September 5, 2015

HYNT BEAUTY This Week Only! Special Labor Day Gift with Any Purchase


The Deluxe Sample Size Gift Set includes:

Titanium dioxide-free
ALTO Matte Powder Blush
deluxe sample in Sunset Pink (1g)
Bioactive Marine Complex
deluxe sample in a travel-friendly airless pump. (10ml/.33oz)

Get your Deluxe Sample Size Gift Set with purchase now

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August 31, 2015

Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture introduces 8 NEW Fall Colors that are Perfect for Back to School


Inspired by Los Angeles, each shade offers a compelling departure from the standard. For fall, her discerning eye landed on a range of influences, which she’s recast in sexy jewel tones and rich earthy shades. A sunset viewed from the Griffith Park observatory reappears as a pink-rose-khaki polish. An iridescent, shell-white tone nods to Shutters on the Beach, Lauren’s favorite local hotel and spa. A deep iris purple plays off the energy of gardens in Hancock Park. And a shimmery violet pink repeats the shade of a treasure scored at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Bonus: Each polish is supremely eco-centric, fast-drying, and as glossy and long-wearing as a salon gel manicure!

Price: 18.00
Where to buy: LaurenBBeauty

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August 31, 2015

Pre order now – “DIY on the Fly” by Julee Ireland

DIY On The Fly Under $25 - Monogram Home by Julee Ireland

DIY On The Fly under $25 – Monogram Home


Pre-order your book now! Julee Ireland launches the first book in her series “DIY on the Fly Under $25” – Monogram Home . Pre order here:

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August 27, 2015

Head to Toe Glow


Summer skin glow begins in the shower, your shower. You don’t have to shell out big bucks to have younger looking skin. Jump into the shower with dull, dry, dead skin and let Aqua Beauty Ocean Fresh Salt Scrub + Polishing Glove system turn back the hands of time.

This Dual exfoliation set comes with the Salt Scrub and 2 Skin polishing Gloves that works like magic. Aqua Beauty truly turns your shower into a “traveling hot tub.” Just jump into the shower, put on your Skin Polishing Glove and squirt a generous amount of the Salt Scrub in the palm of your hand and rub away that dull, dry, dead skin to renew your skin to smooth, youthful glowing skin.

We all want that youthful, glowing smooth skin that we once had. Your glow is just a click away. With Body Benefits Aqua Beauty Ocean Fresh Salt Scrub + Polishing Glove System in your shower your younger looking skin glow is just a scrub away.

Click on the video to see my results after using Aqua Beauty and get a bonus DIY exfoliating Coffee Mask for your face. Get your head to toe glow. <a href="http://[youtube]” target=”_blank”>

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August 26, 2015

The secret to younger looking skin is Hynt Beauty SUN PREP


I recently received a compliment on my skin when I was told I don’t look my age. That’s a very nice compliment, but I have to admit, I do work on it. I always put sunscreen on my skin before going outside, and I use good skin care products. I try many products, but don’t like everything I try. The Skincare I do like, I use regularly (that’s the key) and they are doing wonders for my skin. My latest find is from Hynt Beauty, formerly Christopher Drummond Beauty, SUN PREP Broad Spectrum Skincare SPF30. This Sun Prep is fabulous, and I love it!

I love that SUN PREP Broad Spectrum Skincare SPF30 is a 3 in 1 formula, a primer, moisturizer and sunscreen all in one. I apply it in the morning after washing my face and before my make-up application. Sometimes I use it only as a sunscreen, and I love using it as a moisturizer especially before bedtime. The formula dries so quickly and is very lightweight which is perfect for bedtime. It also has an amazing scent, like a combination of coconut and florals. After reading the ingredients list (see below**) I knew my skin would be in good hands, after all, I do love the compliments.

SUN PREP Broad Spectrum Skincare SPF30 is so important because it protects your skin from UVA/UVB rays with “anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant rich organic plant extracts such as rhatany root, green tea leaf, wild pansy and licorice that soothe and protect the skin while creating a flawless base.”  SUN PREP Broad Spectrum Skincare SPF30 is perfect for the most sensitive skin.

SUN PREP Broad Spectrum Skincare SPF30 is formulated with ingredients that are safe for your skin and rich in organic plant extracts designed to hydrate and sooth your skin.

