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April 22, 2016



Proceeds from Skin Care, Fragrance, & Mother’s Day Gifts to Benefit U.S. National Parks

San Francisco, CA – March 1, 2016 – TerraNova®, purveyors of premium bath, body, and fragrance since 1970, announced today that they are pleased to become a supporter of the National Park Foundation in observance of Earth Day (April 22nd) and National Park Week (April 16th-24th).

Customers that visit TerraNova’s website during Earth Month (April 1st, 2016 and April 30th, 2016) will have the opportunity to learn more about TerraNova’s support of the National Park Foundation. As the official charity of America’s national parks, the National Park Foundation protects national parks, connects people from all backgrounds to their incomparable natural landscapes, vibrant culture and rich history, and inspires the next generation of park stewards.

TerraNova’s Collections, like Rain; feature fresh, clean fragrances and natural ingredients that celebrate our planet!
Since its inception 45 years ago by visionary Jane Saunders, TerraNova® (meaning ‘new earth’) has remained committed to their mission of “Truth and Beauty” by creating products with fresh, clean fragrances and natural ingredients that celebrate our planet.

“Mother Earth has provided us with so many wonderful resources to create products that have helped our customers look and feel their best for over 45 years,” said Ann Saunders, President of TerraNova®. “It seems only natural that we do our part to give back to organizations, like the National Park Foundation, that are as equally committed to preserving and nurturing our planet for generations to come.”

For more information about TerraNova®, to purchase TerraNova® products retail or wholesale, or to find a retailer near you visit TerraNova online

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April 22, 2016

In honor of Earth day emerginC Plants a Tree


emerginC Scientific Organics Collection

emerginC’s scientific organic range is 100% natural and at least 70% organic, throughout the collection. Formulated without parabens, petro-chemicals and synthetic fragrance, the scientific organics products are not only good for your, but work too! For every product sold, emerginC will plant a tree in an indigenous area with the Plant-It 2020 campaign.

NEW citrus-kombucha body wash – $36
NEW peptide booster serum – $ 85
kombucha cleanser – $35
spirulina toner – $30
phytocell serum – $75
phytocell detox mask – $50
phytocell cream – $87.50
eyelight cream – $65
eyelight serum – $55
at-home facial peel + clarifying kit – $90
grape stem cell, white tea + seaweed body butter – $45
in lips we trust – $24
coconut-argan body oil – $54
ginger-lime sugar scrub -$45
trial/travel set – $89

All products available at

Now through Earth Day, emerginC will be planting 2 viable, indigenous trees in non-harvest locations for every Facebook page like they receive.

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April 22, 2016

Celebrate Earth Day with Jeffrey James Botanicals now through April 24th


This Earth Day, make a difference – and look good doing it. Starting today, April 22nd through Sunday, April 24th at midnight, save 50% on your favorite skincare products from Jeffrey James Botanicals. Not only that, 10% of proceeds from Earth Day sales will go to The Kitchen Community.

“Community Through Food,” The Kitchen Community builds Learning Gardens in schools and inspires families to cook at home. The organization strongly believes that gathering around the table and sharing good food and drink is what connects us as family, friends and community.

Founded by former football player Jeffrey James, his namesake brand was created with the belief that true beauty comes from within and guides everything we do. All products in the Jeffrey James Botanicals line are formulated with over 80% certified organic ingredients, using all-natural scents and showcased in beautiful Italian glass packaging. Focused on giving your skin the finest minerals, botanicals and more that it needs to create beauty from within, Jeffrey James Botanicals delivers a truly luxurious, organic experience in the comfort of your own home.


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April 21, 2016



Mom’s do more than we could ever even begin to list. She’s truly one-of-a-kind. Show mom how sweet she is this Mother’s Day with handcrafted, delicious and mouthwatering goodies from Annie B’s caramels and B.T. McElrath Chocolatier. You just might become mom’s favorite – if you aren’t already!

Annie B’s caramels are made the old fashioned way being slow-cooked in a copper pot and are sure to take mom back to the good ole days when their mellow and buttery, perfectly chewy texture makes her mouth just water!

Gift mom the 10-Piece Caramel Bag ($5) or 16-Piece Caramel Box ($8) featuring Annie B’s new Mother’s Day packaging with ten or 16 handcrafted caramels tucked inside. Available flavors are chocolate, chocolate sea salt, chocolate raspberry, amaretto, cinnamon, and black raspberry. All chocolate versions feature new and improved chocolate with real cocoa, boasting a deeper, darker flavor.


