Donna Raheb
April 2, 2012

Mally Beauty Celebrates its 7th Year! And we are celebrating with a fabulous review on Mally Perfume.

In celebration of Mally Beauty’s 7th Anniversary, my dear friend Laurie Carcieri was delighted to review Mally’s newest perfume.  Laurie is very particular when choosing fragrances and after a day with Mally, she was impressed.

“When my very good friend, Donna Raheb, gave me the newest Mally perfume to try, I hesitated.  I rarely get hooked on a new fragrance the first time around but Mally was the exception.  One spritz was all it took!  I fell in love with it from the moment I first smelled the tropical, floral, citrus scent.  I received many compliments from my co-workers and complete strangers.  It has a natural drawing affect toward people which I noticed many people stepping closer to me just to enjoy the scent.  The Mally aroma is versatile for anytime of the day and night.  It has a delightful twist which I learned is the Sampaguita flower, the national flower of the Philippines, which is similar to the crisp, clean scent of jasmine but with a more modern response.  I also love the playful bottle with the two dangling heart charms which I am excited to display on my make-up vanity.  You cannot go wrong with this sexy, juicy fragrance by Mally.  Thank you Donna for introducing me to Mally and igniting a spark of tropical pleasure into my life!!!  — that is what friends are for.”………….Laurie (pictured) is a guest Blogger for “It’s A Glam Thing”.  Thanks Laurie!




Visit  to view Mally’s extensive line of beauty products and on Facebook

Tune in to QVC  Mally – Color Cosmetics  Saturday, April 7, 2012 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.  ET and Tuesday, April 24, 2012 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. ET.    A MUST SEE !




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March 29, 2012

Make-up Designory’s Squeezable Tube Mascara

MUD Make-up Designory has a new line of squeezable mascara that you must try.  Say goodbye to  pumping the mascara wand, which causes drying out…Say hello to the easy to use squeezable tube,  which ensures you get every bit of mascara, right to the last drop.   Next, brush on your lashes for an ultra vibrant look.

MUD squeezable tubes are offered in black volumizing and black creme  mascara.   Both are fabulous and MUD states that each mascara is rich in pigment for even coverage and lush with fiber to maximize and lengthen for super volumizing results”. 

Whenever I have an eye make-up question, my 16 year old daughter Adrienne is the “go to girl”.  She suggested volumizing mascara for my type of eyelashes and she chose black creme mascara for herself.

Her thoughts on the black creme mascara… “ MUD mascara evenly coated my eyelashes as well as holds the curl. It did not flake off throughout the day, which is a big plus for me.  The           squeezable tube is so easy to use and fits conveniently in my makeup case”.

My thoughts on the volumizing mascara was that it created the look of fuller and longer eyelashes.  MUD mascara is also suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers because I too have both. I didn’t experience any irritation which was an added bonus.

Visit and choose from an array of Mudd products to achieve that special glamorous look, whether daytime or nightime.

Their site is unique in that you will find helpful illustrations on how to apply specific products whether it be for lips, eyes or cheeks.  The illustration below is an example of what you will find on the website and describes  how to apply the  MUD mascara to your eyelashes.  I found this to be a great idea.  Enjoy!



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March 28, 2012

Get Ready to Smile with Burt’s Bees Newest collection “GUD”


Burt’s Bees recently introduced their newest collection of Natural Bath and  Body products and as promised, “This fun new collection includes all the “GUD” stuff of sunshine and laughter”.

You are truly in for a treat because GUD has introduced  four exhilarating and luscious scents like “Pearanormal Activity”, which makes you feel like you are surrounded by a bushel of fresh ripe pears, ooh so good.

I have been using GUD’s fabulous foaming hand wash in my favorite scent, “Vanilla Flame”.  Even after hand washing, I can still smell the delightful vanilla aroma and there is always a hint of “Vanilla Flame” floating around me.

Let’s not  forget about the intoxicating aromas of “Floral Cherrynova” and “Orange Petalooza” which actually smells like their scents are exploding with fragrance all around you.

