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July 28, 2018

Speechless Dresses, Speaking Up About Speechless Dresses Once Again


Speechless Dresses Hash Tag #LEAVETHEMSPEACHLESS is perfect for this brand!


Speechless Dresses

Speechless Dresses


The thing about Speechless dresses that draws us in every time is the assortment. You can shop long dresses, short dresses, extended sizes, and the exclusives are always worth a look. There are always sale items.

Shopping the site is so easy with style categories to choose from like off shoulder, A Line, Wrap, Little Black Dresses, Florals, Skater and more. We love easy shopping but we also love taking the time to browse all of the Speechless designs. There is a style fit for just about any  fashion feature we are working on. And taking the time to browse while buying for ourselves is always fun!  These are contemporary Junior designs but don’t stop there. If you see something you love go for it! It’s not the size, it’s the fit matters!


Speechless dresses Romper Designs

Tropical Days Walkthru & Poppy Cold Shoulder Maxi Walkthru


The gals at It’s a Glam Thing have featured Speechless romper overlay designs Tropical Days Walkthru & Poppy Cold Shoulder Maxi Walkthru previously. I’ll mention that both designs are currently on sale!

Find out how to get Speechless reward points HERE.

You can shop Speechless at Nordstrom too.

Speechless was founded in 2001 and based in Los Angeles. You can learn more about this brand on their website HERE



Finally I’ll #LeaveYOUspeechless with this little black Meaning To Tell You Skater Dress for just $68! We love the choker neck and open back.


Meaning To Tell You Skater Dress

Meaning To Tell You Skater Dress


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July 27, 2018

YouCam Makeup Surfer Girl Series Summer Makeup Inspo

YouCam MakeUp Surfer Girl Series

YouCam MakeUp Surfer Girl Series featuring pro-surfer Anastasia Ashley


YouCam Makeup – Your ultimate summer style is here! This month, YouCam Makeup partnered with pro-surfer Anastasia Ashley (@anastasiaashley) for their Surfer Girl Series – think bold brows and a polished complexion. When you want gorgeous style without feeling overly done-up, Anastasia’s minimalist no-makeup makeup looks are your flawless every day, summer essentials. See below some style inspo.

Style 1: Aura
Glossy nude lips and a subtle bronzey finish create a glowy summer style that is simple and stunning.
YouCam Make Up Style Aura

YouCam MakeUp Surfer Girl Series – Style Aura

Style: 2 Daybreak
Dial up the bronze and add a matte nude lip for a fresh-off-the-beach polished look that is summer perfection.
YouCam Makeup Surfer Girl Series Style Daybreak

YouCam Makeup Surfer Girl Series – Style Daybreak   

Visit to download the YouCam app.
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July 26, 2018

Elisabeth Moss Seen Recently Wearing City Beauty City Lips in Red Velvet opaque plumping lip gloss

Image purchased from Splashnews

Elisabeth Moss Image purchased from Splashnews


Elisabeth Moss recently wore City Beauty City Lips in Red Velvet ($35) opaque plumping lip gloss!

Celebrity makeup artist Kayleen McAdams used this gorgeous, bold shade to perfectly complement Elisabeth’s vivid red dress at “The Handmaid’s Tale” Season 2 premiere in April.

Elisabeth was wearing such a bright red dress that we wanted to pair the perfect subtle neutral makeup and glowing skin with a bright pop of red to really complement it,” McAdams explained. “The lip was the superstar, so I wanted a red that would really pop!”


City Beauty City Lips in Red Velvet ($35)

City Beauty City Lips in Red Velvet ($35)


To add a dramatic flair, McAdams applied the plumping City Beauty City Lips in Red Velvet ($35), a gorgeous opaque cool-toned deep red, all over the lips and blotted between two coats, keeping the application light but impactful.

City Lips glosses deposit long-lasting color, incredible shine and plumping properties for a gorgeous summer pout! All glosses are infused with ultra hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to deliver deep hydration and fast plumping results, Oligopeptides to support natural collagen production and reduce those pesky lip lines, and Jojoba Oil and Ylang Ylang Flower Oil for pure, natural moisture.  

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July 25, 2018

Live Your Best Life: How to Improve Your Financial Situation in 2018

While money isn’t everything, it can provide a person with greater freedom and less stress, which can improve their quality of life. For example, the more money you have in the bank, the more opportunities you will be able to enjoy throughout your life, such as moving into your own home, buying a new car, or booking a dream vacation.
If you’re struggling to keep up with bills, can’t secure a loan due to bad credit, or want to simply protect your money as much as possible, find out how to improve your financial situation in 2018.

