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November 15, 2017

IndyStyle WishTV “It’s a Glam Thing 2017 Holiday Gift Giving Guide”

Rainey's Closet

Rainey’s Closet

Hello Fresh
HelloFresh is the global leader in meal kit delivery, and this year launched HelloFresh Wine, a monthly wine subscription! Their wines, both reds and whites are chosen to pair with HelloFresh recipes as well as your own favorite recipes to bring out the best in any meal. You will enjoy wines from all over the world selected specifically for you! Online tasting notes with detailed flavor profiles will make you a wine expert in no time with no heavy lifting required! You’ll receive a curated box of 6 full size bottles (750ml) delivered to your door. You’re always in charge and can easily manage your account online. They also offer their popular meal kit delivery subscription, and curated kitchenware kits. HelloFresh is on the top of our 2017 Gift Giving Guide list for a unique way to send a gift to someone special this holiday season. Enjoy! Six bottles for $89.00

Rainey’s Closet Designer Children’s Clothing Rentals
Calling all Fashionista’s. Are you looking for the perfect outfit to dress your little one up in true celebrity style without the triple digit price tag? Well, you are in luck because Rainey’s closet is here! Rainey’s Closet offers special occasion rentals and coordinating accessories for children. Consider it your child’s dream closet. They give you access to limited run designer clothing, hard to find styles, and made to match accessories. Here’s how it works: Browse by category, size, brand, reservation date, or color. Next, pick your dates.  (Day 1: Receive items, Day 2: Try on, Day 3: Event! Day 4: Return.)  Lastly, add accessories to complete the perfect look and reserve your outfit for 4 or 8 days. Whether it’s a Holiday party or event, a photo session, first birthday, or flower girl outfit, Rainey’s closet has everything you need to bring you and your child’s vision to life. Full of glam and glitz Rainey’s closet is one of our It’s a Glam Thing Holiday Gift Giving Guide favorite picks!  Prices range from $4.00 to $120.00 and above. Rainey’s closet

Ronica Saving Baby Memories Forever

For baby this holiday season consider one of Ronica’s baby growth journal or scrapbook gift sets. Ronica makes it easy for moms, dads and grandparents to document all of baby’s milestones. Simply follow the guided steps and don’t stress about having to fill blank pages. Saving your baby’s memories is intentionally easy and fun with the Ronica Baby Journal, Scrapbook and sticker sets so you have more time to enjoy precious moments with your baby. Ronica is one of our favorites products and included in our 2017 Gift Giving Guide for baby. Prices start at $12.97


Real Saints & Sinners
When trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one we all experience the occasional stump. Especially when it’s for that someone special in your life that has everything. What do you buy that is unique and useful at the same time? I have the perfect gift! Saints & Sinner’s hair care products. Every man, woman, and teen want great hair! Saints & Sinners illuminati is the first product to successfully accomplish holographic properties in hair care. All their products are free of gluten, parabens, phthalates, iron oxides, mineral oil, synthetic colors, nut ingredients, palm oil and cruelty free. I really love this product line because they have something for everyone and every hair type. Be a saint this holiday season and give the gift of Saints & Sinners hair products. It would be sinful not to!

Julee’s DIY on the FLY – Dip Mix Ornaments

Looking for a simple, fun, and inexpensive gift to give someone special this holiday season? I have the perfect solution and it’s something so simple you can do it with your kids. Dip mix ornaments! A sweet and yummy gift you can make using ingredients already found in your kitchen. Step 1: Purchase food safe ornaments. (I found mine from Michael’s craft stores.) 2: Make your favorite dip recipe’s (Dill, Herb, Italian, Bacon, Southwestern etc.)3. Fill your ornaments with your handmade dip mix. 4. Decorate your ornament or tie a ribbon on top. 5. Package your Dip Mix Ornaments in a wooden box, gift bag or gift box with a handmade card. Price under $20

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November 15, 2017

6 ways that you can pursue your creative dreams

In life, it is important to invest in your creativity. Getting creative is a fantastic way for you to boost your brain power, your confidence levels, and your chances of success. In fact, it is rare to find a successful person who hasn’t learnt how to harness their creativity. If you are an ambitious individual, with grand plans about the life that you are going to lead, you will need to read on. Below are six ways that you can pursue your creative dreams.