B.T. McElrath Chocolatier strives to offer chocolates that are not just simple candies.

The 5pc Truffles ($13.50) truffles features indulging smooth ganache with a variety of fun flavors, enrobed in 70% dark chocolate. Available flavors are Chai-Spiced Honey, Caramelized Coconut Pave and Blood Orange Blossoms.


And her sweet tooth will certainly be satisfied with the 15 pc. Award-Winning Epicurean Truffle Assortment ($39). This assortment consists of the most popular flavors including Passion Fruit, Zinfandel-Balsamic; Salted Butter Caramel Butterfly, Lemon Supreme, Chile- Limón, Kaffir Lime with Coconut and Ginger, Orange-Scented Soft Caramel Butterfly, and B.T’s Signature Milk and Dark Chocolate truffles.

For nearly 20 years, B.T. McElrath Chocolatier has been a pioneer in gourmet artisan chocolate. Their chef-driven approach to chocolate, featuring unique ingredients such as balsamic vinegar and Zinfandel wine, has been a perfect complement to the growing global food movement.

See Annie B’s complete collection of gifts online at, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. See the complete collection of gifts from B.T. McElrath Chocolatier online at, and follow them on Facebook.




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April 20, 2016

I’m Armed and Ready for summer with Key West Aloe



aloe-max-100-6oz-1It happens every year, and I’m always ready for it. The dreaded sunburn that my kids get, usually my son. He is very fair and no matter how much sunscreen he uses, he gets burned. This year, I am ready! I have on hand Key West Aloe’s  Aloe Max 100 After Sun Skin Gel. This will surely help relieve the discomfort from a sunburn. It is formulated with 98% Aloe Vera and we all know aloe is an amazing soothing agent. For cooling relief,  store Aloe Max 100 After Sun Skin Gel in the fridge and use as often as needing.


I’m going to have my son take it with him on his vacation along with SunMax Lip Balm SPF 30. If his body is getting sun, his lips will be too, and sunburn on your lips is very uncomfortable. SunMax Lip Balm SPF 30 has a delicate flavor of Mango and is a nice unisex flavor.



Although getting a severe sunburn is not recommended, it  unfortunately does happen. For serious burns, insect bites or even psoriasis, Key West Aloe offers Comfortcaine Instant Sunburn Relief . It is comprised of 94% Aloe Vera and 4% Lidocaine. Lidocaine is a medication that will temporarily numb your skin topically so you will have instant relief.

Key West Aloe is a brand I have become similar, and I enjoy using their line of skincare. Key West Aloe was developed when chemists and cosmetic researchers Frank Romano and Joe Liszka discovered the skin-healing wonders of Aloe Vera. You can find their skincare line in their two store locations in Key West Florida and online at www.Key West Aloe.

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April 20, 2016

Some photos from yesterday on set Fox 46 Good Day Charlotte

It's a Glam Thing Beauty Product Tablescape

It’s a Glam Thing Beauty Product Tablescape

Brien Blakely, the new morning anchor for the show

Brien Blakely, the  morning anchor and me

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April 19, 2016

Jewelry and Beauty- Why Jewels are Popular Accessories


For many women, a box that is full of their favorite pieces is an important part of maintaining their beauty and style. Although you do not need to have piles and piles of pieces tangled up in your collection, there are various types of ornaments that every woman needs to have.

Timeless Accessories

  • They have been worn since time immemorial, dating back thousands of years ago with a variety of trinkets made from different materials. This is a trend that has stood the test of time and shopping for these items involves learning how to wear different pieces that will bring out your best features.
  • People usually include their ornamental pieces in their outfits sub-consciously because they are a part and parcel of what they wear everyday. Many of them feel incomplete if they forget to wear their favorite bracelet, necklace or earrings on a particular day.
  • Jewels have served as a status symbol over the years with metals and gemstones being used to determine the value of various pieces. A fine piece like an ornate necklace or elaborate cocktail ring is often a reason for strangers to start a conversation at social events.

Different Roles of Jewels

People wear their jewels for different reasons ranging from sentimental to stylish accessories. As more people value the role of accessories in the beauty industry, there is an ongoing rise in their popularity of both online and offline.

From earrings to pendants, they are used to not only beautify, but send out powerful messages about the wearer as well. Your jewelry is often a clear reflection of your sense of style, lifestyle and personality. Adorning different parts of your body showcases your style.

