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April 17, 2018

SomaLuxe For The Face, For The Body, For The Hair and More

SomaLuxe Triple Collagen Eye Repair Gel with co-enzyme Q10 & peptides has captivated me.  As we all know, the skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate, so if you have not already, give it some extra TLC.

Eye Repair Gel

Eye Repair Gel

I have used eye creams before but never an eye gel. I took some time to do a little research on Eye Gel. This is what I found out.

Eye gels are light weight and  more soothing and cooling for tired eyes. They are better than creams for reducing puffiness. Eye gels are also absorbed  faster than creams so they leave less residue making it quicker to get your eye make up on.

The one problem that I have with using eye skin care products to stave off  fine lines and wrinkles is that I tend to get milia, tiny white bumps around my eyes. They are minuscule but they bother the heck out of me. They usually go away on their own but I prefer to have them removed as soon as possible by a professional. Both my esthetician and my dermatologist have told me to avoid eye creams as I am prone to the pesky keratin-filled milia.  They both suggested trying an Eye Gel.

SomaLuxe Triple Collagen Eye Repair Gel does not cause milia issues for me.  This is the top determinative factor in my  choice to spread the word about the product.

There are other reason like the power of the peptides that support the structure of the delicate skin surrounding the eyes and the antioxidant Q10.

Find out more about this product on the company website HERE 

brightening peptide serum

Brightening Peptide Serum

The SomaLuxe Brightening Peptide Serum is a favorite of many who need help to even out skin tone and correct dark spots.  One of the key ingredients in this products is Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4. That ingredient is effective against wrinkles but mild to the skin. So not only will the Brightening Peptide Serum give you an even skin tone, it helps battle wrinkles and hydrates.

Check out the website and find something you will love.






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April 17, 2018

Bondi Sands The Australian Tan 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam

Bondi Sands One Hour Express Tan is a salon quality Self-Tanning Foam. It’s a Quick Dry formula that smells like Coconut, like a very delicious  Coconut. It’s newly introduced and it’s my new preferred method of getting  a sexy tan.



It’s no secret that many of us look better with a tan. It’s also no secret that many of us suffer or have suffered from different types of skin cancer. Myself having survived three squamous cell skin cancer experiences. I had one Mohs surgery and two surgical excision procedures for invasive squamous cell cancers. This was all due to my long history of sun and tanning bed exposure during a time when I and most others simply didn’t know the dangers that existed. Thank goodness today we are better educated and have options for tanning like the One Hour Express Tan.

The website description of the Bondi Sands One Hour Express Tan is HERE. Notice they offer a Self Tanning Mitt also. The  Self Tanning application Mitt is the best way to ensure your tan is streak-free and your palms remain colorless. It’s washable and reusable.


Let’s watch as Bondi Sands tanning expert Molly takes us through a tutorial of  The One Hour Express. #bondisands @BondiSands @BondiSandsUS 

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April 17, 2018

Country Pop Artist Marta Has a Knack for Fashion Design

Country pop artist and fashion guru, Marta, has a knack for design. In her latest music video, “I Need A Love Story,” Marta designed one of the dresses she donned, giving an old prom dress new life. She also styled the entire video, taking inspiration from “Game of Thrones” and “Reign.” The video landed her an invite to the Berlin Fashion Film Festival where her video will be showcased July 13-14.



Marta released her music video for “I Need A Love Story” exclusively on Taste of Country Feb. 14. Since its release on Valentine’s Day, the video has received nearly one million views on YouTube.

“Marta creates a visually stunning clip using evocative mood lighting that perfectly underscores the gentle lilt of the song,” Sterling Whitaker, Taste of Country.

The video was filmed at the stunning Gloucester Cathedral, most famously used for Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter film series.

“I am really excited to release the music video for ‘I Need a Love Story”’,” said Marta. “I hope this song and video inspires people to find the strength to keep believing in love, even when they’re crying on the bathroom floor and have lost faith in it”.