Put pen to paper

Everyone, without exception, has a story to tell. Perhaps you haven’t found your story yet. Or, perhaps you know exactly what it is. If you have any ideas, no matter how vague, you should pursue this creative ambition. Writing is a brilliant way for you to express yourself. It can help you to work through your problems and process your emotions. It can also provide you with the perfect escape from the stresses and strains of daily life. Why not finish every day with an hour or two of writing? You don’t even have to read through your work. Instead, you should embrace the concept of a rough draft. Try not to obsess over your mistakes; you might be able to learn from them at a later date. If you are really struggling to put pen to paper, why not join a creative writing class? This will give you the opportunity to talk to likeminded individuals. It will also help you to get constructive feedback on your work. Alternatively, you could try working on a wide range of projects. This will save your writing from feeling like a job. You might begin to have favorite projects and abandon others completely. The important thing is that you save all of your work for future reference.

Find creative ways to capture the world around you

Another option is photography. This is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a hobby or a new career path. Your first step will be to invest in high-quality equipment. This will act as an incentive for you to persevere with your creative ambitions. You should also take your camera everywhere you go. Try working with a number of different subjects. You could take pictures of interesting landscapes or close up shots of your loved ones. Over time, you should get a clearer idea of the kind of photos you like to take. Your personal tastes will also be easier to understand if you pay attention to the work of other photographers. Why not follow high-profile professionals via social media? This will give you the chance to receive regular updates on their work. You could even set up your own social media profiles. There is no better platform for you to interact with your audience. You might even secure bookings from people who are particularly impressed by your photographs. Even if you are only taking photos for fun, you should still be aiming for a professional end result.

Discover your passion for art

Art is a wonderful resource for stimulation and inspiration. Make sure that you are using it to your advantage. Why not visit your local art galleries and see what you find there? Try to identify at least one piece that speaks to you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional critic to have an opinion. However, if you are feeling intimidated, you should consider taking a loved one with you. Invite someone with the same amount of experience as you. This will give you a person to bounce your ideas off, without having to worry about saying the wrong thing. If you become really interested in the world of art, you could always start your own blog. This could be the perfect way for you to voice your opinions.

Alternatively, you could run a social media account that promotes different artists. You could also have a go at creating your own art. When you begin, try to explore as many different mediums as possible. The great thing about being creative is not having to limit yourself. You may find that you are an exceptional sketch artist, who is terrible at watercolor. Or, you may have a talent for surrealism, but really struggle when it comes to creating a realist work. Once you have found your specialist area, you could try to secure commissions and use your artistic abilities to bring in an extra income.

Make the world a more beautiful place

If you have an interest in the beauty industry, now is the perfect time for you to pursue your dreams. More and more people are taking care of their appearance, and you could be just the person to help them on their journey. Although the beauty industry is a competitive place, there are plenty of avenues for you to explore. One option is to start your own beauty blog. This could be a place where you review all of the latest releases and provide step by step guides to achieving incredible looks. However, if you prefer talking to writing, you could begin a YouTube channel. Then, you could use your channel to communicate directly with your audience. Once you have built up an impressive following, you may even find that beauty brands pay you to discuss their products.

You could also consider working as a personal stylist, a window dresser, a fashion designer, or a makeup artist. If you are unsure which career path would suit you, why not try a series of work experience placements? This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn about the different areas of the beauty industry. It could help you to decide which role will provide you with the chance to let your imagination run wild. You should also look for a strong role model to keep you motivated. Find out about their journey and try to emulate their success. You should look for someone who has had a positive impact on the beauty industry and has worked extremely hard to get where they are.

Make beautiful music

One of the most incredible ways for you to fulfil your creative potential is by making your own music. What better way for you to express your opinions and let out your emotions? If you are searching for complete creative freedom, you could consider making your own music? You can buy beats online, then write whatever lyrics you desire. Whatever you do, don’t limit yourself to one song. Instead, challenge yourself to create an entire album. This will ensure that you end up with a project that you can truly be proud of. Once you have finished your creative undertaking, you could share it with your family and friends. You could also post it online and give other people the chance to download it. You could even launch your own YouTube channel and think about shooting a music video. The great thing about working independently is that you get to decide how far a project goes. You also have the opportunity to take time over your work, until you are completely satisfied with what you have created. Even if you are hesitant to share your project with other people, it could still be a wonderful achievement for you to celebrate in private. Or, if you are feeling really confident, you could work with other artists and help them to find their own sound.