You are truly in for a treat with GUD’s “All Natural” Bath and body products.  Start your day with a refreshing shower using GUD body wash followed by GUD shampoo and conditioner, in your favorite scent of course. GUD’s  luscious scents make these products fun to use and you will feel refreshed throughout the day.

Don’t miss out on treating yourself to GUD‘s Body Butter and/or body cream and keep your skin feeling soft all day long while feeling like their fresh fragrance is swirling around you.

GUD brand plastic bottles are all very eye catching and each scent is accented by its own color.

Visit and watch their smell-tastic video and sign up for a free sample.

Find GUD on Facebook too

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March 23, 2012

Rescue your Eyes with Borghese’s Acqua Restorativo Occhi Eye Treatment

Rescue your eyes with ACQUA RESTORATIVO OCCHI EYE TREATMENT by Borghese.

I always moisturize my face and neck but rarely treat my eyes with anything special.  As I am getting older, I am noticing that lack of sleep and little everyday stresses are taking a toll on my eyes, causing them to look tired and puffy.  Those nasty dark circles seem to crop up more often than not and I found a solution.   Borghese’s   Acqua Ristorativo Occhi Eye Treatment has come to my rescue.

For those of you who are not  familiar with Borghese Cosmetics, they offer a complete skincare and make-up line that is specifically designed to meet the needs of every woman.  Borghese offers an  extensive array of products dealing with such skin problems as premature aging, sun damaged skin, wrinkles and uneven skin tones.  Whatever your special skin need is, Borghese has a solution and Acqua Restorativo Occhi Eye Treatment is no exception.

I apply a small amount of Acqua Restorativo Occhi Eye Treatment  under and around my eyes in the morning and at night after cleansing.  Acqua Restorativo Occhi Eye Treatment  contains shea butter, jojoba oil and avocado which helps hydrate the skin, as well as ingredients to help the skins elasticity and tone.  This eye treatment also treats my main concerns which is puffiness and dark circles. My skin feels fresh and energized and looks so healthy.

Acqua Restorativo Occhi Eye Treatment hydrates and energizes skin with their signature Aqua di Vita Complex”.

Another fact that is especially important to me is that this eye treatment is suitable for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes. And better still,  all Borghese products have been tested for safety and meet all FDA regulations. Borghese products are not tested on animals which is also a plus.

Consider Acqua Restorativo Occhi Eye Treatment,  the sooner you rescue your eyes the sooner your eyes will look energized and youthful.  You will also find Borghese products  at

please visit  to view their extensive  line of skincare, make-up and spa product.

You will also find Borghese products  at



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March 19, 2012


SCHICK HYDRO SILK RAZOR                         

Out with my OLD…In with my NEW… Schick Hydro Silk Razor.  I must admit, there really was nothing wrong with my old razor except it was really old.  I can’t even remember how long I have had it.  My old razor was very convenient for me because it used the same cartridges as my husband’s razor, so I always used his stock of blades.  Like I said, very convenient.

What I didn’t expect was to find a razor with a “Hydrating Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum”.  A What??  Say that again… “Hydrating Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum”?   Well,  Let me explain…

If you did not know, shaving in general often results in leaving your skin feeling dry and/or irritated. As stated by Schick, “The Schick Hydro Silk Razor has a moisturizing serum that activates with water to help replenish skins natural moisturizer throughout each shave”, and this razor does exactly that.

There are also other features about this razor, which without a doubt, left my skin feeling exceptionally soft.  The razor has 5 blades which allows for a very close shave.  The moisturizing serum skin guards that are on top of each blade helps smooth skin while shaving.  The moisturizing serum lasts up to 2 hours.  It didn’t even feel like I was using a razor, that’s how smooth it was.

The razor itself is beautifully designed. It’s easy to hold as you are shaving around curves (it didn’t slip out of my hands like my last razor did).  The shape of the Schick  Hydro Silk Razor was definitely designed with a woman in mind.  I almost felt like the shape was designed especially for me.

