Elizabeth Colen
October 11, 2016

Get S.M.A.R.T


We are well over half way through the year and now is a great time to regroup and refocus on your goals. You have  3 months left in this  year left, so let’s get ready and set SMART goals.

S – Specific: Be specific with your goals. Make sure the goals are significant to you and your life. For example, you set a goal to lose weight. Is that specific? Nope. Here is what a specific goal should sound like, I want to lose 10 pounds.

M – Measurable: Make sure you are able to measure your goals. In sticking with that same weight loss goal. You have to weigh yourself at the beginning to get your current weight and weight yourself weekly.

A – Attainable: Make sure you are being realistic with your goal. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Make sure your goal is attainable. So, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds in 2 days, that is not attainable. Attainable is I want to lose 10 pounds in 2 months.

R – Relevant: Make sure you make your goals connected and close to what you truly want to obtain. If you have no intention of putting in work to lose weight, then it shouldn’t be a goal for you. It has to be relevant for you so that you have the passion and focus to get it done.

T – Time: You have to set a deadline for your goal. If you just say, I want to lose weight and I will start going to the gym one day, is not a smart goal. You will find that one day will never come.

Action for this week: Create smart goals.

Example: I want to lose 10 pounds in 2 months and I will go to the gym 3 days a week. I will weigh myself once a week on Wednesday mornings. Now that’s a smart goal. Remember, be specific, make it measurable, attainable, relevant and set a deadline.

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September 28, 2016

Visualize Your Future


Our mind is a powerful tool that works for us in many ways. Many successful people from the POTUS, CEO’s, airline pilots and even our most honored athletes competing in the Olympics have learned the skill of visualization. To say that they learned it, is an understatement, they have mastered it! I am going to share with you an activity you can do to get your powerful tool engaged. Let’s start with something simple, make a vision board. Simple right? For those of you who don’t know what a vision board is, let me explain. A vision board is what you create by placing all the things you desire onto a poster board where you can visually see your dreams. You will need a few supplies to get your vision board started. Most of these supplies you may already have.

– Poster board
– A stack of different types of magazines ~ Personal Photos ~ Images from the internet
– Glue/Glue stick. (Now if you are really crafty you can get really fancy with it and use glitter, markers, ribbons, etc.)

Suggestions to get you started:

– Set aside about an hour to complete your vision board.
– Create a relaxing atmosphere.
– Sit quietly and set the intent. Ask yourself: What it is you want? What is the life you want to live?
– Cut out images that represent the life you envision.
– Place the photo of yourself in the middle of the board or your most sought after goal.

Once you have all your material arranged on the board the way you like it, glue. Take a picture of your vision board and use as your screen saver, place it somewhere you can see it daily.

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September 27, 2016

Idina Menzel Carries Tyler Ellis!


photos by Getty Images

LOS ANGELES – September 26, 2016 – Idina Menzel carried Tyler Ellis to the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas this weekend. The newly engaged singer looked sleek in a black jumpsuit accented with her Tyler Ellis Lee Clutch in Black Satin with Swarovski Crystal (price available upon request, www.tyler-ellis.com).

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September 20, 2016

7 Things You Can Do Daily To Improve Your Life


Ever thought of improving your life? Sure, you have. We all have and many of us talk ourselves out of it because we think it has to be all consuming, a total life transformation. We tend to get overwhelmed and never move forward. You’ve heard that old saying “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” I am going to share with you small bite sizes that you can chew on and make long term positive results to improving your life:

1.) Sleep – Sleep is important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough sleep can benefit your weight mind and temperament. Remember that saying: “Early to be bed,early to rise makes a man (wo-man) healthy, wealthy and wise” is true!

2.) Eat Breakfast – Starting your day with a healthy balanced breakfast just sets your day up for success. Eating breakfast helps you maintain a healthy weight, it get that metabolism going. You are able to concentrate more and stay focused throughout the day. It gives you energy to handle that to-do list plus more.

3.) Exercise – Ok let’s just get this one out of the way. Exercise has so many benefits for you that I can fill this magazine with all of them but I will keep it simple. Exercise help control your weight, stabilize your mood, gives you a boost of energy and just give your self esteem a boost!!!

