years consisted of air-drying my hair, shaking my head and applying hairspray.   I never fully understood all the hype about products helping to add volume to hair.  For many years, I was very lucky until things started to change radically with my hair in my mid-thirties.  My pregnancies changed the texture and curl, while my age started to change the color.  I began to realize I had no idea what to do and went to many hairstylists, including celebrity hairstylists, to regain my dark, shoulder length ringlets. My hair started to regain its former luster until we moved and well water completely ruined my hair.

I tried hundreds of conditioners to regain the curl and moisture but was continuously disappointed.  My new hairstyle consisted of a ponytail and sunglasses on my head-thinking people would not detect the fatal flaws.  A friend recommended a conditioner for curls called Ouidad curl co-wash.  In one day, my hair resumed its natural curl and volume.  The compliments began coming and I once again, for the first time in many years, felt youthful and happy my crowning glory came back. Ouidad was very easy to use and is sulfate, silicone and and paraben free. The conditioner is a low-foam cleansing conditioner used for all textures. After all these years, the only product in my beauty regime required is Ouidad.

Visit and check out other sensational products from Ouidad, the Curl experts.
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February 25, 2013

Have Beach Babe Hair All Year Long With Lee Stafford


If you are eager for that tousled textured look after swimming in the sea, then Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray is for you! Your hair will feel soft to the touch but with added bounce, definition and body for that gorgeous surfer look.  This look is not only for the summer, natural looking wavy hair is in style for even in the colder months. The natural textured look under a woolly cap or hat is a rocking style.  When I want to give my hair a rest from the straight iron, I love using this product!  After washing and conditioning my hair, I spray in Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray. The spray comes out in  very small controlled bursts, so you can spray more or less depending on how beach babe you want your hair to be. I went on my way, letting my hair dry naturally. I truly fell in love with this product. My hair was a defined look of non greasy, gorgeous, girly waves with no frizz!!!! The scent is a cheerfully, pleasant fragrance of raspberry, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, woods and musk!

I also like to use it on my dry hair for the in between wash days. Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray contains a ProMineral Complex of Dead Sea Salts and 26 minerals with added sunflower extract to help give moisture and shine to your hair and will also help to protect and repair against free radicals. I always loved Lee Stafford Products, they never disappoint me!!  I would recommend Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray 110  percent!


I have been doing a lot of research on Moroccan Argan Oil, I came across a lot of benefits to using this for a result of healthy hair. I chose to try Lee Stafford’sNurshing Miracle Oil as I have been using many of their other products recently. When I tried it for the first time, I only used a tiny amount which I am glad I did because a little goes a long way!! I put a few drops of this product into the palm of my hand then massaged it into my hair. Lee Stafford’s Nourishing Miracle Oil made my hair feel so glossy and soft. It felt smooth and so nice to the touch. It gave my hair a beautiful shine and others really took notice!!! After using this product, I definitely feel this oil has helped improve the condition of my hair. My hair is much stronger, looks healthier, less dull, and no frizz!!! Lee Stafford Nourishing Miracle Oil has brightened my hair with moisture and shine for an expensive look!!!  Don’t be fooled by the word Oil — this product is lightweight and won’t result in any product build up and it’s suitable for all hair types!

Lee Stafford Products are available at ULTA Stores and at

426346_2615090938519_1292450244_32037462_1878770512_n - Version 3 Guest Post by Laurie Carcieri

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February 19, 2013

Revitalize Your Hair – Right At Home With John Frieda



Anyone who looks at my photos sees that this is the case. One of the biggest challenges, in my opinion, is maintaining shine and moisture to the coif. The hairdressers are all pushing a new thing called the Glaze – and it’s a great thing to do. But there’s no need to tag on an additional fee when you get your hair cut or colored…just use the John Frieda product Clear Shine in the convenience of your own home. You get amazing results without the cost.

“Your hair is your most important accessory,” says Barbara Walters, who never goes anywhere or is photographed without her hair perfectly coiffed. There’s nothing more true in my book, and The Clear Shine formula doesn’t contain color, so everyone of any hair color shade, whether natural, highlighted or color-treated, can experience clear, dazzling shine every day.