Enjoy a little drama

If you would like to improve your levels of self-confidence, work through your feelings, or engage with others in an emotional way, you should consider taking up acting. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to explore an activity that is certain to push your boundaries. If you are just getting started, you could sign up for an acting class or an amateur production. Try to find a group of people who are taking a similar approach to you. If you are looking for fun, you don’t want to be stuck with a group of serious thespians. Equally, if you are hoping to challenge yourself, you don’t want to be surrounded by people who are only there for a good time.

Once you have mastered the basics, you could have a go at auditioning for serious parts. You might not land any lead roles, but you will be getting valuable experience. If you are really struggling to secure even a minor part, you could always try out as an extra. This will help you to understand what it is like to be part of a huge production and will provide you with important contacts in the entertainment industry. Alternatively, you could totally embrace your creative side and write your own dramatic piece. Perhaps you could create a play or pen an entertaining sitcom. This will give you the chance to take on the role of your dreams. It will also save you from waiting around for someone else to notice your talent.

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November 15, 2017


The holiday season is upon us. Time to get out your collections of Santas, Dickens Village, nutcrackers, holiday themed hand towels and more, right? Not necessarily! For those of us who don’t have the time to deck out our house with Santas and true “holiday only” decorations only to take take it all down again just a few short weeks later, there is a another option.  It’s called decorating for the winter season. It’s all about cozy, or as the Danes say: hygge. What does that mean? It means enjoying life’s simple pleasures: family, friends, a warm fire and a hot toddy. The Danish winters are long and cold, so finding joy in the every day and creating a cozy place to wait out the cold is a major part of Danish culture, one that we should all embrace!

How can you incorporate some ‘hygge’ into your winter décor? There are so many elegant and tasteful ways. Here are just a handful:

Keep the hearth fires burning

If you have a fireplace, mantlepiece, whether wood burning or not, make it the focal point of the room! Even if it doesn’t work and you don’t have a gas or electric insert, you can still decorate it with logs and pine boughs, maybe a fake candle or two (to avoid any chance of logs catching fire!), adding elegance and warmth to the room

Pump up the luxury

Faux fur throws, jewel toned velvet window treatments to replace the airy summer ones, or how about luxurious velvet pillows? Add warm wall color and texture with easy to install wall panels from Vänt and then keep going! It’s all about adding glamor to make your home feel like a castle. Shimmering crystal and glass should be included and don’t forget your hardwood floors! A gorgeous, thick rug will add a lot of warmth to any room. Baskets of blankets or throws draped over chairs and couches sit at the ready, waiting for you to cozy up with one of them and a cup of tea.

Rustic decorations

If the luxury look isn’t quite your thing, another option is to go completely rustic: mason jars with tea lights, old wine bottle crates for storage, enamel basins filled with pine cones… like transplanting an old time general store into your living room, with all the little details that go with that.

Wall art galore

Adding wall art is a quick and easy way to add a dash of the season without going overboard. Framed images of sayings that refer to winter, and not the holidays… Such as? “When the weather outside is frightful…” Or how about adding more family photos of your family in a winter setting: skiing, skating, or building a snowman! If you have too much in the way of bare walls that seem cold and uninviting, consider adding some Vänt wall panels. They will warm up the space to no end, without committing to colors and styles that will be ‘out’ come March.

Bring in a little nature

You don’t have to add a Christmas tree necessarily but instead, decorate with silver birch logs and twigs, pine boughs and so on. There’s no need to add Christmas-y accents to these either. Instead, white lights and a few berries go a long way. And if you still prefer a natural wreath on the front door, there is an easy solution! A twig wreath spray painted silver and white or white and gold will carry you through the season!

The power of scent and colo

Cinnamon, clove, pine needles and ginger: the scents of the season are a great way to bring together the whole décor without overdoing the Christmas motif. If you’re using a lot of white, which can look a little spare, you can add pops of color to draw the eye: either traditional cranberry red set against more natural greens and whites, or go completely different and choose warm shades of orange, yellow and burgundies for accessories including pillows and throw blankets.

Let there be light

Nothing says winter dreariness like dark, poky rooms, so let in the light. Use furniture and accents with glass and mirrors, which reflect natural light or the glow from your mason jar tea lights! Darker evenings can make a space seem closed in, but with the right glow from lights or that brand new chandelier you’ve been coveting, you can take your space from dreary to delightful throughout the longer winter months. Strands of lights once only reserved for lighting up Christmas trees have found a new home on mantles and inside glass canisters and are a great way to add some ambiance to your space.