Pieces for Everyone

While some people prefer classic pieces, others enjoy being as elaborate and conspicuous as possible. Customizing pieces has become a popular way for individuals to preserve their unique sense of style and fashion. Jewels are important in various ways, including portraying the status of the individual who wears them.

It will be automatically assumed that a person whose collection includes rare gemstones, for example, is opulent and enjoys a luxurious life. Giving someone you care about a truly valuable piece represents that person’s significance in your life. Such situations emphasize on the value of the piece and the materials that they are made from, rather than trying to be fashionable.

Gifts and Special Occasions

Jewels are also effective ways for expressing emotions and feelings. Examples include pendants that are popular ways of symbolizing special moments, occasions and relationships. Special pieces are usually given as gifts during special events such as birthdays and anniversaries. For people who may not be wordsmiths, a carefully selected ornament beautifully expresses how you feel.


Jewels and the materials they are made from mean different things to different people and will always be a fundamental aspect of the beauty industry. They serve as gifts, status symbols, bold fashion statements and souvenirs.

Wearing the right accessories enables you to express who you are even before you utter a word. Beautiful accessories can be customized for originality and are always a great way to complete your outfit each day.




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April 19, 2016

How Seriously Do You Take Your Physical Health


Did you know that if a mother dies, her children also have a very low chance of surviving? Do you know that if children are not immunized, they’ll fall sick, miss school and the opportunity to better themselves? Health is part of everyday life and should be taken seriously. You should strive to remain in good physical health—your body to function as it is supposed to.

Physical health is affected by the following:


You have very little control over things that affect your body, but lifestyle is one factor that affects your health that you have greater control over. It includes the food that you take, emotional health, behaviors and the amount of physical activity you indulge in. Use of tobacco is a lifestyle problem that affects people’s health in a way that you cannot imagine. People struggle to quit but quitting it is a good and important change in behavior. It is one of the attributes you can change regarding your lifestyle to keep your body healthy.


This is made up of the air we breathe, where we live, basically everything that surrounds us. You have an obligation to keep your environment clean; doing otherwise will leave you exposed to many health risks. Poor or dirty environment is a danger to our physical bodies.

Healthcare services:

How easily can you access your doctor? How affordable is it. Is the service you get at your healthcare facility good enough to prevent illness? How easy is it for them to detect and treat illnesses?

To keep your health in check;

  • Keep your emotions positive, it goes hand in hand with good physical health. Maintain a balance in your life, doing everything in moderation.
  • Get as much rest as possible, and enough sleep. It gives your body a chance to recover after a hard day’s work.
  • Eat healthy; food is to the body what fuel is to the car. Eat regularly too as you watch what you eat. Avoid fatty foods and sugar too. Keep watch on salt intake too.
  • Take your time each day to exercise. At least two hours. Our bodies are made to be active physically. Drink more water, as hydration is important and the weight of the water bottle will strengthen your arm while you are at it.
  • Hygiene is of paramount importance. Keep your body and your environment clean. It will keep you away from infections and illnesses.
  • Regular check-ups are important. Get a doctor that will monitor the behavior of your body regularly so that they can monitor the changes and inform or advise appropriately.

Regular checkups help with detection of treponema pallidum igg igm type antibodies. The earlier they are detected, the better.

Keep yourself informed on illnesses and their symptoms because regardless of how good we think we are taking care of our health, we still fall sick and get injuries. The important thing is to know how to respond and the steps to take in order to heal. Part of healing is natural.


James McFadden is a renowned doctor with vast knowledge in the health field. He is a regular contributor in different health magazines and newspapers. To know more about treponema pallidum igg igm, visit his blog today!


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April 18, 2016

Enya Flack on Good Day Charlotte

Tuesday on Good Day Charlotte, Enya Flack of It’s a Glam presents more of her favorite products to “fix” your beauty problems.

A fix it for: fading make up– Gerard Cosmetics “Slay All Day” Make up Setting Spray ($22) – Lock in your makeup and look flawless for hours with this cooling, oil control mist that increases the look and longevity of your makeup. Available in Peach, Lavender, Jasmine,  Green Tea and Lemongrass.

A Fix it for: Stretch Marks – Out of Africa Shea Butter Body Oils ($19.99) in scents like Vanilla, Grapefruuit and more plus unscented too. Enriched with rich vitamins and antioxidants, the pure, non-greasy formula will instantly hydrate your skin to achieve remarkable smoothness. It is highly concentrated and works very well for stretch mark
prevention and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. 100% natural.

