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June 18, 2015

Things Every Woman in her 20’s Should Own


Some woman are born with style. They have ability to dress themselves in a fashionable manor at the drop of a dime. Then there are those women who seem to care less about what they wear. For the ones who are not blessed with the natural ability to pull together a fashionable outfit, I believe there is still hope. For the record, kids and teenagers get a pass if they don’t dress well (I blame the people who raise them), but once women hit their 20’s there are very few excuses for not presenting yourself to the world in the best way possible.

A Blazer

Blazers can take you from day to night. They can be worn to an interview or paired with jeans for a night out with friends. The good news is there are so many different style blazers to choose from. Structured blazers usually have some light padding in the shoulder and offer a more business look. Deconstructed blazers are the ones without padding, and usually made of cotton or linen. My favorite are blazers that have a patterned lining, so when you roll up the sleeves you have a fun detail.

A Genuine Leather Bag

Unless you are anti-leather, it’s an absolute must to have a real leather hand bag. That doesn’t mean you have to spend $500+ on a bag, but it does mean a small investment is required.  A woman’s bag says a lot about who she is. Your bag either tells the world “I have it together” or “the struggle is real”. Trust me when I say, even if you don’t have it all together, if your bag is nice people will assume you’re doing ok. Stick to neutral colors and you’ll get the most use out of it.


The Perfect Black Dress

A black dress is a must have in any woman’s wardrobe. Whether your heading to a fancy dinner, special occasion, or girls night out the black dress will have all your bases covered. The length and style can vary depending on your personality, but just make sure it fits you perfectly.

A Wrist Watch

Even if you still look at your phone for the time, a watch is a very smart look. A stylish watch says that you care about time and is an added accessory to your outfit. You can choose a vintage look with a smaller face, a classic look with a leather strap, or the latest gold and silver trends. There are two rules for wrist watches: remember to wear them and make sure they work.

Quality Denim

These days a great pair of jeans is everything! Just like a best friend, they lift you up and hold all your junk in place. Jeans are the most socially acceptable piece of clothing and can be worn almost everywhere. For most women, they are the essential piece of their outfit. When you do find your favorite pair of jeans, life is all of a sudden better.



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June 18, 2015

Deborah Mitchell’s New Skincare Collection is HEAVEN


I am lucky to have gotten my hands on a few products from Deborah Mitchell’s New Skincare Line HEAVEN.  I especially like the New Edition Cleansing Cream.  “It is the first bee venom cleanser in the World”.  It is so gentle that I can wash my entire face, even my eyes without any stinging or irritation. This cleanser works beautifully. New Edition Cleansing Cream will cleanse for face and thoroughly clean any eye and eyebrow makeup from your face,  leaving your skin clean and refreshed. New Edition Cleansing Cream is a fabulous anti-aging cleanser with a light and pleasant scent and is gentle enough for all ages. One of its best features it offers a natural botulinum injectable alternative in this cleanser.

As stated in their website, “Heaven by Deborah Mitchell is a luxurious range of anti-ageing, all-natural skincare containing organic ingredients, which have been developed for a radiant, flawless complexion and to help heal skin conditions, from blemishes to eczema.”




The Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel is just as amazing. I especially like serums, and this is the perfect compliment to the cleanser that I am using morning and night time. Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel contains organic Peppermint and Spearmint oils which gives the Clarifying Hydrogel a delightful scent. I have been using the Hydrogel in the morning as a primer after cleansing and at night time after cleansing. The texture is light and quick drying but does not dry out your skin. My skin has been smooth and soft, never dry and oily. Especially since the weather here has been hot and humid, I need a primer/moisturizer to leave my skin dry but hydrated, and Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel does just that. This Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel, like the New Edition Cleansing Cream, is suitable for all skin types. My 19-year-old daughter is also using it with me and experiences no dryness or greasiness on her face, she loves it.

Deborah Mitchell’s New Skincare Collection uses only natural and organic ingredients, with proprietary ingredients like ABEETOXIN, a bee venom that mimics botox, this anti-aging line provides instant and long-lasting results.

View the entire skincare and haircare line at

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June 17, 2015

From the salon to the runway

There is so much more to this industry than just standing behind the chair. I remember hearing that when I went to beauty school but I had no idea what exactly my educators were talking about. Until it happened. Thats exactly what Tearsheet and Giovanni Giuntoli shares in their 3 day workshop experiences. Starting with Giovanni’s own image of becoming an editorial stylist, & wanting to educate and support other hairstylists,Tearsheet gives stylists the tools they need to build a portfolio, grow a business, along with branding themselves within the industry. Learn how to break down hairstyles in magazine pictures, understanding more of how to do hair with the end result in mind, keeping longevity in hairstyles and so much more.