Set Financial Goals

Setting financial goals will help you to effectively manage your cash flow, as it will increase your focus to reduce debt, increase your savings, and buy a new home. A set deadline will also give you a timeline to stick to, so you’ll realize there is light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to debt or saving money.
You should also place your financial goals onto a refrigerator or dressing room mirror, which will remind you to stick to a budget and you’ll see yourself getting closer to the finish line each month.

Learn from Your Mistakes

You cannot move forward unless you have learned from your financial mistakes. Before you do anything, you must identify the errors you have made in the past and make it your mission to avoid them in the future.
For example, a frivolous lifestyle could have led to substantial debt, or a lack of research could have resulted in you taking out a high-interest loan.

Stop Using Lines of Credit

If you’re serious about improving your finances, you must stop using all lines of credit you have accumulated, such as a credit card. Your sole goal now must be to pay down your debts and not increase them, which means avoiding adding more debt to your budget. If you don’t have the cash to pay for an item, it might be a smart idea to go without it if you can.

Improve Your Credit Score

A poor credit score could affect your ability to receive a loan, secure a mortgage, or could even prevent you from getting approved for an apartment. If you have bad credit, you must aim to increase it to help you secure a line of credit in the future. For example, pay every bill on time to increase your score. Read this article for more information on the best options for building a credit score.

Pay Off Your Highest Interest Debts First

High-interest debts can lead to you paying more money than you need to on a loan. If you want to improve your bank balance, you must aim to pay off your highest interest debt first and work your way down the list until you have eliminated your debts.

Look for a Second Job to Increase Your Income

Hard work pays off in the long-run. Sacrificing a little time to boost your income could help you to pay off your debts at a quicker rate, which will decrease your stress and increase your financial freedom. Look for a flexible second job that allows you to work in the evening or a day or two over a weekend.
For example, a few shifts in a restaurant, bar, or retail store might be ideal outside of your office job. You could even work in the comfort of your own home as a virtual assistant, marketer, or administrator to make a little extra money.

Make Sacrifices to Save Money

Eradicate debt or increase your savings by making some sacrifices each month. For example, rather than going out for an expensive meal or drinks with friends, use the money to pay for an upcoming bill.
Also, review your wardrobe to play with your style rather than buying clothing or accessories you don’t need. Cutting back on unnecessary expenses might feel like a chore at the time, but it will be worth it when you have more money in the bank and less pressure on your shoulders.

Talk to a Financial Planner

If you are struggling to get your finances in order, seek professional advice to improve your situation. For example, a financial planner will have the knowledge, tools, and experience to identify how to reduce debt, increase your savings, and scale back your lifestyle. It is a small fee that could lead to big savings, so it could be worth the investment.
Automate Your Bills to Avoid Missed Payments
Manually paying your bills could lead to you to missing a payment, which can damage your credit score. Ensure you never miss a payment again by automating your bills, so they’ll automatically come out of your bank on a select date each month. Write a list of all automated bills and their dates, and regularly review it to ensure you have enough money in your bank or savings account to cover the costs.

Build an Emergency Fund to Cover Unexpected Bills
If you want to enjoy greater financial stability in the future, you must aim to save at least six months of living expenses to cover any unexpected expenses. Life is full of surprises, so you’ll want to have cash in the bank should you need it, so an emergency fund will help you to recover your finances quickly and easily while minimizing stress.

Sell Your Unwanted Items

Rather than holding onto items you don’t really want or need, you should sell them to improve your cash flow. For instance, that old keyboard in an attic could go to a more loving owner, or you could sell all your old clothing to another fashion lover.
There are numerous ways you can sell your unwanted items; for example, you could hold a garage sale or sell items on an auction website, such as eBay or Craigslist. In addition to having more money in the bank, you’ll also declutter your living space.

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July 25, 2018

Marketplace Africa Is A Site Worth Mentioning And It Might Become Your Go-To Online Shopping Destination


Photo from

Marketplace Africa is a site worth mentioning.  It’s mission is to help bring African-made products to the US and global market.  Shoppers can now purchase items directly from the source.

If you’re tired of shopping at the same stores or looking for a very unique gift, then Marketplace Africa is the place for you. Created by industry giants DHL and MallforAfrica, the site offers items from the continent’s most talented designers and artisans from a variety of categories including fashion, handbags, footwear, body care and jewelry.

Marketplace Africa was created to help artisans sell on a global stage and simplify the ability to buy directly from African craftspeople and small enterprises. Powered by MallforAfrica’s award-winning patented e-commerce platform and payment system,’s global consumers can now shop directly from African businesses of all sizes and have the products shipped to their home with confidence. DHL will manage all logistics services as they are designed with small businesses in mind and provide the speed of delivery that customers expect.