I tried Clear Shine on my hair – which is highlighted and very blond (with some grey underneath but Shhh, don’t tell anyone!), and my 12-year-old daughter tried it on hers (non-color treated). The results were stunning.  With my hair, I found it shinier and clearer than ever – and its ammonia-free, dye-free formula didn’t change my color or alter anything – just made it has a nice shiny ‘sheen’. On my daughter’s hair, the result was even more dramatic – her hair has an auburn tint naturally and it brought it out even more. Her hair is also fairly course and the Clear Shine made it less porous and beautiful than before.

The Clear Shine patented formula is versatile enough to include in your everyday morning routine or you can use it as a once-a-week shine surge treatment. We prefer to use it once every week or every two weeks. Shine results intensify over time, so the more you use it, the more you shine.

In combination we also tried another amazing John Frieda product – Root Awakening which we loved even more than Clear Shine! My daughter’s hair is course and we have an extremely hard time finding a product that will hydrate her hair without making it greasy. My daughter also has a horribly dry scalp and we have been searching for a solution for it and the dandruff shampoos don’t really help much.

My hair is extremely dry so it goes without saying that I benefit from any moisture, but hers is a bit tricky. We both tried this product for a week, and in combination with the Clear Shine, found our hair moist, shiny and amazing. She now uses it every time she washes her hair and I cycle it in between another product I use. This hydrating and nourishing conditioner infuses the hair and scalp – smoothing your hair while hydrating parched strands of hair with Eucalyptus, and energizes with a dash of Peppermint! Root Awakening is basically the perfect thing for breakage prone hair or dry scalp – and we have both in my family!

Jan. 2012 025Guest Post by Julia Tanen

Julia is a writer, blogger, book author

and mom from Boston, Massachusetts

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February 11, 2013

Get Into the Spring of Things with Avon Eyeshadow Quads


I love the colors in the Avon Eyeshadow Quad!  I tried the “Freshcut Greens” and the colors blended smoothly with no dividing lines or creases.  The colors are perfect for me which helps me to really love this quad.  Four compatible colors come packaged in a locking compact with a nice mirror that is large enough to actually see what I am doing.  Avon was thoughtful enough to put a small diagram on the back suggesting how to use the four colors most effectively.  Never hurts to have a little guidance for those of us that are used to only wearing one or two colors.  Of course, it is always nice to read “Made in the USA” on a product when I am spending my hard earned money.  Thanks Avon for a really nice product!

Shop Avon products at or contact your local Avon representative.

Guest Post by Sharon Hatcher

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February 7, 2013

Give the Gift of Romance With Krigler Perfume


Ever since my New York City Trip last May, I have been addicted to Ultra Chateau Krigler 212. I decided to return to the New York City’s Plaza Hotel to sample Krigler Perfume Splendid Gold 211.  Krigler Perfume Splendid Gold 211 is unique and a captivating fragrance which whisks you away to escape a little adventure. It is pure elegance and delivers a sumptuous interpretation of gold (rich, strong, soft and delicate) that is perfect for any season.  It is $165.00 for a 1.7 ounce bottle at and at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, .  The scent is highly concentrated, so you only need to use the tiniest drop to rejuvenate the escape. The scent last all day with a delightful fragrance of Australian Amber and Pineapple notes from Costa Rica, mingled with Bergamot, Peach, and Star Jasmine.  The notes of Lily, Tobacco, Sandalwood, Musk and Vanilla will lavish you, stirring a spirt of exotic strength.  It is truly one of my favorites!


I also had the  pleasure to indulge in Krigler Oud Azur 75212 which is timeless!  The scent transports you to the outdoors of the French Riviera with White Pepper from Sumatra, Ginger from India and Rose from Provence mingle with notes of Sicilian Papyrus Wood and Oud from South East Asia, finishing off with Musk, Australian amber, Oliban and Leather. It’s glorious oriental fragrance that fuses the Far East with sophistication!  The cost is $235.00 for a 1.7 ounce bottle also at  and at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

Well worth the richness!!! To my surprise this impeccable quality luxury brand, Krigler, also offers custom fragrances, bath and body products!