*hyntbeauty  lists some the  extracts that make SUN PREP Broad Spectrum Skincare SPF30 so unique“:

*PINE BARK EXTRACT : Slows down skin aging by enhancing skin’s elasticity and hydration levels while improving skin fatigue, improving skin’s smoothness and reducing fine lines. Pine Bark Extract has shown to significantly increase skin’s hyaluronic acid production when ingested as a supplement.
*ORGANIC SESAME SEED OIL: Rich in zinc, an important mineral in our body that can also increase skin elasticity and smoothness and reduce the appearance of age spots. Protects the body from foreign substances or toxins that get in through the skin.
*ORGANIC ALOE VERA LEAF: A powerful anti-inflammatory herb that calms, heals and encourages the production of keratin to rejuvenate tired skin. Also helps boost your daily sunscreen *by blocking up to 30% of ultraviolet rays.
*ORGANIC RHATANY ROOT EXTRACT : A shrub-like plant that grows in dry, high altitudes, its roots are rich in tannins and have effective natural astringent properties.
*ORGANIC GREEN TEA LEAF: A potent antioxidant that protects the skin’s cells from the damaging effect of free radicals. Stimulates microcirculation to enhance the tone and health of the skin.
SUN PREP Broad Spectrum Skincare SPF30 is all Natural, Vegan, Organics-based, PETA Approved, Gluten-free, and Non-Comedogenic. Naturally preserved and free of Toxins, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Nano-particles, Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc, Silicones, Mineral Oil, GMO’s, FD&C dyes, Carmine, and Phthalates.

You will find SUN PREP Broad Spectrum Skincare SPF30

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August 25, 2015

Zappos puts the U in Uniform


Zappo - Back to School, boy, girl

Zappos – Back to School

Just because your kids’ school requires them to wear a uniform, it doesn’t mean their personalities shouldn’t still have a chance to shine.
While many schools dictate the essentials (i.e. polos, khakis, white shoes, etc.), accessories and embellishments allow your kids to put the “you” in “uniform” and bridge the gap between conformity and individuality.
To that end, Zappos works with top brands to sell uniform apparel and footwear that offer quality, durability and the ability to be customized.
So, how can a uniform be customized*? Here are some ideas from Zappos’ team of back-to-school fashion stylists to help get your creative juices flowing:
  1. Get carried away with your backpack! Backpacks are an essential part of any school ensemble, whether your kids wear uniforms or not. Pins, accessories, fabric paint, key chain characters, and other colorful touches can help personalize one of the many backpacks on
  2. Take a big step toward individuality by putting your best foot forward. If your school requires white shoes, take a pair of plain Keds, Vans or Converse and customize to your heart’s desire. Whether it’s through tie-dye, Sharpie art or acrylic paint, DIY-ing is a great way to spend quality time together before the kids head back to class.
  3. Speaking of shoes, if you think there’s only one standard way to tie shoelaces, think again! A quick online search yields dozens of step-by-step tutorials on creative ways to tie shoes. Choose from artful lacing styles like “The Starburst,” “The Basketcase” and “The Double Trouble.”
  4. Need a simple and cheap way for your kids to stay stylish under their school uniforms? Look no further than funky socks! Instead of opting for a traditional pair of dark gray or black socks, try embracing a little color and a whole lot of pattern for their feet.
  5. As fall approaches, it’s important for your kids to stay warm … and look cool. has a huge selection of jackets and coats in bright colors and cool patterns from top designers. And although they provide the perfect opportunity to show off their personalities, it’s not just about style — our line ofouterwear is as durable as it is fashionable to stand up against even the harshest of winters.
  6. When it rains, your kid’s personality can still shine. Umbrellas are a perfect way to show that a few showers don’t dampen your creativity. We have you covered (literally!) in the rain with designs likeBatman, Hello Kitty, and popular lines of umbrellas from Hatley Kids and Vera Bradley.
  7. School supplies like pencil cases, lunch bags, and binders are also perfect for customization. Before your kids get back to the books, have them get crafty with fun DIY projects that can make any ordinary school supply seem extraordinary.
  8. For girls, headbands, hair clips, ribbons, bracelets, necklaces and belts are just a few other options to show off their creativity. They may want to stick with a couple favorites, or wear a different combination every day. Just figure out what works within the dress code and then go for it.
  9. For boys, after school activities mean freedom from the classroom and the school uniform. Buy them some bold and bright athletic wear from Under Armour, Nike, or Adidas, and see their inner superstar shine through.
  10. For a final touch, why not add a fun and functional timepiece to the mix? It’s the perfect pop of personality on your kid’s wrist. Whether they prefer a more classic analog look or a bright and colorful digital watch, at least you’ll know they’ll always be fashionably on time for class.
*Be sure to check with your school to be sure what can be altered and what can’t.


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August 20, 2015

Stunning and Vibrant Nail Polishs from Jessica Robertson



A&E’s Duck Dynasty star, Jessica Robertson has recently introduced the Jessica Robertson Collection. This unique collection contains an array of beauty products including cosmetics, personal care along with the Jessica Robertson Collection Nail Polish. With shades like Princess Orchid, Mint To Be, Bubbles, Miss Popular, Hearts Desire, Pink Splat, Iridescent Purple and Tonal Blue (shown below), who wouldn’t love this collection?