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July 24, 2018

London Fragrance Expert Molton Brown Today Launches New Eau de Toilette, #MoltonBrownLove

London fragrance expert, Molton Brown, JUST launched today their NEW 3.3fl. oz. Eau de Toilette @MoltonBrownUSA


Molton Brown Fragrance

Molton Brown Eau de Toilette “NEW”


Dedicated to sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world, Molton Brown collaborate with distinguished master perfumers who share an illimitable passion for creating the most unique and unexpected fragrances. Beloved favorites and enduring iconic scents will now be available in 3.3fl. oz. bottles, opening up a world of individuality and playful fragrant fusions.

Fragrance Families

  • Citrus
    • Orange & Bergamot: Discover a reformulated, modern take of our beloved eau de toilette; an immersive experience with lively Sevillian orange, cedarwood and blossoming neroli.
    • Bushukan: A refreshing, zingy eau de toilette blended with citrusy bushukan and spicy black pepper.
  • Floral
    • Rosa Absolute: An opulent, floral eau de toilette, evoking romantic femininity with Italian red rose, spicy pink pepper and sweet vanilla.
    • Heavenly Ginger: Our much-loved heavenly fragrance is now available in an alluring eau de toilette, blended with ginger, jasmine and floral notes.
  • Woody
    • Russian Leather: Siberian pine oil mingles with sophisticated notes of leather accord, cade oil and birch in an intense eau de toilette.
    • Tobacco Absolute: A warm, woody eau de toilette that combines complex notes of Paraguayan tobacco, balsam and musk, lifted by a hint of vibrant grapefruit.
    • Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold: A heady eau de toilette fragrance with deep, rich aromas from the East.
  • Spicy
    • Re-charge Black Pepper: Our iconic spicy black pepper fragrance enhanced in a rousing eau de toilette with more natural notes for an intense, sophisticated and longer-lasting scent.
    • Fiery Pink Pepper: Our signature spicy pink pepperpod fragrance accentuated in an alluring eau de toilette, enhanced with more delicately balanced, complex aromas.
  • Aromatic
    • Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel: A sea-soaked fragrance for him immersed in notes of salt-sprayed cypress with earthy cedarwood and musk, refreshed with a modern twist of zesty bergamot and fig leaf accord.

Price: $100.00






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July 24, 2018

BeautyKind Donates 5% Of The Product Purchase Price To Their Customer’s Choice Of Charity

beautyblender sapphire

Image from:


BeautyKind, an online prime beauty retailer, gives 5% of the product purchase price on each and every purchase to a charity of their customer’s choice at no extra cost. Relaunched in May 2018, BeautyKind is under new leadership, bolstered by experienced marketing, brand and analytics teams and a fresh focus on revolutionizing the beauty industry through daily charitable efforts driven by its customers.

With more than 1.5 million partner charities, BeautyKind empowers customers to spread kindness and make an impactful difference. As part of the newly initiated #beautykindgives challenge, for example, customers can upload a video on their social channels sharing the importance of their favorite charity for an opportunity to be the Weekly Spotlight Winner and have $1,000 given by the BeautyKind Foundation to the highlighted charity in their name.

“While we are a beauty retailer first, our ultimate mission is to empower our customers to give back to the causes that matter most to them,” said Interim CEO, Neil Waterman, a father of three, including a son with Down Syndrome and a daughter with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. “We encourage people to Join the Movement, because together we truly can make the world a kinder place.” For more information, visit

With approximately 100 brands and counting available on its website, BeautyKind continues to carefully curate relationships with the coveted beauty brands its customers want and those who both embrace and embody BeautyKind’s passion for cause kindness. Under the direction of the new merchandising team led by Lisa Green, President of Beauty, the Company has recently brought on some of the biggest brand names in the industry (including Peter Thomas Roth, Stila, Philosophy, and beautyblender, among others), with exciting new additions scheduled in the coming months.

“We like to say ‘Beauty is our passion. Kindness is our cause’,” said Green. “After working in the beauty industry for more than 25 years, I felt compelled to make a positive impact.  That’s why I joined BeautyKind. Because everyone wants to be their most beautiful selves, but we also empower them to feel kind.  Collectively, we can help change the world, sparking a movement within this industry that is fueled by kind hearts and beautiful souls.”

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July 23, 2018

Male Model Makeover, Hottest Trend for Millennial Men

Male Model Makeover


We live in an age where lookism is a way of life. What would have once been considered “Hollywood-ready” is now considered to be a standard appearance for both men and women. The demand for plastic surgery among women has grown steadily throughout the world, and with it, so have the number of specializations plastic surgeons can take.

In recent years, one genre of plastic surgery in particular has taken off: male plastic surgery. From the year 2000 to 2017, the number of men who have requested to go under the knife increased by 76 percent on average. Just last year alone, over 250,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on men.