Marta’s debut album, The Story, was released last Friday and features nine original and diverse songs that perfectly capture Marta’s tale. Her album can be heard here.

i need a love story, Marta

i need a love story, Marta

Keep up with Marta on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and visit her website at

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April 17, 2018

Olivia Holt Wears Modern Vice at Disney’s Pixar Fest

Olivia Holt was spotted wearing Modern Vice over this past weekend at Disney’s Pixar Fest. The actress looked so cute on stage wearing the Vice Bolt Boots in red as she joined the Toy Story cast on stage. ($298,

Olivia Holt at Disney's Pixar Fest

Olivia Holt at Disney’s Pixar Fest

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April 17, 2018

Erin Lim Wears 21HM Chained Denim Choker To Coachella

Erin Lim was photographed wearing 21HM to the REVOLVE Festival at Coachella. The E! host accessorized her festival look with 21HM’s Chained Denim Choker. ($37;
Erin Lim at Coachella

Erin Lim at Coachella

Erin Lim Wears 21HM To Coachella

Erin Lim Wears 21HM Chained Denim Choker 

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April 16, 2018

Fat Grafting 101: Your Guide To Facial Fat Transfer


Most people want to appear more youthful as they age, but time often tends to take a toll on someone’s face. The phrase “fat transfer” may sound unusual, but the fact is that it’s a healthy amount of facial fat that gives your face a youthful look. Whether you find yourself aging or have lost weight, you may discover that your cheeks or temples appear sunken, or that your face is lacking the youthful roundness it once had. If this sounds like you, you might be a candidate for fat transfer.

How Does Fat Transfer Improve Your Appearance?

In a culture where fat loss is a focus, it may seem strange to say that transferring fat to your face is a good idea. However, when you are young, facial fat is what’s responsible for smooth contours and the youthful “glow” that many young people have. As you age, these contours become less smooth. This is often due to a variety of factors. These factors include a number of things, including weight loss and gravity.

While getting a leaner-looking face as you age may sound appealing, the fact is that a rapid loss of facial fat will often lead to sunken-looking cheeks, circles under the eyes, and hollowed-out temples. With fat transfer, you can improve hollows in your face and smooth out the overall look of your complexion, making yourself look younger and more full of energy.

Where is the Fat Taken From?

This procedure is called “fat transfer,” but before you commit to undergoing it, you likely want to know where the transferred fat is coming from. The fat is transferred from another area of your body, typically from the thighs or stomach. This may sound off-putting, but the fact is that facial fat transfers generally involve small amounts of fat. Thus, while you will have two areas to heal–the site of the initial fat harvest and the transfer site–each area will be relatively small.

The harvesting of fat is typically done very inconspicuously, so you can expect little to no scarring from the procedure. Of course if you are concerned about scarring, be sure to talk to your surgeon–he or she may be able to help ensure that you have as little scarring as possible. And because the amount of fat taken from a different area of your body tends to be very small, you likely can work with your doctor to choose from a variety of areas of your body.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Facial fat transfer is a two=step procedure. In the first step, fat is taken from another area of your body, typically the thighs or stomach. This fat removal is accomplished through liposuction, in which a cannula, or slender tube, is inserted beneath your skin. The cannula then essentially vacuums fat from beneath your skin. Because the only incision in liposuction is the tiny hole the cannula makes, you likely will have either very little scarring or no scarring at all once the incision has healed. And because the amount of fat removed is very small, you also are not likely to notice a major difference in your body contours.

The second phase of the procedure is the transfer of the harvested fat to your face. The fat transfer involves injecting the collected fat under your skin. First, though, the fat is purified. Once it is injected, your surgeon will make sure that it’s spread evenly under your skin to ensure maximum smoothness and best results. And because the injection sites are so small, you won’t experience any lasting scarring.

This procedure is popular with those who want to look younger, but who don’t necessarily want to pursue major surgery on the bones of the face. Because it doesn’t involve your bones, recovery time is generally shorter than the recovery time for rhinoplasty or other major surgeries.

How Permanent Are the Results?

One of the main draws of facial fat transfer is the fact that it’s permanent. Barring extreme weight loss, the contours created by adding a bit of fat to your face are there to stay.

Therefore, facial fat transfer tends to be a preferred method compared to other methods of facial rejuvenation. Other methods tend to focus just on the surface level of your face, but this one works at a level below the skin to help ensure lasting results.

How Can I Choose a Surgeon?

If you have decided facial fat transfer is for you, or if you want to schedule a consultation to see if it’s the right option, your next big step is finding a surgeon.

However, this can often prove to be a difficult task. For many people, distance is understandably a limiting factor, as nobody has unlimited time and resources to travel thousands of miles to see a surgeon. If you have the finances and ability to travel far, though, it may be helpful to also search outside of your immediate geographic area.

You also will want to look at several examples of each surgeon’s work. You may find that, across even many types of patients, a given surgeon’s before and after pictures catch your eye. If this happens, it’s well worth giving this surgeon a closer look.

And lastly, as you search for surgeons, keeping your budget in mind is useful. Some offices may offer payment plans, and others may be able to refer you to a medical credit agency that can help you manage debt from the procedure.