So get your ‘hygge’ on and give your home some seasonal updates that even Mrs. Clause would approve of!

Bee Heinemann is the Interior Decorating Expert at Vänt Wall Panels. Vänt Wall Panels completely transform a room in just minutes. Inspired spaces make for inspired living. It’s the most innovative, cost and user-friendly wall décor system ever created. They’re perfect for every room in the house from the kitchen and bedroom to the living room and office. Learn more at You can follow them InstagramFacebook,Twitter,Pinterest.

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November 15, 2017

Tips for 30-Plus Women to Keep Active and Healthy Other Than Exercise

Women are no strangers to juggling the demands of work and home. When you are in your 20s, you can manage the impact of not eating on time, missing meals, not exercising, etc., however, when you are in your 30s, these indiscretions are likely to hit your health hard. Some valuable tips on remaining fit and healthy when you are in your 30s:

Boosting Your Metabolic Rate

When you reach your 30s, your metabolic rate dips and consequently, your entire body experiences a slowdown. You may find yourself gaining weight and finding it difficult to shed the extra pounds. This is the time you should be looking to revamp your diet and balance your intake of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Increase the proportion of protein and complex carbs to enhance your metabolic rate and potential for burning calories. Your diet should ideally comprise 60-70% carbs, one-third of which should be complex while the rest should be protein and fats. Make breakfast the meal of the day and keep your dinner light.

Keep Your Fiber Intake High

With advancing age, it becomes increasingly important for you to regulate your metabolism and blood sugar level. You should include in your diet high-fiber foods like fruits and vegetables and decrease the amount of saturated fats and processed foods that contain a lot of salt and preservatives for better weight management. You should also have a check done for hormone levels as well as thyroid dysfunction so that they can be addressed with suitable medication. If your doctor advises, you can go ahead and buy steroids for better fitness.

Enhance Your Energy Level

When you reach your 30s, you no longer seem to have the same energy as before even though you are trying to follow a nutritious diet. This could very well be due to anemia or a deficiency of iron in your body. Typically, such deficiencies are caused by loss of blood during menstruation and also due to childbirth. It is very easy to treat iron deficiency naturally; all you have to do is to include in your diet foods that are rich in iron such as beans, pumpkin seeds, peas, green vegetables, poultry, and meat. Treating iron deficiency is also important to keep your mental alertness and cognitive abilities in order.

Keep Your Bone Density from Declining

It is typical for the aging process to result in a decline in bone density making them more prone to fractures. This reduction in bone density occurs due to the fall in the level of estrogen and can be countered by increasing the intake of calcium along with Vitamin D. Milk, yogurt, cheese, almonds, broccoli, chia seeds etc. are excellent sources of calcium. Vitamin D can be found in fish oil, mushrooms, soy milk, and eggs, to name a few common sources.


The secret of maintaining good health, successfully managing weight and energy levels is to appreciate that when you are in your 30s, your body undergoes various changes that can only be addressed with better dietary control and lifestyle changes.

Author Bio: Alexandra Adams is a nutritionist who writes regularly in health and fitness magazines. Her advice for women is to eat and exercise right, and if required then buy steroids to regain their fitness.

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November 14, 2017

Susan Sarandon Wears Zvelle Again!

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 14, 2017 – Susan Sarandon wore Zvelle recently on the Kathie Lee & Hoda show in New York City while promoting her new filmThe Bad Moms Christmas star accented her monochromatic look with Zvelle’s Adventure Boots ($178, This is the second time Susan has been spotted wearing Zvelle. 
Photo credit Getty Images
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November 14, 2017

Enter It’s a Glam Thing’s November Surprise Beauty Box Giveaway

July Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive an It’s a Glam Thing Beauty Box™ (valued at over $200.00). Your Beauty Box™ will include the newest, most unique, tested and true beauty products that we love and adore. Each box will include a selection of Full Size products chosen especially for you from our team of beauty experts. Enter today!



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November 13, 2017

Festive Findings – 7 Fantastically Unique Ways to Add a Splash of Fun to Your Next Party

With the festive period creeping around the corner, most of us will be celebrating the end of the year by attending a medley of Christmas and New Years parties. Whilst this time of the year is already an exhilarating one, why not go that extra mile to inject even more fun into your next festive party and make it one that people will truly never forget?