4.) Plan your day – Before you get to bed, take about 10 minutes to set up your next day. Jot down your to-do list and you will find that you will sleep better and the next day, you will start the day in control, focused and prepared. When you plan your day you have a sense of control and a sense of accomplishment because you can actually see your to do list turn into to done.

5.) Read a book – Knowledge is power and reading daily will not only give you knowledge but it will keep your mind stimulated cutting down on the likely hood of you getting Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The mind is a muscle that need exercise just like the rest of your body.

6.) Play– Yes, we are grown but we need to have play time. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate game, you can color, do a jigsaw puzzle, a crossword puzzle a game on your phone. Play time can relive stress, reduce anxiety and lift your spirits.

7.) Smile – We know that working out releases endorphins but did you know that when you smile you release endorphins as well? Well it does, and it is contagious. Smiling makes difficult times better. A smile definitely have a positive effect own your well-being. It is so much better the RBF. Enjoy life and smile, you are helping the world!

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September 8, 2016

All you need for a Home Gym + Workouts

Four things you really should have to get a whole body workout at home.

Resistance bands with or without handles – You can get resistance bands from anywhere and most likely you already have one at home. Different colors represent different strengths so pay attention to the colors. Here is a workout that you can do that will get those legs and arms toned. (I do these with the resistance bands with handles).

Squat /Curl Combo – Stand with your feet hip width apart on the resistance band palms facing upward. Squat and curl arms up. Release arms (uncurl) and stand tall at the same time. When you are doing your squat make sure your butt is pushed out, chest tall and shoulders back and square. The primary muscles used while doing a squat are your quadriceps and hamstrings but you get a bonus on those glutes (Booty). The biceps curls are working that large muscle in the front of your arms.

3-5 sets
5-20 reps

Dumbbells – Get a set of weights that fit your fitness level. I don’t care if they are those pretty pink ones or the black ones that shows you mean business. Just make sure they are the right size for you. If you have never lifted weights before in your life you may want to start with lighter weights 2-5 pounds. If you have lifted before but not consistently, you may want a set anywhere from 5-15 pounds. You can always go heavier, but if you are wanting to tone use a lighter weight and do more reps. If you want to bulk up use heavier weights and do less reps. Here is a shoulder work out you can do with your dumbbells. I tend to do lighter weights (5 pounds) when I do shoulders because I have shoulder issues, but most people’s shoulder muscles are weak because we seldom isolate them.

Lateral Raises – Stand with your feet hip width apart and your dumbbells are resting on the side of your thighs, palm facing thighs. Raise your arms straight out to the side slow and controlled and stop at shoulder height (hold for 3 seconds). Bring your arms back down to the starting point, just as slow and controlled as you brought them up. You will feel the burn.

3-5 sets
5-20 reps

Stability Ball – You need a stability ball in your life. You can use this ball for so many exercises. The key is to select the right size for you. The easiest way to do this is the shorter you are the smaller the ball size (55cm), the taller you are the larger the ball (75cm). The most common size is (65cm) which is for the average height women. When you have the correct size you should be able to sit on it comfortably with your knees at the right angle. Here is an ab workout that you can do.
The Exchange (ab workout) – Lay down flat on your back with your legs in a “V” shape and have your arms above your head holding the stability ball. (You can use a mat or towel if you like) Bring the ball and legs up at the same time. Take the ball between your legs and go back down. (Now the ball is between your legs). Bring your legs and arms up again and make the switch back to arms. You are focusing on your abs but you are also working the whole body as well as.

3-5 sets
5-20 reps

Jump Rope – Cardio time! All you need is a jump rope you don’t have to have anything fancy but again it is up to you. There are several different types of jump ropes out there weighted, nylon, plastic and even ones that count your jumps for you. You name it they got it, but remember choose one that fits your fitness level. A great way to get that heart rate up and burn calories is to simply jump rope for at least 10 minutes. Here are a few ways to get the best out of your workout:

Tabata Training

I do 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off for about 15 to 30 rounds. Make it fun, single leg jump, ski jump, cross over, double jump or just pretend you are a boxer. Remember jump for at least 10 minutes, but hey don’t let me stop your fun, you can go 20 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour.

You now have worked your entire body plus got your cardio on all in the privacy of your own home.

