Donna Spangler
December 21, 2012

My Favorite Skin Serum


I came a cross Arianna Cellular collagen Face Serum and just love it.  The very first time I tested it I found great results. The next day my skin was soft and supple. Although it is expensive, it only takes a little bit of product to get results. Here is some information on the product.
 Cellular Collagen Face Serumarianna


 Active Dead Sea minerals have been combined with a rich blend of natural plant extracts, essential oils, Collagen & Vitamins A, C & E to create this lightly textured Serum.  

This is more about the skincare line: Arianna Skin Care

Beauty comes from the inside with Dead Sea Minerals Skin Care

Arianna Beauty was founded in 2007 by CEO, Miri Torres. Miri’s vision for Arianna is to show people that beauty and health come from the inside, and treating yourself well is a promise you need to make to ensure growth and happiness. Born in Israel, Miri arrived in the United States when she was 22. Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in high school, she had several chemotherapy treatments, which drastically altered her weight and appearance. During that trying time, Miri found that her beauty and energy were restored through natural treatments, confidence from building her business, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Arianna Beauty now sells the products that Miri used in her own personal restoration. In the past six years Miri has built a successful network of Arianna Skin Care stores in Boston, Martha’s Vineyard and Newport. In these stores, you will find an oasis that sells mineral make-up, skin care, bath accessories and beauty products.


Active Dead Sea minerals have been combined with a rich blend of natural plant extracts, essential oils, Collagen & Vitamins A, C & E to create this lightly textured Serum.


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December 20, 2012

My holiday glamour tips.



The holidays are meant to be joyous. What better way to celebrate the festivities than to dress up and go GLAM for your holiday events? When going to parties- wearing red, silver, gold and sparkling black are all great choices for this jubilant time of the year. Fancier dresses and pantsuits are always great choices too. If you opt to wear jeans, be sure and pair them with high heals and a catchy top. Add vibrant accessories to give your look an extra shot of glitz and glam. Don’t worry about too much glitz because it is appropriate for this time of the year.

It is also bewitching to pump up your makeup. If you are going to an evening event, consider smoky cat eyes. Also, adding a bit of shimmer to the eyelids can be incredibly alluring especially if it is silver, gold or bronze.

If you play up the eyes, be sure and wear a lighter lip color. If you want to go with bright red lips, do your eyes in a natural way and add a sleek eyeliner to complete that glamorous seductive package.

Your hair should be flowing and not too sprayed down. Straight hair is sexy as long as it is smooth and has no frizz. If you can do so, treat yourself by going to a blow out bar. These wonderful alternatives to a full service hair salon have popped up in many areas and are popular for their cost effective blowouts and styles. They can blow your hair smooth or add curls and specific styles. I find these bars to be very good at what they do because all they do are blowouts and styling all day long.

Whether you wear your hair up or down, loose curls are provocative and feminine. If you are doing your own hair, a curling iron can add those romantic curls. Just remember to not heat up the iron too much or to not hold it on your hair too long as to not burn your hair. (I know this may sound obvious but you would not believe how many gals out there burn and damage their hair with curling irons.) Use a light hair spray after you get your mane the way you like it. Add tasteful decorations in your hair if it goes with your choice of clothing. This can be a playful way to be festive for the holidays!

An important thing to remember is that you need a hairstyle you can be comfortable in and feel beautiful about. Remember that taking a bit more time for yourself is not only ok, it is a positive step to making yourself feel good about yourself during the holiday season.

When you are all done putting your holiday look together, go out and have a great time! Be confident and flaunt your glitzy self. Own your glamorous look! Go out and shine! The most important thing to remember is that confidence is always the sexiest accessory!

Donna Spangler, author of the best selling book How To Get A Rich Man is a noted beauty and fitness expert and a regular guest on talk shows nationwide. Her tips for helping everyday women achieve their best can be found in magazines and on blogs and

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December 20, 2012

Welcome Donna.

Welcome to It’s a Glam Thing Donna. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Lisa xo

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