In this article, we will be looking at 7 fantastically unique ways to add a splash of fun to your next party, so read on to find out more!


  • Say Cheese!


No, we aren’t talking about a cheeseboard (although those are absolutely delicious and a fantastic addition to any party). We’re talking about photo booths. If you’re hosting a party, why not look for the best photo booth hire in Sydney?

Photobooths are an excitingly fun addition to any event, as guests can let their hair down and bring home memories of the party in the form of photographs. Most reputable photobooth companies also offer customisable designs, ensuring that the festive spirit is kept in sync with your party. Next time you throw a party, say cheese!

  1.         Bring On The Games!

Contrary to popular belief, party games are not just for children. Now more than ever, people want to let loose, so why not offer a variety of games for your guests to entertain themselves with? Whether it’s giant Jenga, Cards Against Humanity or some simple icebreaker games, your guests are sure to enjoy themselves that much more when some entertainment is provided.

  1.          Light It Up

Nothing feels more magical than attending a party that is tastefully lit with lanterns, fairy lights and christmas lighting. The end of the year is a time where we can truly go crazy with our party decors, so don’t sell yourself short.

Dust off those old fairy lights or christmas lights and get decorating! A beautifully decorated venue also ensures beautiful photos, leaving you with fantastic memories that you can look back on for years to come.

  1.    Perfect That Punch Bowl

Who doesn’t like a good party Punch Bowl? Liven your drinks up by creating exotic concoctions and using ingredients such as Pomegranates, Cherries and Oranges. A great tip is to leave your punch and fruit to steep overnight, as this will ensure a delicious, fruity result the next day.

  1.       Don’t Forget To Plan Your Music

According to the party planning pros, it doesn’t hurt to plan your music ahead of time. Creating playlists on Spotify or Apple Music can help take some of the stress of hosting a party off your shoulders, as everything is pre-planned and you won’t have to be stressing out over choosing songs to keep your guests entertained. Start things out mellow, and gradually increase the pace and mood of your music as the night progresses.

  1.    Provide Awesome Party Food

Most parties cater to the usual tastebuds – sausages, sandwiches, chips and so on. But guess what? Party food doesn’t always have to be the same thing. Why not jazz your mefinger foods, nu up with some fancy (yet simple to make) canapes, desserts and DIY stations where people can make their own Sushi and Tacos? The possibilities are endless, and your belly will thank you.

  1.    Last But Not Least – Door Gifts

Including some door gifts for people to take home after the night has ended is great way to wrap things up. It could just be a goodie bag, or maybe even some customised treats for your guests to bring home. It all depends on your budget, but fret not because there is always something even for the smallest of budgets.


With these 7 amazing ways in which you can add a splash of fun to your next party, your guests, friends and family will not know what’s hit them! Make the next event a memorable one, and enjoy the end of year festivities!


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November 13, 2017

Is Sex Good for Hair Growth? Yes! Here’s Why



Let’s talk about sex. More specifically, sex and hair growth. Let’s face it – over the course of our lives we’re told a hundred things – sex is good, sex is bad. Sex will cause your hair to fall out. Wait, what?

No! Actually, sex won’t cause your hair to fall out. And in fact, just the opposite is true: sex helps hair to grow, and can help to prevent hair loss. Let’s explore sex and its benefits to your body, then we’ll look at how sex improves hair growth.

Sex and Hair Growth: The Myths

Most of us live in a society that accepts sexual activity as the norm, and thank goodness for that! But it wasn’t always this way. The more reserved generations before ours attached a stigma to sex. They were a bit more apprehensive about sexuality, and as a result, many myths were created.

Here’s one you’ve probably heard: first-time sex hurts women. This myth was perpetuated to deter young women from having sex. The truth is that sex is just as likely to hurt the first time as it will any other time. In other words, no sex should hurt, not even the first time.

Here’s one more. “Don’t masturbate! You’ll go blind and get hairy palms!” Obviously, this isn’t true. There are plenty of people who masturbate and can still see. But our more puritanical ancestors wanted to discourage the act, so the myth was born.

We mentioned that it’s been thought that sex causes hair loss, and that that’s a fallacy. The reasoning behind this myth was that the loss of seminal fluid in men would lead to a protein deficiency. That’s since been proven untrue; the amount of protein lost during ejaculation is negligible. It’s not enough to impact hair growth.