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August 30, 2016

Pick Workout Clothes that work for you

I often get asked the question, “How do I get the right workout clothes for me?” So I came up with a quick little guide that will help anyone who is purchasing new workout gear. When trying on workout clothes is it always very important to get your true size (not a small when you truly wear a medium) no one will see your size it is sewn on the inside. If you get a size to small or even too big you will regret it.
Here are a few tips that you should do when you are in the dressing room. Make sure you get the big dressing room because you are going to be doing some big moves.

1.  Stand with your feet hip width apart and raise your hands above your head, reach for the ceiling, really stretch, come up on your tippy toes so that you can reach your full stance.  You are doing this so that you ensure your top is not riding up and that your workout pants are not slipping down.

2.  Keep your left arm above your head, drop the other arm to your side and do a side bend to the right, keeping both feet firmly on the floor, do a nice full stretch. You want to make sure your top does not rise too much but if you don’t mind some skin showing you can choose what your comfort level is. Repeat on the other side.
3.  Bring both hands down and touch your toes.  You want to make sure your workout pants are not creeping down those hips.

4.  Stand tall and raise one knee to your chest, grab with both hands and pull in close to your body, make sure you have the flexibility and ability to move your leg easily, repeat with the other leg.

5.  Squat down and place your elbows on your knees with your hands together like you are praying. Again, make sure that the pants are not creeping down, we don’t want any plumbers crack in the gym. If you follow these simple tips, you will find the perfect workout clothes for you.

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August 19, 2016

Workout: The Prayer


This workout can be done anywhere, you don’t need any equipment.  Click the link to workout with me:    The Prayer Workout

1st Exercise:  Squat & Swing

Stand tall with feet hip width apart. Hands together, palms flat together (like saying a pray) down between legs. Squat down hands trying to touch floor. Stand tall swinging hands above head.

30 seconds

2nd Exercise:  Squat & Twist

Stand tall with feet hip width apart. Hands together, palms flat together (like saying a pray) at chest level. Squat and push palms together. Twist to right, lift left heel. Hold for three. Return to center. Twist to left, lift right heel. Hold for 3 seconds.

30 seconds

3rd Exercise;  “4”

Stand tall with feet hip width apart. Hands together, palms flat together (like saying a pray) at chest level. Place left foot behind your right knee (like the number 4) Lift bent knee slightly you feel in that glut. Press your palms together tight so that you are working your upper body as well. Do for 30 seconds then repeat on right side.

30 seconds

Work out with me!!


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August 11, 2016

Obesity: Let’s talk about it!


Did you know that obesity (adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 and over) is considered a disease and morbid obese (adults with a BMI of 40 or more) is classified as a disability? More than 35% of adults in the United States are obese. I am here to help fight this disease. Here are three things you can start doing today! It is as easy as 1,2, 3.

1. Consume more fruits and vegetables. I know you have been hearing this since elementary school but now it is time for you to put this into action. It really is not as difficult as you think. Drink a smoothie made with fruit for breakfast, you can even throw in some spinach and it is delicious. Make a salad with green leafy vegetables, sliced strawberries and even toss in an orange for lunch, you just made a perfect summer salad. Make sure you have at least a cup of fruit or vegetables at each meal.

2. Decrease consumption of energy dense food. The definition of energy density is the amount of energy or calories in a particular weight of food and is generally presented as
the number of calories. Example of high density foods are cookies, chips and ice cream. These foods have lots of calories in a small portion. Eat foods that you can get more of with less calories: hint fruits and vegetables. Energy dense foods are commonly cheap and inexpensive. Remember, you are what you eat so don’t be cheap and easy!

3. Increase your physical activity.  
 Move that body! Increasing your physical activity will help you in many ways like improving your energy to helping you sleep better. The key is find something you love to do and do it! Schedule your activity. For example, I enjoy playing tennis so I schedule it into my week. It is an appointment and we all know that once something is in your schedule you have to follow through with it.

These 3 things are just a few simple things you can do that can help improve your life as well as help fight this epidemic that is sweeping our country. Let’s do our part and fight obesity together.