426346_2615090938519_1292450244_32037462_1878770512_n - Version 3 Laurie Carcieri


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February 7, 2013

Heidi Klum Introduces Her Seductive New Fragrance SURPRISE!


For Heidi, surprise is a way of life.   Her extraordinary joie de vivre inspired the creation of Surprise!, a tantalising fragrance that captures Heidi’s fearless spirit, sophisticated glamour and irrepressible sense of fun.   Pull the ribbon to unveil the surprise inside…“Surprise will excite your senses!  It’s vibrant, playful and sexy,” says Heidi.  “You’re in for a Surprise!”

Explosive Yet Sexy Floral:  Reflecting Heidi’s multi-faceted personality, Surprise! is built around explosive, elegant and sensual notes, creating a sexy floral fragrance with an unexpected exuberance.  It opens with a joyful burst of juicy mandarin extracts and spicy pink pepper for a luminous and dynamic top note.  At the heart, an ultra-feminine bouquet of rose petals and magnolia creates a refined radiance.  Finally, the magnetic drydown of benzoin and milk of sandalwood delivers a warm, sensual and unforgettable trail.

Surprising Design

Heidi has ensured that the surprises keep coming… Surprise! is presented in a striking rectangular bottle that looks as if it’s been wrapped up by beautiful black, gold and pale pink ribbons. Through the clear glass, we see the pink juice inside, giving a gorgeously glamorous and feminine feel.  Most dramatic, however, is the oval-shaped black cap, which adds a playful element of surprise thanks to its open-sides.  The bottle is packaged in an elegant, glossy pink box decorated with the same exciting ribbon design.  As a finishing touch of luxury, the words ‘Heidi Klum Surprise’ are written across the front of the pack in a gold, bold, contemporary font.  The overall effect is utterly compelling – this fragrance is just waiting to be unwrapped!

Are you ready to be thrilled?   Revel in Heidi’s playful sensuality with Surprise!, her fiercely feel-good fragrance.

Price: 1.0 fl. oz. – $28 Available: Mass Retailers and Drugstores Nationwide

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February 4, 2013

Bring Out Your Adventurous Side With Lancome Gel Liner

Normally I am not very adventurous with makeup. I typically go for very natural colors that I know look good on any eye color. Yet after years of using every shade of glittery brown, I mixed it up in a very subtle way.  In addition to my neutral brown eye shadow I lined my top lid with a nice, thick line of Lancôme gel liner. But not just any Lancôme gel liner, the one I use is GREEN! It is a gorgeous green-blue color, number 500 called Emerald Seductive! And it sure is seductive! It does not look obnoxiously green on the lid, which is great for the everyday look I want to achieve. What I love most about this liner is that it makes my green eyes really stand out! I get complemented on my eyes every time I wear it! Besides making my eyes standout this liner is great because is smooth to apply and does not smudge throughout the day! It is both smudge proof and waterproof! Over all it is a great, easy to use, gel liner that can add some seduction to any look!
Find yur adventurous side at
 Guest post by Rachel Aiello
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January 29, 2013

Fall In Love With Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs

ouBG-412W_mxI would like to share my love for a luxury perfume that I simply fell  head over heels for…Orangers en Fleurs is a new release from the legendary House of Houbigant, a perfume house with a history dating back to 1775. Orangers en Fleurs means a celebration of the Orange Tree. The Orange Blossom is a symbol of fertility, innocence, and marriage by excellence, because Orange Trees produce both flowers and fruit at the same time.  Orangers en Fleurs is a fully realized orange blossom fragrance that presents the combination of tuberose and orange leaf absolute. The moment I sprayed it on, the delicately balance of honeyed floral note of ylang, jasmine, rose, cedar, nutmeg, and musk composited an airiness of vibrance and pleasure. The lighter treatment of orange blossom and spice combo provides a lift of a clean, modern fragrance. The long lifespan of the scent lasts forever on the skin. This fragrance goes a long way, I have been spraying a little on around 7:00 am and 12 hours later I can still catch whiffs of it.  When I wear this scent, I feel elegant and glamorous, but not overdone. This sophisticated perfume edition is showcased in  a handmade hardwood lacquered box with an engraved emblem. The bottom is a stunning modernized version of an original Baccarat Crystal bottle, specially designed for the brand in the 20th century.

