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August 25, 2017

Keeping Your Kids from Infecting One Another With Pink Eye

If one of your children have woken up with eyes that have a milky film over the cornea, a thick crust in the corner of the eye, and the whites of their eyes are a bright pink hue you are going to need to move very rapidly. Pink eye is a contagious eye infection that can affect both children and adults. Since this infection can be transferred easily, you’ll need to do some cleaning and quarantining if you don’t want your entire household to suffer from the same affliction. The signs of pink eye manifest only a day or so after infection, so clean up any bedding that poses a risk and tell your children what they can do to get better faster. This is how you may be able to isolate your child who has pink eye and keep him or her from spreading the infection to other members of your family.

Prevent Pink Eye from Being Spread by Hand

Children have a habit of touching everything they see. They also need to be reminded to wash their hands regularly. Since pink eye is an infection that can be highly irritating, kids may rub their eyes repeatedly to soothe them. If those same hands are used to play with toys or come in physical contact with another child in your household, this highly contagious eye infection will spread. Have hand sanitizer available for your child to use regularly, so you can hand keep your other children from getting pink eye.

Clean Bedding to Prevent Pink Eye

When you have a child suffering from pink eye, you will need to treat the infection and keep it from transferring to others living in your house. The first place that you should treat is the bed. Clean your child’s bed linens every day so that there are fresh and infection free sheets and pillow cases for your child to use. This will aid your child in getting over his or her case of pink eye faster, and also limit the possibility of someone else coming down with this contagious eye disease.

Limiting the Interactions of Children with Pink Eye

Although you don’t want your child to be self-conscious about having pink eye, you do need to prevent them from spreading the disease. Children with contagious cases of pink eye need to be pulled out of school until they are cleared by their pediatricians. Cancel any play dates you have had planned and postpone parties until your child has completely recovered. The good news is that pink eye doesn’t take longer than one week to clear up, and in some instances, pink eye stops being contagious after a few days.

Caring for a child who has pink eye will mean doing lots of laundry. Keep your child’s eyes treated with medicated cream so that they don’t need antibiotics. Children get pink eye a lot and there are few households that have never been affected by the infection, so just take the necessary precautions to get rid of it quickly.


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August 25, 2017

Alessandra Ambrosio Wears Sanctuary!



New York, NY – August 22, 2017 – Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted wearing Sanctuary in New York City last week. The supermodel was seen out and about looking casual with Laurent Boyfriend Flannel wrapped around her waist paired with denim cutoffs and a muscle tee ($79,


Photos (Instagram)

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August 25, 2017

Go Humble, Give Smiles Humble Brush – creating change one toothbrush at a time


We all have to get up in the morning and brush our teeth, but what if that bathroom essential could mean more than just keeping our mouths healthy and clean? Start a Humble Revolution with Humble Brush – the effective, safe product with an innovative twist. A sustainable, bamboo toothbrush, get that thorough clean while keeping it green, and contributing to making a real difference in the lives of people in need across the world.

Handcrafted, each brush addresses two major issues with toothbrushes today: leaving an environmental footprint and not everyone owns one. On a mission to help address these problems, Humble Brush isn’t just kind to the planet, they are helping others in need. Every Humble Brush purchased goes toward children in need participating in a comprehensive preventive oral care program.

Founded by a small group of dentists from different parts of the world, The Humble Co. was created from a shared commitment to oral health and an understanding that it’s not necessary to harm our environment just to brush our teeth properly. From Jamaica to Ethiopia, each dentist was already involved in dental outreach volunteer work.


Last year, The Humble Smile Foundation traveled to Matola, Mozambique – one of the poorest and most underdeveloped countries – to educate the community on preventive oral health care. Teaming up with the International Association of Dental Students (IADS) and Sunshine Approach, Humble Smile helped two primary schools, an orphanage and a shelter to child victims of human trafficking, focus on habit change, the introduction of tooth brushing to the daily school routine, handwashing, and educating to healthy nutritional choices. Over 1,274 children were screened for oral disease and hundreds of cavities were treated with Silver Diamine Fluoride. Sharing ideas for preventive strategies with policymakers, Humble Smile was an integral part of Sunshine & Smiles – check out the full experience here.  

Starting in September, the team behind the Humble Story will be making a journey across the U.S. to raise awareness about their efforts, and to educate communities on the importance of preventive oral care. 

The Humble Brush is available in more than 20,000 stores around the world with major retailers including Waitrose, Rossman, Whole Foods UK, Carrefour, Douglas, Mothercare and many more. Humble Brush is also available across the US for the price of $4.99.

Follow Humble Brush:




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August 24, 2017

Why Designer Nails Are More in Style Than Ever Before

stylish nails

Why Designer Nails Are More in Style Than Ever Before

If you have been paying attention, the hit television show ‘Claws’ has made people aware of the various nail styles that are going around. The show has probably made you stop and see if your nails are worthy of some praise. The show’s protagonist, Desna, seems to change nail styles a few times per episode and you can even see her working on her own glue on nails, applying gems, and filing her nails when they catch a snag. Characters may show up in snazzy attire, but it’s their designer nails that everyone pays careful attention to. These are the reasons why designer nails should be a part of your everyday life.