The Schick  Hydro Razor comes with a  suction cup and refill blades.  The blades are also sold separately.  I  placed  the suction cup in the shower to hang my new razor.  This was a new experience for me.  My new razor is right at my fingertips whenever I reach for it.

I must add that whether you are using your old razor or new one, Skintimate Moisturing Shave Gels are a lovely addition to your shaving routine.  These delicously scented shave gels offer vitimins and antioxidants that help replenish your skins natural moisture.   You must try them and see for yourself. visit  to see a complete line of Skintimate products.

You will find the Schick  Hydro Silk Razor in supermarkets and drugstores or visit

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March 12, 2012

Evolution of Smooth What is EOS?



I did not have a problem with stocking stuffers this holiday season thanks to EOS.  My daughter was pleasantly surprised to find all seven delightful flavors of EOS lip balm in her stocking and now I’m hooked.   The lip balms are great!

To add to my daughter’s delight, she just discovered EOS hand lotion.  These cute pocket or purse size lotions, shaped almost like a flattened egg, have a convenient flip top cap  and EOS lotions  are designed for all skin types.  Three delightful varieties of lotions are available, Everyday Hand Lotion, Cucumber and  Berry Blossom, the NEWEST scent,  is my favorite.   EOS  lotions are 97% natural,  hypoallergenic, paraben and gluten  free.   EOS lotions also contain shea butter,  antioxidants and vitamins C and E , leaving your hands feeling silky soft.  I often keep one in my pocket  because they are not bulky.   I have one one at my desk too!  Best of all EOS lotions are not greasy.  What could be better than that?   EOS recyclable packaging makes it even more appealing.

And for air travelers, EOS Hand Lotion is less than three ounces so you can put one in your carry on when you fly (tip from my older daughter who travels often).

Don’t even mention to my daughter that EOS has a body lotion and shave cream…oops, too late, off to the drugstore!  You must try EOS lotion, I did and I’m loving my silky soft hands.

For more information on EOS and where to find a retailer near you please visit:

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March 6, 2012

Keep those Baby Blues with RevitaLash Advanced

I am extremely pleased with the results I am achieving with RevitaLash’s  newest product…RevitaLash Advanced.  More about that in a moment…

About a year ago, my opthamologist noticed that my eyelashes were thinning and he suggested I try  a well known product.  Of course this peaked my interest and after I researched the product I concluded that it was not suitable for me.  Although this product boasted eyelash growth, it also warned of some unappealing side effects.  Besides the fact that a prescription was needed, there was one side effect that concerned me and that was the small possibility the pigment of my eye color could darken.

What !!   Change my Blue eyes brown? No way!!

There was an alternative and that was RevitaLash Advanced.  I have been using RevitaLash Advanced for over 4 weeks now and I am amazed with the results.  I can actually see my eyelashes (especially the lower ones), darker and slightly thicker.

I apply a thin strip of RevitaLash Advanced each night along the outer part of my lashes.  That’s it, it takes less than 15 seconds to do.  I am at ease knowing that RevitaLash contains no chemicals, like  the ones found in the well kown prescription brand.  I am also assured that my blue eyes will stay blue.

I do realize  that if I want to keep the desired effect of my lashes I must continue applying RevitaLash Advanced each night, which is well worth those 15 seconds  to maintain great looking lashes.

To enhance the look of my lashes, I apply Perfect Primer by  RevitaLash.  Perfect Primer  followed by RevitaLash Mascara  helped my lashes  achieve the ultimate look.  Perfect Primer helps the mascara adhere better to your eyelashes and it has a blue tint which will enhance your eye color and mascara color as well.   Perfect Primer conditions the eyelashes to help prevent breakage and this is very important to me.  I was amazed to see my lashes almost double in size.   My eyelashes were much thicker and appeared longer and I actually noticed them from a distance in the mirror which was a first.

According to their studies,RevitaLash® Advanced is both dermatologist and ophthalmologist reviewed, non-allergenic and in a clinical study over 97% of users saw an improved appearance of their eyelashes in only 3 weeks!”