It’s becoming clear that men are beginning to embrace the plastic surgery boom, and that they are quickly turning into a coveted market demographic. Celebrity plastic surgeons like Dr. Steinbrech have taken notice of this new development and have worked to create custom procedures to help men reach their aesthetic goals.

One such example would be the Male Model Makeover, which is a series of filler injections developed by Dr. Steinbrech as a way to add contour to a man’s face. Due to the fact that it has instant effects, has no downtime, and has long-lasting effects, it’s become a favorite at his office.

How high the demand goes is shocking, even to Steinbrech himself. According to Dr. Steinbrech, the Male Model Makeover procedure has seen a 300% increase in requests since last year alone. This year, it is very likely to surpass that growth, making it one of the most popular male-oriented procedures in history.

Will this trend continue? What will happen to the plastic surgery world if it does continue? If numbers are correct, men could be the next big plastic surgery demographic throughout the country.

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July 23, 2018

Benefits of having timber floor in your home

When trying to figure out the best designs for your home, you go through various research processes, finding the perfect flooring for your house. Flooring for any house is very essential as everyone will notice it, and beautiful flooring can increase your aura by giving your house a finer touch. While having various options like granite, laminate, marble etc timber flooring is highly demanded and it provides your home a sophisticated and aesthetic look lasting for several decades. It is often recommended as the best choice. There are several benefits of choosing timber flooring for your home

Easy maintenance

A major advantage of timber (wood) flooring is that it is easy to clean and maintain than others. These can be cleaned daily and are also suitable for installing over a radiant heated concrete slab. These wood flooring does not accumulate much dust, dirt, debris, etc. sweeping or mopping is easy and can be done daily or couple of times a week. Laminate floor is very easy to clean and bears the brunt of moisture and scratching better than hardwood.

Beautiful look

This flooring type gives your floor the beautiful natural look that it needs. The color, grains of the floor increases the beauty of the room to the next level. This flooring brings prosperity and warmth to the home.

Better air quality

As the hardwood floors holds the advantage of not inducing dust, pollen, animal dander, allergens, they help to keep the air quality of the home a lot better. Even tiles and laminates have grout lines, which attracts dust particles and damage the air quality. Thus hardwood floor prevents formation of dust particles and keeps our home a lot cleaner and improves the air quality of our house.

Increase the value of your home

Having a timber floor, massively increase the value of your house. When you want to sell your house, having carpet flooring may cause many problems as the buyer may not want used carpets or old carpets. Having a nice wood flooring will attract most of the buyers and will make it easier to sell your house if needed as the floor designs are amazing and beautiful.

Color of the flooring

It can be seen that the color of many carpets will fade gradually over time. But in case of hardwoods, the color does not fade away giving the flooring a much longer life than the life of a carpet flooring.


Timber floor is very handy for those who are inexperienced in this field and the process of installation is also very easy. Thus makes it beneficial to apply this flooring than others.


This type of flooring offers a variety of designs, textures and finishes. They also offer unfinished and prefinished types of timber floors. You may choose according to your preference as both of them carry some advantages and some disadvantages. Beside many advantages, this flooring is also a very good insulator which helps in cold climates and makes it easier to apply. This is also water-resistant and most long lasting than all the flooring varieties.

Lasts longer

Timber floorings are the most long lasting floorings than any other. The rest floorings worn out very easily and tend to be damaged, but timber floorings last for decades and retain the value and character of it. If the timber floor develops any scratches then it can be renewed by applying various methods like sand or grind methods or by applying a fresh coat of urethane.


Though the initial investment for timber flooring is much higher than other flooring varieties, you will observe later that it is the most cost efficient method of flooring. Solid timber flooring is less expensive than all other methods when compared. Investment in timber floorings is like a lifetime investment and the flooring lasts for many decades whereas the average lifespan of a carpet is about seven to nine years.


With the advent of new timber harvesting methods, it is proving to be an eco-friendly method of flooring and is favored by the most. Due to the presence of several rules and regulations for the wood cutters, this is turning out to be an eco-friendly flooring method and is enhancing the market without causing degradation of the environment. Timber floors also hold the benefit of being made from old timber products which leads to recycling and use of old wooden products.

Thus we are able to see various benefits of using timber flooring in our house rather than other methods like granite, carpet etc. these several points given above prove that timber flooring is better and efficient and should be used by most of us. For further queries you can look for Timber Floor Polishing Brisbane and take a step forward and make your house a better place to live and increase its aura massively.

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July 23, 2018

Reese Witherspoon Wears The Mighty Company On Set For Big Little Lies!

Reese Witherspoon was recently spotted wearing The Mighty Company while filming season two of Big Little Lies! The actress looked 80’s chic wearing the Amalfi in pink ($557,
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