They’re Less Expensive Than Nice Clothing

After coming out of the nail salon with a crisp French manicure, you will feel pampered and your nails will be looking incredible. Find the right manicurist to make your appointments and you will spend a conservative amount of money on keeping your nails stylish-looking. Now, when you go shopping for an outfit, you probably won’t be satisfied until you get a specific look that’s only offered by a couple of different designers. Trained manicurists can duplicate almost any designer nail style based on your budget restrictions. In the end, you’ll pay less changing your designer nail style once a week than adding a new designer outfit to your closet.

Great Nails Complement Fabulous Outfits

If you’re going to rock a designer outfit, you have to do it the right way. Freshly done designer nails always pair great with upscale clothes. Additionally, your outfits won’t look like they’re pulled together well unless you have hair and nails that look like they’ve been equally cared for. Find a new designer nail style that will look good on your hands, then you can choose outfits that match the same theme or include similar colors. People will notice your designer nails before they pay attention to your clothing and they will want to know how you came up with such fresh and fabulous ideas for them.

You Can Get New Nail Designs Often

Some women have a nail style that they know makes their fingers look longer, slenderer, and perfectly feminine. Once you have a base nail shape picked out and find the colors that make your hands look delicate you can modify your designer nail styles frequently. In fact, you can just switch polish colors whenever you have an hour of downtime and keep your nails looking impeccable every day of the week. Go to your manicurist to get a paraffin manicure that will hydrate your skin and change your nail designs on a whim.

You can leave your nails bare, go to a nail salon once a week, or make your nails a big part of your personal look. Always use a base coat and occasionally cut down your cuticles so they grow in straight, strong, and stay healthy. Designer nails don’t have to be garish or be super long, but it should be obvious that you spent some time and money making them look incredible.

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August 24, 2017

3 Most Glamorous Dog Breeds

white samoyed

3 Most Glamorous Dog Breeds

If you’re considering adding a new pet to your household but are looking for a breed that is unique in every way, shape, and form, you need to get prepared to do some research and foot a substantial bill. This is all worth it when you want to have a pet that is intelligent, beautiful, and healthy. There are certain breeds of dogs that exude a higher degree of sophistication and good behavior; dogs that capture the essence of glamor. Below are the top three most popular luxury dog breeds on the market today.

The Elegant Samoyed

It’s likely you’ve seen photos of the stunning and playful Samoyed on social media somewhere. Originating from Siberia, the Samoyed is of the most in-demand dogs currently available for sale. The Samoyed is distinguished by its beautiful white coat that gives it camouflage on the ice dunes of its native Siberia. Historically bred for assisting with herding and pulling sleds in the snow, the Samoyed breed is incredibly smart, athletic, and playful. This dog would make a charming companion for any family, but because of its thick coat, it might be suited to more temperate climates. The Samoyed can retail from $7,000-$8,000 on the current breeding circuit, but once you see the dog in person you’ll realize no price is too high to pay.

The Little Lowchen

If you’re looking for a dog breed that is better suited to more indoor life or city living, consider the playful and precious Lowchen. Originally a Germanic breed, the Lowchen is incredibly strong and lively for a small dog. Breed to emulate a lion’s strong back hunches, the Lowchen loves running around and has quite the agile body. This breed has an endearing mop of hair that can be easily styled in a glamorous fashion. Because the Lowchen is a smaller yet energetic dog, occasionally they can get anxious. As such, consider purchasing the hemp-based supplement Canna-Pet that is shown to reduce anxiety or muscular pain. Lowchens need constant attention, praise, and affection, but give it back to their owners in undying love.

The Reliable Rottweiler

While you may have seen Rottweilers working as police dogs or as guard dogs, it is a misconception that such dogs are vicious. Rottweilers are incredibly astute dogs, quick to learn, and easy to train. Rottweilers are powerful and athletic and make perfect companions. They are strong and have a beautiful coat that easily makes them one of the most glamorous dogs you will ever have seen. If you’re looking for a dog that will become your new best friend and protector, the Rottweiler breed is for you. A Rottweiler will never leave your side and with the right person is cuddly and affectionate.


There are almost countless dog breeds cropping up today, but certain pure bloodlines remain the most desired and glamorous. The Lowchen, Rottweiler, and Samoyed are three such dog breeds that have proven to be evolutionary fit and most importantly, precious. Choosing a dog is choosing a companion for life, when weighing that decision, consider these three talented and athletic dogs.



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August 24, 2017

Roundup: My favorite Industrial Lighting Shops on Etsy

One of my favorite things to do as a home renovator and interior designer is to select the lighting. I always tell my clients “Lighting is the Jewelry to your Home” because, well, it is! Lighting sets the tone and mood for each living space from the front walkway to the moment you step through the front door. It should always be done in layers, just like peeling an onion, and when you’re finished it should be simply spectacular! It’s an opportunity for you to tie the design of each living space in your home together and reflect your personality at the same time.