Orangers en Fleurs will be exclusively available at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus nationwide.  Houbigant Paris Orangers en Fleurs is available in parfum 100ml/3.3 fl oz. and retails for $600.00.  Eau de Parfum 100ml retails for $180.00.

My love for this perfume could be your new love too…..You will not be disappointed!

426346_2615090938519_1292450244_32037462_1878770512_n - Version 3Laurie Carcieri

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January 28, 2013

Lotion Lab’s Moisturizing Wipes is the Answer for Dry Skin

It’s that time of year when the air is going to keep getting colder and drier.  Because of my super dry skin, I always carry lotion on me.  However, that often leads to greasy leaks and spills in my purse.  What better way to solve that than Global Beauty Care’s “Lotion Lab Norwegian Dry Skin Intensive Lotion Wipes.”   Each towelette is filled Moroccan Argan Oil, Vitamins A and E, Cocoa and She Butter to make your skin feel extra silky smooth.  Just one of these convenient towelettes has enough lotion to cover almost your whole body with its non-greasy formula.  It smoothes away dry, rough skin and leaves any dry and irritated skin feeling relieved, soft, and moisturized.  It is pH balanced and hypo-allergenic.  They are so convenient, so easy to use, and don’t come with a risk of lotion spilling in your bag.  They are fantastic, and I carry them with me all the time.  The dry winter air is no longer a problem in my life.

Lotion Lab Moisturizing Wipes are available in 3 formulas:

***Body Moisturizing Wipes with Moroccan Argan Oil are formulated for those with dry or rough skin. They contain Vitamin A and E, essential Fatty Acids and Proteins.

***Norwegian Dry Skin Intensive Lotion Wipes are formulated for those with severely dry skin and contains Glycerin, Dimethicone and Vitamin E.

***Body Moisturizing Wipes with Cocoa & Shea Butters and is formulated for dry skin and has a soft, delicate fragrance and is rich in antioxidents, emollients and Vitamin A and E.

Lotion Labs Moisturizing Wipes are available in drugstores nationwide and at and


Guest post by Jenna Raheb

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January 24, 2013

A Berry Beautiful Way to Exorsize Ezcema


I have a confession to make. When I went to a jewelry store I was so ashamed of my hands, that I would not take my hands out of my pockets. My eczema was so bad, that I would not let anyone see how bad my hands looked, even with my most obsessive passion – jewelry.  My husband is starting to get worried that I’m going to replace my wedding ring, now that I can show my hands off.

I came across a product, Sibu Beauty, which is the ultimate in skin hydration. This product has a hidden ingredient — Sea Buckthorn Berries — which grow wild in the high altitude of Tibet. Sea Buckthorn cream hydrates, softens and rejuvenates skin…it is for all skin types and contains 100% natural ingredients. I have tried a multitude of products to get rid of eczema on my elbows and hands, always to come up disappointed until these magical berries appeared in a product.
Literally, in one week the eczema vanished. I use it every day now – and after 48 years of being ashamed of my hands, I cannot believe my hands are smooth and silky, and my elbow disease is gone
There are also many other products that I highly recommend and already use daily. The Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Daytime Facial Cream, which promotes tissue recovery and helps restore blemished skin to its natural beautiful state. The nourishing body cream has transformed my scaly dry legs into smooth silky softness that I never imagined.
Now let’s get to the real thing. The Sea Buckthorn Hydrating Serum is a light non-oily serum infused with vitamins, hyarluronic acid, and sea buckthorn extract. This is the magic serum that has cured the eczema – I put this on and then the cream over it. It fights age without damaging chemicals and protects against environmental stress.
Believe it or not, the other startling thing about this product is that it’s not expensive. The starter kit is only $60.00 — compared to department store products that start at $95 per item and go up – and really don’t do a thing.
This product has 100% natural ingredients that truly work on your skin. An added bonus is Sibu Beauty has an amazing aroma when you put it on – its an infusion of the berries, with other all natural elements…just makes it addictive. I can’t wait to put it on tonight.
Below are before and after photos of my elbows, after one week my ezcema has disappeared.


Guest post by Liz Vachon


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