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August 3, 2016

S-T-O-P and clear your mind


When you were you a little kid, have you ever gotten lost in the store or park and your parents would find you all in a panic, crying, shaking and totally out of control? Do you remember the words they would say to you, as they wipe away the tears from your face? Well, mine would say, just stop. When you are lost just stop and be still you would be found. That advice still fits into our lives now. When we are lost, confused, stuck or even afraid in our life we should just STOP. Let me spell it out for you.

S – Stay. Just stay still. Sit for a moment, don’t use outside distractions to ignore your frustrations. They will not go away; they will seep back into your thoughts late at night when you are trying to sleep. Turn off all the distractions, as a matter of fact, lock yourself away. Well, find your quite spot. I personally turn off my phone, turn off my computer and just sit. I have a tablet and a pen next to me so that I can jot down any thoughts that pop into my head.

T – Think. While you are sitting quietly just think. Write down the things that pop into your mind. Don’t over think, it can be written any way you like it. Scribble, draw or doodle it doesn’t need to be in any type of order.

O – Observe. Take a look at what you have written, see if there is a pattern to your thoughts or see if they are just all over the place. Either way it’s fine!

P – Plan. Take those thoughts and string them together to come up with a plan. Focus on the thoughts that are constantly popping out at you on the page. Find a theme to your thoughts.

Tackle the noise inside of your head. When you are feeling lost, confused or afraid just S-T-O-P. You will find that once you have taken those steps you will feel more in control, confident and have a clearer picture of where you are and where you want to be. Wipe away those tears and take control of your destiny!

Get more info about Elizabeth Colen, Confidence and Conditioning Coach on http://www.MsFitOne.com. Fit Mind, Body and Soul


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March 23, 2016

Drive Thru with Healthy Choices


The other day I was on the phone with my best friend while she was driving home from her Mom’s house (which was about an hour and half drive). She was in search of a place to eat that was fast and somewhat healthy. At almost every exit McDonalds billboards were waving at her, (which by the time she passed about three of them they started looking more inviting). She finally found a place to get something to eat without feeling so guilty for putting crap into her body. The very next day, it was I who was driving and starving trying to find a place that I could drive thru and order, grab something and keep it pushing. All I kept seeing was McDonalds, Bojangles, Wendy’s …you get my point. So, she suggested that I write a blog about how to do the drive thru with dignity. You know, drive thru without losing all sense of control. I don’t know about you but when I am hungry I can care less what I am shoving into my mouth, I just want it fast. However, as soon as I have eaten the last of the fries, the guilt sets in. Where was that guilt when I was shoveling those fries into my pie hole? Any who, here are five fast food restaurants that are everywhere. Here are a few food tips, so that you can drive thru and pick a meal that will satisfy the beast without beating up your self-esteem. By the way, I see a lot of Bojangles but I have never eaten there so I don’t know what to suggest, other than keep driving until you find one of these.

Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich
360 Calories 6g Fat 33g Protein
Premium Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken (remember you can ask for less or no,
cheese and bacon)
310 Calories 14g Fat 38g Protein
Apple Slices
15 Calories 0g fat 0g Protein

Large Rich & Meaty Chili
250 Calories 7g Fat 23g of Protein
Asian Cashew Chicken Salad Full Size
380 Calories 10g of Fat 36g of protein
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (you can ask for no sauce)
350 Calories 17g Fat 33g protein

Taco Bell
Grilled Steak Soft Taco
200 Calories 10g Fat 13g Protein
Chicken Soft Taco
160g Calories 5g Fat 12g Protein
Crunchy taco
170 Calories 10g Fat 8g Protein
Shredded Chicken Burrito
400 Calories 18g Fat 16g Protein

Tender Roast Chicken
300 Calories 3g Fat 34g Protein
Side of Green Beans
98 Calories 0g Fat 1g Protein
Corn on the Cob
71 Calories .5g Fat 2g Protein

I hope this helps, because speaking from experience when you have an idea of what you want vs. just driving up to that menu you tend to make better choices. When I am hungry and not prepared, I could order one of everything on the menu and not think anything of it…. until it is all gone of course and the guilt sets in. Then I chastise myself and feel guilty all day. Save all the guilt and be prepared, know what you want and feel free to make changes that will fit your health needs. Keep in mind these are just to use in a pinch, not for your daily meal. You are in control, you are prepared. Oh FYI, my BFF and I both ended up going to Taco Bell.

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