Can you tell I am passionate about lighting? Yep! Just a little. I also love to support small businesses and to search for unique, one-of-a-kind lighting from local artisans. What better place to look than on Etsy! I like to refer to my design style as industrial chic and you can find some real industrial gems on Etsy. Here are some of my favorite shops to help you illuminate your home in chic style.

1.     Born Again Creative

Based in Spokanne, Washington these artisans uses reclaimed wood, jars, black, nickel, and antique cages with bare bulbs and more. Click here to shop:

2.     Union Hill Trade Co.

This company aims to create a collection of unique housewares and lighting that doubles as minimalistic art that can help you enhance your room. Click here to shop some of their wonderful fixtures:

3.     Industrial Lightworks

I love this company’s unique lighting & accessories based out of Huntington Beach, California. They are also a UL Listed Company so you know you’re safe. Click here to shop their fabulous fixtures:

4.     Lucent Lampworks

At Lucent Lampworks, you’ll find a large selection of high quality pendant, wall sconce, and drum shade industrial lighting in a variety of custom finishes. Click here to shop now:

5.     New Wine Old Bottles

This innovative lighting company known on the web as began in Chillicothe, Ohio with a 19th century refuse dump and a brewery bottle. The unique bottle sparked a newfound interest for its founder as he sought to understand the beauty and history of each bottle. He began to make lamps out of them with historical tags that described their journey. This liberal arts approach to lamp making makes it one of my personal faves. To shop this historical lighting and learn its story click here:

Do you have any favorite shops that you’d be willing to share? I would LOVE to add them to my shopping list!

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August 23, 2017

You can have shinier and healthier hair with Essential Rinse by Younghee

Using a toner is a part of almost every recommended skincare routine and there are tons of options to choose from, but we rarely hear about toner for haircare. Your scalp is part of your skin and since it is generally covered up by your hair, we forget to give it the TLC we do for the other parts of our skin. As the base and “root” of our hair, the health of our scalp effects the health and look of our hair.

The Essential Rinse by Younghee is a Purifying Scalp & Hair Toner that removes buildup and product residue, leaving your scalp and hair feeling squeaky clean and vibrant. I have long hair and in order to keep any type of style, I need to use style-holding products, hair sprays, volumizers, heat protectants, shine serums, you name it. This summer I have been maximizing my social calendar, meaning lots of trips to the pool and beach, and using dry shampoo in between when I need to hop from one event to the next. The Essential Rinse was a refreshing and easy treatment my scalp and hair needed. After washing with shampoo, I put a few pumps of the rinse directly onto my scalp and some in my hands, massaging it in really well to my scalp and down my hair. I combed it through with my fingers, let it sit for about 3 min, and then washed it out. The product is 100% natural and made with spearmint and peppermint, which felt invigorating and smelled amazing.

My hair felt so smooth and light afterwards and just had an overall clean feeling to it. The next day my roommate even stopped to tell me she loved how I had done my hair (which was exactly how I always do it, just with the Essential Rinse added in). This toner is a great product to use in your weekly hair routine, that will make your hair shinier and healthier, and will also help your everyday products work better too with less scalp buildup.

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August 23, 2017

Taste the Rainbow

The phrase “Taste the Rainbow” was made popular by the Skittles commercials, but did you know when you eat your meals you should be eating the colors of the rainbow. The more colorful your plate the more beneficial for your body. When you are eating colorful, do you know the benefits of each color? Each color has different benefits, let me break down the colors and the benefits for you.

Green – When you fill your plate with spinach, broccoli and even kiwi you are boosting your immune system, restoring energy, vitality, and you are also reducing your risk of cancer.

Red – When you eat tomatoes, raspberries, and strawberries you are improving your skin, decreasing risk of heart disease and stroke. Red food lowers your blood pressure and LDL cholesterol and you are reducing your risk of diabetes.

Yellow/Orange – When you are chomping on carrots, squeezing those lemons and oranges. You are promoting your vision and healthy eyes, reducing the risk of prostate cancer. Eating these color food elevates collagen formation, as well as contribute to healthy joints.

Blue/Purple – Grab those blueberries, eat that purple cabbage and eggplants. You will be boosting your memory, fighting ulcers and helping your body fight inflammation.

These are just a few of the benefits you receive when you are eating the rainbow. Your plate should be colorful. Go ahead load your plate with colors, your body will thank you.

Get more info about Elizabeth Colen, Weight Loss Coach on Fit Mind, Fit Body and Fit Spirit.

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August 23, 2017

DIY on the FLY: Dorm Room Book Shelves

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August 21, 2017

Sara Sampaio Wears 7FAM!

Los Angeles, CA – August 11, 2017 – Sara Sampaio shared a photo on Instagram wearing

7 For All Man Kind while on vacation in Aspen. The Victoria’s Secret model rocked a chic Canadian Tuxedo by pairing her cropped denim jacket with

Photo Credit: Instagram
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