Ready to Get Started?

If you miss your youthful facial contours and are ready to pursue fat transfer, you may be eager to find a surgeon. If you are in or near the Miami area, Dr. Bustillo may be a good choice for you. Andres Bustillo, M.D. is board-certified and well known for his expertise in various forms of facial surgery and other cosmetic procedures, including fat transfer.


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April 16, 2018

Pretty packaging for a Gold Standard Product

I love pretty things, including pretty beauty product packaging. Let me start by saying that the outer packaging of the RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream is, indeed, pretty. It’s gorgeously simple in a white box with an embossed cream colored tree branching over it with gorgeous red and gold flecks and leaves.

Did you know? The name Arbonne comes from a village in Switzerland, which has come to mean “beautiful tree.”

The gold on the box to me, signifies the “Gold Standard” of Arbonne Skin Care products. Yes, these skin care products provide for beauty regimens that reach the Gold Standard in skincare.

Treat your body to Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Retexturizing Serum Lotion

Our skin changes constantly during our 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s and beyond.  I am in my fifties and I love being in my fifties, but, skin sags when fat, collagen, and elastin break down. My favorite Los Angeles Dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu says “This is the decade of collagen loss and saggy skin.” So I am very selectively loading up on the right products for this stage of body and skin changes.

One of my favorite skin care products is the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream. The website description states, “This luxurious cream deeply nourishes the skin with hydration, formulated with red algae extract, to smooth the appearance of dimpled skin and promote a shapelier-looking silhouette.” “Hydrate” and “Nourish” are keywords here and Dimpled skin, yes, that’s cellulite.  One of the causes of cellulite is the structural changes in the collagen fibers which weaken as we age.

Aging is inevitable and a process which we need to embrace. Arbonne is there for us with products that are Vegan (Arbonne gets bunches of praise from me on that), Gluten Free, Dermatologist Tested, globally sourced and made in the US.

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream



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April 16, 2018

Shelly Cove, The beach inspired clothing line saving turtles

Shelly Cove is a laid-back but trendy clothing line that celebrates sea life while giving back.  “Our designs gravitate toward a comfortable relaxed fit on 100% cotton tees, with tasteful pastel sea life illustrations, and most importantly, regularly fund the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Sanctuary with a percentage of our profits.” explains Matt Schroeder Co founder, Shelly Cove.

Shelly Cove Clothing Aurora Long Sleeve Tee

Shelly Cove Aurora Long Sleeve Tee

“As a kid,” he says, “my parents would take me to Topsail Island, North Carolina every summer. Each year, we’d return to the same sea turtle sanctuary to visit all the marine life that had been saved.”

Matt says seeing so many recovering sea turtles was educational, awe-inspiring, and unforgettable. “Our love for the coast and its sea life turned into a million-dollar company. People have enjoyed our vacation-inspired designs so much that Shelly Cove has been able to donate over six figures in revenue to wildlife sanctuaries, homeless shelters, mental health initiatives, and more.”

Find out more about Matt and Shelly Cove here:




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April 16, 2018

Hair Restoration, 5 Things to Know About New Advances

Award winning doctor leads the way in hair restoration technique.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the average person loses around 100 hairs per day. For most people, those hairs grow back, but for millions of people they don’t, leading to a problem that may tend to make them feel self-conscious about their appearance. The good news is that there are options for those who experience hair loss, including hair restoration.

“Many of those experiencing hair loss assume they are stuck with it,” says Dr. John Kahen, founder of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR). “But there have been significant advances in hair restoration that are bringing newfound hope to many.”

The NIH reports that hair loss can happen for a number of reasons beyond growing older. They include certain disease, diabetes, lupus, family history, stress, or a number of other factors. The reasons why people experience hair loss or thinning can be vast, but the solutions are much simpler. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), there were over 133,000 people who had hair restoration in the U.S. in 2016, and that was a 18% increase over the prior year.

Each year many people are prescribed Propecia, a medication designed to stimulate hair growth and slow down baldness. However, Dr. Kahen says its side effects can impact one’s ability to perform their duties. Confusion, short-term memory loss, dizziness, weakness and headaches have been known to strike users as is a stymied libido and even impotence.

As more people learn about what hair restoration can do for them, they are opting to have the procedure. Hair restoration surgery involves taking hair you already have and using it to fill in the areas that are missing hair or have thinned. Dr. Kahen, who is a world-renowned hair restoration surgeon, is a pioneer and the leading expert in using the Platelet Rich Plasma technique, called SmartPRP®. His hair restoration technique uses the body’s own tissue regeneration mechanism to strengthen small hairs and stimulate growth of new follicles.