RevitaLash can be found in Physician’s offices, spas, salons and speciality retailers. At you will find information on RivitaLash Advanced, RevitaBrow, Hair by RevitaLash and Mascara by RevitaLash.


Enjoy those lashes!



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February 28, 2012

Coty Beauty’s newest fragrance “GUESS Seductive I’m Yours” is Exciting yet Elegant.



I received an invite to a fashion show during Style Week in Providence, RI.  Early morning after getting dressed, I applied “GUESS Seductive I’m Yours” and  was out the door to begin my day.  Being a busy mom of four, I took  the children to school, worked at my husband’s office for a few hours, went grocery shopping  and then went off to view all the new fashions at the show.

I loved the fact that this sexy and feminine fragrance lasted all day!  I  walked into the show feeling, confident and glamorous.  I received many compliments about the  captivating fragrance I was wearing.

Perfumer Pierre Negrin,  created “GUESS Seductive I’m Yours” to add to the Guess collection.  It is an oriental floral fragrance with a tiny hint of creamy musks and exotic woods.  This fragrance is more than a classic scent.  This  girly,  pink colored bottle with fishnet graphing and a dangling gold heart charm is perfect to display on my dresser.

When I returned home, the  most important compliment came from my husband. Seductive I’m  Yours, stole the show!

Coty Beauty also released its newest men’s scent called “GUESS Seductive Homme”, a fragrance designed for men.  My husband gave it a thumbs up, and coming from a guy who only favors  a few fragrances this is  a big compliment.  I loved it too!!   The fragrance has a  masculine, appealing scent, one I absolutely adore.  The bottle is very appealing as  well .  A  weighted gunmetal colored cap gives the bottle a distinct masculine appeal.

Gentlemen,  you  will find this bold and attractive scent  in an  After Shave Balm, Deodorant Stick and  Deodorant Body Spray.

Please visit for additional information on their entire fragrance line.


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February 16, 2012

Reveal the Passion


Whenever my 16 year old daughter Adrienne and I are browsing perfumes, we always enjoy gathering our sample strips, bringing them home and trying to determine what our favorite fragrance was that day.  She throughly enjoyed the newest scent in the Halle Berry fragrance line, “Reveal the Passion”.  Halle Berry’s latest scent, “Reveal the Passion,” “unveils her sultrier side”, according to Coty Inc. The scent of the perfume has hints of Italian Bergamot, Dew fruit, Freesia, Apple, White Champaca, Mangosteen, Branches of Okoume, Patchouli, and Musks.”   Adrienne adds: “I think this fragrance is perfect to wear on a date, a party, or even when you hang out with your friends.”  Halle Berry herself states that she “wanted to create a scent that helped empower women to reveal their passionate sides.”


Adrienne notes that not only is the scent beautiful, but the bottle itself completes the perfume. The design of the bottle really caught my eye.  The cap is a gorgeous shade of light pink with a jewel-like figure displayed at the top. The sides of the bottle have an interesting wave texture which flatters the tear drop shaped bottle. I loved the fact that “Reveal the Passion” is offered in a Body Lotion and Shower Gel. This fragrance  is featured in two different sizes, a 15 ml and a 30ml Eau de Parfum, and Deodorant Natural Spray.     Definitely one of my favorite picks.

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February 14, 2012

Pucker Up Buttercup Lipstick Trio by BORGHESE

Pucker Up Buttercup

No, that’s not my pet name for the man in my life, it’s the name of a sensational new line of  ‘Perla Duale High Impact Lipcolours” from Borghese, which became available this holiday season.   This lipstick trio comes in three luscious colors, and glides on smoothly and evenly leaving  a very nice opaque color on my lips with an incredible pearl shine.  Best of all,  lasting a long time too!!  I start the day with  a light color and end with a more bolder color.    I am very pleased with the results. There is a color for every mood.  I especially  love the fact that theses lipsticks contain Vitamins A, E and C, which is why my lips feel so soft,  silky and sexy, really!!!!

Now pucker up my buttercup………

please visit  to view their extensive  line of beauty and spa products.

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