There may be a tiny bit of truth to that second myth, though. While it’s blatantly false that your palms will grow hair, it’s been shown that sex does help hair to grow. Not on your palms, but on your head. (No, not that head, silly. Your scalp. Come on.)

So how does sex help your hair? Well, it benefits your hair’s health in a lot of ways! Let’s look at a few of the many reasons why sex is just so darn good for you, then we’ll examine what makes sex good for hair health, too!

Good News… Sex is Good for You!Is sex good for you?, 

Now that our culture is a little more disposed to accept sex as a commonplace, natural and enjoyable activity, we see it everywhere. You can’t read an article on the internet or browse through a magazine without seeing mention of sex, or the benefits of sex.

But in case you’ve stayed away from this media, let’s take a minute for a refresher course. What are the benefits of sex, and how does it impact your health? More importantly, how does it affect your hair loss or hair growth?

First of all, sex provides many physiological benefits. That’s just a fancy way of saying “physical benefits.” Here are just a few:

  • Sexually active people are less likely to get sick. Their immune systems are boosted, and they’re less likely to contract viruses like the flu.
  • Sex improves bladder control. When you have sex, you’ll be strengthening your pelvic floor. Your pelvic floor is the group of muscles that holds up your bladder, uterus, rectum and vagina.
  • Sex can be counted in your exercise routine! Sex certainly won’t replace your regular workout, but you’ll burn about 5 to 8 calories per minute when you have sex.
  • It’s a natural painkiller. The hormones that are released when you orgasm will act as a natural pain blocker. So the next time your honey says, “but I have a headache,” remind her that sex can help!
  • Sex can prevent cancer. The risk for certain types of cancer are proven to be reduced by a sexually active lifestyle. The most frequently cited of these cancers in medical studies are prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in both men and women.

So you see, there are benefits to having sex. Besides, it’s fun, and a great way to connect with your partner. But what about hair? How does sex increase hair growth?

Sex Hormones and Hair Growth

Before we go into specifics about sex hormones, there are a few points we need to review. First of all, while some hair thinning can be blamed on your genes, there are many ways to counter this. A healthy vitamin supplement will help to promote hair growth. Proper diet and exercise will, too. Just because you have “bald genes” does not mean that all is lost.

Secondly, both men’s and women’s bodies have the hormones estrogen and testosterone. It’s usually assumed that testosterone is a “man’s hormone” and estrogen is only found in females. That’s untrue. Levels of each hormone are found in your body, regardless of sex.

So how does that relate to sex hormones and your hair? Well, it’s commonly thought that a sharp rise in testosterone can affect the efficacy of follicles. In other words, when your testosterone levels rise, you lose hair. There are many activities which can raise those levels. Working out is one. Sex is another.

So does that mean that sex will make you lose hair? Nope! Just the opposite, in fact. In both men and women, the levels of estrogen in the body will increase during sex. Estrogen will counter the effects of testosterone. It’s like a natural antidote to hormonal hair loss.

In short, your body is hardwired with hormones which can cause hair loss. But having sex can boost the hormones which will have just the reverse effect. Estrogen isn’t just a “women’s hormone.” Sex is a natural remedy!

Before You Have Sex…

Now you know that sex is good for both your body and for the health of your hair. But before you rush off to get between the sheets, there are a few risks to consider.

First of all, you’ve seen the commercials. “Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough to have sex.” Truer words have never been spoken, and it’s not just your heart health. If you have concerns about your general health, be sure to talk with your doctor before you begin a sexual relationship. Your personal safety isn’t worth it; there are other ways you can help regrow your hair!

Secondly, it’s important to note that some libido-boosting and male enhancement supplements can actually contribute to balding. You probably know that some prescription drugs for hair loss can contribute to low sex drive. Propecia is a good example of this. But did you know that the opposite is true?

Drugs and supplements which are marketed to enhance male libido can carry a number of side effects, and hair loss is one of them. It’s counterproductive to take a supplement which causes hair loss in an attempt to grow hair. Be sure to check the ingredients list before adding any supplement to your routine.

Warnings aside, if you’re looking for a natural (and fun!) way to increase your hair growth, try sex! It carries awesome benefits for your body and your relationships, and sex improves hair health, to boot! What better excuse do you need?