Smart PRP, a 30 minute procedure, can be performed as a standalone treatment or, in some cases, is combined with transplant surgery, which takes all day. Since Smart PRP® is a non-invasive procedure, patients generally return to work the next day. Hair transplants take longer to heal – generally 10 days — as the redness, swelling and scabbing fade. Cost of treatment varies based on the treatment(s) plan.

Here are 5 things to know about hair restoration.

Time. Many people think hair restoration is a process that will take a lot of time. The reality is that the procedure generally takes around an hour, sometimes less. Recent advances including Dr. Kahen’s SmartPRP® can generate results in as little as 30 minutes. Those who need a hair transplant will find it takes up to six hours for the surgery, depending on the extent of the baldness, and does require a longer recovery period.

Healing. Following hair restoration, patients may experience mild swelling of the scalp and redness that heal much quicker than with previous hair restoration techniques.

Candidate. Almost everyone is a candidate for hair restoration. While many people tend to think it’s men who get it, ISHRS reports that 39% of hair restoration surgeries that take place are done on women. Many women have thinning of the hair or hair loss, and they too are good candidates for restoration.

Advancement. Hair restoration has come a long way over the years. Today there are advanced technology procedures that are used. These help to improve the outcome, as well as recovery times.

Costs. The cost for hair restoration surgery depends on the extent of baldness, the age and overall health of the patient and the doctor’s level of experience. Oftentimes, financing is available.

“Those with thinning or balding hair often suffer from self-consciousness and, eventually, that can take its toll on one’s self-esteem,” added Dr. Kahen. “Being able to restore one’s hair can help the patient regain their confidence as I’ve witnessed over and over again.”

Dr. Kahen has performed thousands of hair restoration surgeries and has become one of the most sought-after doctors in the country. He has performed surgeries on business executives, physicians, dignitaries, and celebrities, among others. He has invented some of the most advanced restoration technology, including SmartPRP®. Located only 30 minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport, BHHR also offers a fly-in program, helping those who may be coming in from other states or countries for the procedure.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration offers effective options for those with thinning and balding hair. Their services include hair transplants, the platelet rich plasma technique, hairline lowering, facial body hair transplant, eyebrow transplant, female hair loss treatment, textured transplant options, and more. Their award-winning hair transplant services have helped thousands of people achieve life-changing results. For more information, visit their site at:


About Beverly Hills Hair Restoration: Founded by one of the most sought after hair restoration surgeons in the country, Dr. John Kahen, Beverly Hills Hair Restoration offers effective solutions for those with thinning and balding hair. They have a clientele that includes celebrities, dignitaries, and business executives, all achieving life-changing results. The center offers a superior patent pending technique developed by Dr. Kahen, known as Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration.

In addition to the SmartPRP®, BHHR offers hairline lowering, facial body hair transplant, eyebrow transplant, textured transplant options, and more. Their award-winning hair transplant services have helped thousands of people achieve life-changing results. For more information, visit their site at:

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April 14, 2018

Meghan Markle Health and Wellness and a Fashion Travel Essential

Meghan Markle, not too long ago,  posted a blog about her favorite travel essentials.  Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics were on her short list.

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Source WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“Always travel with a high strain probiotic and hydrate like you’re dying of thirst,” wrote Markle, showcasing the product and linking to the company’s website.  “This dynamic duo of probiotics and agua will keep your gut health in check and honestly stave off jet lag if you’re globetrotting on your travels.”

A reporter for Bustle unearthed this royal advice last month. It was not a paid placement and the probiotic company didn’t find out about it for another 30 days.  Suzanne Somers, Kris Carr, Melissa Wood and many other health-savvy devotees and beauty bloggers have made similar unsolicited recommendations of Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics.

Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics

Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics

Dr. Ohhira’s is a celebrity-and-healthcare-practitioner favorite due to its remarkable fermentation process and because it’s the only probiotic supplement on the market today that is actually a fermented food, containing live cultures and postbiotics.  Perfect for travel its probiotic power is contained in a small capsule and presented in convenient blister packs that DO NOT require refrigeration.     Also, glowing skin and radiant health, like those of the future Princess, can also be a benefit of taking a high quality probiotic.

Bustle posted this pretty scarf that Meghan travels with also.

Markle notes in a post from The Tig that she loves her scarves, specifically this one by Madewell. So pretty!

Madewell Cityguide Scarf

Madewell Cityguide Scarf



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