A Fix it for itchy and flaky scalp:  Pura d’or Scalp Therapy Shampoo ($19.99). It Controls Flaking, Relieves Scaling and Itching, Soothes the Scalp, Moisturizes Hair with Tea Tree Oil, Argan Oil and vitamins. An organic formula.

A Fix it for bikini area razor bumps: PrivateRX Cooling Pads and Shaving Serum. PrivateRX Cooling Pads safely cleanse and calm delicate skin after shaving or waxing and help relieve irritation and prevent razor bumps. Each Cooling Pad is a soft-beaded cotton pad that gently exfoliates dry or dead skin cells to help free ingrown hairs. Also, following hair removal, apply a few drops of PrivateRx Soothing Serum to the  affected area until absorbed. Use as part of your ingrown hair prevention routine twice  daily or as needed, and routinely after shaving and waxing.

A Fix it for: stubborn make up removal – ($6.99) Petal Fresh Pure Botanicals Refreshing Cucumber makeup removing cleansing towelettes. Removes makeup, gently cleanses and moisturizes with Cucumber Extract and vitamin E. They soften and refresh.

A Fix It for: Blackheads: CAOLION Blackhead Steam Pore Pack Duo is a 2-in-1 product featuring a steaming mask and a cooling mask.  The Blackhead Steam (top) opens up pores to lift up dirt and impurities and detoxifies the skin.

The Original Pack (bottom) cools and tightens pores while firming the skin. The masks can be used back to back or night and day. ($30)

CAOLION Pore Blackhead Steam Foam Cleanser Duo is a 2-in-1 facial foam cleanser featuring a steaming foam cleanser and a cooling foam cleanser. The Blackhead Steam Foam Cleanser (top) opens up pores and exfoliates the skin.  Brown Sugar lifts dirt and impurities during cleansing, and refines the skin.

The Pore Tightening and Cooling Foam Cleanser (bottom) cools and refreshes the skin with the active ingredient of sea salt.  The cleanser can be used back to back or night and day.

Enya Flack

Enya Flack

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April 18, 2016

5 Reasons to Bond with Mom at the Salon

Stript Wax Bar

Stript Wax Bar

Brought to you by Stript Wax Bar

May 8th is Mother’s Day, which is a day on which mothers around the country will be pampered, waited on, and showered with affection. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 43 million mothers in the country. Those looking for a fun and unique way to spend the special day with their mother this year should look no further than a day out at the salon

“We often have mothers and daughters in here together and I have seen that it’s a great time for them,” explains Katherine Goldman, celebrity esthetician/waxologist and owner of the Stript Wax Bar. “Ladies love a day at the salon or wax bar, and going with your mom makes it that much more special.”

Here are 5 reasons to bond with mom at the salon this Mother’s Day:

Relaxation. Moms and daughters can get a chance to relax together when they take to the salon. Whether getting waxed, having make-up done, or getting a pedicure, it’s a great way to unwind and enjoy the time together.
Confidence. Anytime people walk out of a salon or wax bar, they feel great. Being able to get a confidence booster together will send both mom and daughter out the door feeling and looking great.
Pampering. Everyone loves pampering. While things such as waxing may be able to be done at home, it’s always better at the salon, where it will be done right the first time and those having the treatments can sit back and relax.
Girls only. A great way to get away from the crowds and leave the boys behind is to head to the salon. It gives moms and daughters a chance to have a girl’s day out doing girly things and not having to worry about the boys being around to hear them or hold them back.
Conversations. A lot of great conversations take place at the salon, because it’s a more intimate setting and people feel so relaxed. As someone does the work, moms and daughters sit back and enjoying chatting it up.
“Bonding with mom at the salon is always a favorite for everyone involved,” added Goldman. “Plus, it’s a great excuse to head to a nice lunch afterward. You will leave feeling and looking great and can enjoy stopping at the café on your way home. That’s a mother-daughter day you can’t beat!”

Stript Wax Bar has locations throughout California, including in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Lafayette, Oakland, Pacifica, and San Jose. They specialize in offering top-of-the line waxing services for men and women, using the highest quality custom blended hard wax. In addition to waxing all areas of the body, they offer facials, spray tans, brow shaping, and make-up application.

About Stript Wax Bar

Stript Wax Bar is a salon dedicated to the art of waxing. They are devoted to delivering high-quality waxing services using the highest quality products in a comfortable and clean environment. With numerous unique services in various locations across California for both men and women, Stript Wax Bar has established themselves as an innovative and trending company. For more information, visit the website at:


U.S. Census Bureau. Mother’s Day.

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