These chic and fashionable colors have a high gloss shine and are extremely chip resistant. The streak-free formula also allows for easy application. It only took two coats to achieve this look, and I received many compliments on this color. I also like the Nail polish bottles. The pretty chrome cover certainly adds a bit of elegance to the bottles. The Jessica Robertson Collection has a Spring/Summer Color line and a Fall/Winter line, so there is a color for every occasion and every season.

You will find the Jessica Robertson Nail Collection at

Guest post by Adrienne Raheb

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August 20, 2015

A Leg workout you can do at home -No More Excuses!!!

Leg work out picture

When it comes to exercise, we come up with all kind of excuse of why we can’t exercise. “The kids need to be entertained”, “The gym is too far”, “The gym cost too much” “I just don’t have time.”

Well let me help you overcome these obstacles. School is about to start. You can work out from home. You don’t need to purchase any special equipment. 1 hour a day is only 4% of your day, you can do this!

Click on the link below for a great leg workout you can do from home with a chair and a broom. Are you ready? Let’s do this, go ahead grab that chair and a broom and I will work out with you. [youtube]

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August 19, 2015

Quickest Beauty Fix in Town is at Boom Boom Brow Bar


August, 2015 (New York, NY) – Anyone who has 10 minutes and $25 can just walk right in to Boom Boom Brow Bar and walk out with GORG brows – it’s the quickest beauty fix in town.

Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar, wants EVERYONE to have thick gorgeous eyebrows, so she made it convenient and affordable with instant results (gotta love it!)! Unruly, curly, stubborn brows that won’t behave? In rehab because of uncontrollable plucking? Loose that arch or have a hole? No prob, Boom Boom can fix anything!

Another reason to love Boom Boom Brow Bar, aside from the fabulous and talented brow experts, is brows are done sitting up and out in the open, because it’s better to judge brow shape – plus it’s super fast. “When you lay down, it changes the way the muscles and skin lay, so you get a better result if you shape brows upright,” says Boom Boom. They also use Flash Wax, a low temperature lipo-soluable (cream) wax, because it does not have to be heated at a high temperature, so it’s gentle on everyone, even on sensitive skin! Not to mention, they offer FREE lip with brow wax during happy hour (week days 4-5).

“Getting your brows to look gorgeous should be fun!” adds Boom Boom.

Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom) is obsessed with brows – 130,000+ served at Boom Boom Brow Bar in NYC! Everyone should have thick gorgeous eyebrows; after all, they are the most important feature on the face and THE best accessory EVA! Boom Boom knows there’s no such thing as natural beauty, but she does believe a perfectly done brow is an instant eyelift – no Botox necessary! She makes waxing fun and affordable for everyone, just walk-in! For more fabulousness, check out what’s cooking on Facebook: and Twitter:

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August 19, 2015

CeraVe is here to protect your baby’s delicate skin



My family uses suncare products all year long. I have all types, such as sprays, creams, sticks and lip balms that will protect just about every part of your body from the sun’s harmful rays. I remembered last year, we had family members over for a swim day, and they had forgotten their sunscreen. I was prepared for the adults but didn’t have any sunscreen that was specially formulated for young children. They were, however, happy to use what I had available to them. This year, I am prepared with CeraVe baby Sunscreen Lotion,  Face Lotion and CeraVe baby Moisturizing Cream. Now, when my family comes over for I swim, I can say “CeraVe is here to protect your baby’s delicate skin.”  What I am finding is that they are using my CeraVe baby products instead of their own and they are loving it.

CeraVe baby is new on the market, and I chose CeraVe because I like their adult sunscreens. CeraVe baby Face Lotion SPF50 is perfect for baby’s face and won’t run into your baby’s eyes. This sunscreen’s special features include being water resistant up to 80 minutes, it’s lightweight, oil-free and has InVisibleZinc formulation which when rubbed on your baby’s skin, provides a clear dry finish. CeraVe baby Sunscreen Lotion SPF45 provides some the same features as the face lotion is also hypoallergenic and is accepted by the National Eczema Association.


Last but certainly not least is CeraVe baby Moisturizing Cream. This is perfect for after a day at the beach, after bathing or anytime you want to hydrate your baby’s skin. Just about anytime is the right time for a little moisturizing and pampering for your little one.

CeraVe baby contains just the right proportions of ceramides that are very safe for your baby’s skin. CeraVe baby contains NO Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates or Fragrance. Most importantly, CeraVe baby is designed to deflect the sun’s harmful rays.

To see all the products CeraVe has to offer please visit CeraVe baby can be found at CVS/pharmacy, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Walmart, Meiger, Target, Babies R Us and Ulta.


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