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November 13, 2017

Fitness Basics Women Should Know Before Starting on a Weight-Loss Program

If you are thinking about seriously losing weight, it is natural that you are considering going to the gym. However, you should know that everyone does not benefit from exercise in the same way. There is also a tendency for you to end up doing a lot many exercises like stationary bike and treadmill that are not really the greatest for losing weight significantly. Unless you are clued up on what you should or should not be doing, it is unlikely that you would ever get to your goal. Some insights:

Burning More Calories Than You Consume Is Essential

Burning more calories than what you consume is the bedrock of weight loss, however, the way you exercise plays a really big role. Shorter and more intense workouts are far more effective in burning calories than exercises done over a longer time but in a more relaxed fashion. The choice of the exercises that you select for losing weight can mean the difference between success and failure.

Burning Fat Is the Key to Losing Weight

The body has multiple sources of fuel; carbs, protein, and fat. When you exercise, the body first uses carbohydrates before using any other form of stored energy. Typically, fat follows carbs in the calorie burning sequence and you tend to burn fat normally only in the last stages of a high-intensity workout when you are really sweating it out. The problem is that many of the really popular workouts don’t result in significant amounts of fat being burnt. You can also explore the benefits that you can derive from legal steroids.

Doing your gym’s basic fitness and yoga classes are not going to do anything to shave off your weight, even though they have their own other benefits. You should also know that that average group fitness classes in gyms don’t obviously address your specific needs and tend to over-train you. Group sessions, however, are great motivators and help you to follow an exercise routine that is consistent, though from the point of weight loss, sweating it out in this way is by and large unproductive.

Lifting Weights Has No Direct Fallout on Weight Reduction

Lifting weights or any other form of strength training is a technique that will enable you to grow your muscles and while that is not necessarily a bad thing, it may not be the fastest way of achieving significant weight loss. Yes, it is true that you will burn more calories than before because of the extra muscle mass, which, in the long-term can be beneficial to losing weight. Similarly, typical gym exercises like CrossFit, Pilates, and yoga as well as boot camps are not recommended for losing weight, even though they have their own benefits.


Unfortunately, there is no one exercise that you can do for ensuring the best loss of weight. However, according to experts, the best option is to use a combination of high-intensity cardio with strength training for burning off fat in the fastest way possible and building the muscles that will add to your shape.

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November 12, 2017

Karim Orange teams with Vapour Organic Beauty

The Inner Orange Spark and Crave Collections

“My clients are always amazed by how I’m able to transform them with such a little amount of makeup. I do this by practicing a holistic approach to artistry, that I have coined as ‘Low Beauty’. ”

— Karim Orange

What happens when a two-time Emmy Award nominee make-up artist, who knows a thing or two about the products we put on our body to make us look good develops a violent reaction to an everyday product?? She makes it her mission to fully understand the dangerous effects that chemicals and unnecessary ingredients have on our body. Leading the charge for increasing transparency in the personal care industry and advocating for more choices for women who do not want to sacrifice beauty for fear of harmful chemicals and additives, she teams with cosmetic company Vapour Organic Beauty; a company committed to creating cosmetics that are safe and creates Inner Orange Beauty. The results are magical!

Karim Orange believes in ‘Low’ Beauty and ‘Low’ Beauty Makeup Artistry. Three holistic elements are incorporated to achieve maximum results.

Step 1:             Use products with the least amount of undesirable ingredients. She uses the Premium Body Care Unacceptable Ingredients guidelines by Whole Foods Market as a parameter for this.

Step 2:            Use the least amount of products to get maximum results. If you are using 10 products, she’ll get you to 7, if you use 5 she’ll get you to 3…. and you will be amazed as to how much better you look with the simplicity!

Step 3:             Use products that have minimal amount of carbon footprint in the production and packaging….good for both you and the planet.

The Inner Orange Spark and Crave Collections are comprised of three products each: Aura Multi-Use, Elixir Lip Gloss and Solar Translucent Bronzer.  The formulas are 70% organic, easily blend-able and layer-able. I tried the Spark and I would also try the Crave, so don’t be afraid of the darker color palette! I found myself using them as eye shadows, blush, contouring, and lipsticks and was having a blast playing with them. And better than the fun I was having playing with them was the glow I noticed I had…not heavily made up but fresh, natural, like I had just been to the spa or gym. And definitely emphasizing all my assets…with staying power! Finding a makeup that lets me look gorgeous naturally and skips the toxins? I am building a shrine to Karim! As well as following and  I have a feeling I will be learning a lot from her in my continuing journey to become holistically hip!


Post by: Kathy Hodge


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