Tearsheet logo

Tearsheet logo

Tearsheet offers experiences every month where Giovanni and the Tearsheet team of educators will go to your salon and bring education to your team. Workshops, Tearsheet offers, allows students to travel to multiple locations, such as Miami, Phoenix & Chicago, Las Vegas and NYC. In the experiences students/stylists will work 1 day with the team hands-on a mannequin doing techniques and watching demos while the following 2 days are “on photo set” educational experiences. All the while you are immersed, being the best way to learn anything, in the photo shoot culture while learning and expanding on your skills. When they become a Tearsheet graduate, Tearsheet will have you on the list of artists to be invited to working NY Fashion Week, Photo Shoots, and much more.

Giovanni started doing hair in Chicago as an assistant. He assisted a stylist on an editoial shoot and became inspired when the images came back of his hairstyle. Giovanni stated “Tearsheet understands a lot of hairstylist come from a small town and have big dreams of doing amazing events in our industry, and now they can all while working behind a chair. Tearsheet can do this for them.” Education, Imagery, network, experiences…

Tearsheet also has the first, most successful hairstylist team of graduates working within the company and doing all the unbelievable events mentioned.

With Tearsheet, in just 3 days, your career will explode open to what is out there in our industry & will leave you wanting more. If you want to see how your salon, or yourself can book an apt. or want to see more of the collection of pictures visit Hurry the runway is waiting!”

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June 17, 2015

It’s just not Father’s Day without a Spritz of INVICTUS

With Paco Rabanne’s Invictus, it’s all about competition. Athletes competing against each other and, of course, there can only be one winner. The prize is Invictus and this Father’s Day, your favorite guy will be the winner when presented with this most attractive and masculine cologne. My husband and son thoroughly enjoyed Paco Rabanne One Million Intense so I thought I would test out Invictus on my son to see if I had picked another winner. I already knew I liked the fragrance from a sample in a magazine. When I spritzed the cologne in a room, I asked my son if he liked the smell, and he said he did. He asked what it was, and I told him it was Paco Rabanne Invictus, and it was going to be a gift for Dad for Father’s Day. He immediately said that if dad did not want it, he would take it. Another winner! One thing is for sure, if my 21-year-old college student didn’t like it, he wouldn’t ask for it as he is extremely fussy colognes when it comes to choosing colognes.

Invictus is not a powerful scent but rather a refreshing scent of a tropical beach. You immediately sense the grapefruit and sea water. As stated by Paco Rabanne, this amazing fragrance has “the refreshing top notes of grapefruit and the sensual heart notes of guaiac wood and patchouli. A truly magnetic woody-aquatic scent which embodies masculine strength.”

Top Notes: Fresh grapefruit, mandarin oranges, and a marine accord Heart Notes: aromatic bay leaf and Hedione jasmine Base Notes: Guaiac wood, patchouli, oak moss and ambergris.


Paco Rabbane Invictus is also available in gift sets, which is perfect when selecting a Father’s Day Gift or for any occasion. The set shown above contains Eau De Toilette Spray 100Ml/ 3.4Oz and an After Shave Lotion 100Ml/3.4Oz. Other gift sets available are Eau de Toilette Spray and All Over Shampoo, Deodorant Spray and Eau de Toilette Spray and, Eau De Toilette Spray and 3.4 oz Shower Gel for Men. You will also find this incredible fragrance in a Deodorant Stick For Men. Find Paco Rabanne at

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June 16, 2015

Nothing like Miami’s heat

The South Beach heat came all the way to Tampa Bay with the M.I.A 2 The Bay “All White” Fashion Party. A show and a party all in one, it was truly a night to remember. Featuring designers Hakat Re By Lance Stephens, ADreamRocks By Tiffany Ward, & Ankara by Ester L. They truly brought Miami’s heat!

M.I.A 2 The Bay

M.I.A 2 The Bay

With guest host Rima from The Bad Girls Club (season 9) M.I.A 2 The Bay was unlike any other fashion show I have been too. Everything from the food to where it was held was just unbelievable. Then came the fashions! Each designer brought their own taste to the runway. We had everything from Ancient Egypt (Hakat Re) inspired to blinged out beach attire (ADream Rocks) that “shined bright like diamonds”.

MIA 2 The Bay

MIA 2 The Bay

M.I.A 2 The Bay also gives back to the community to families in the Tampa and Miami area as well as benefiting children for the 2015-16 school year. This was the 3rd annual fashion show of M.I.A 2 The Bay. For more information on M.I.A 2 The Bay visit

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June 15, 2015

Effortless “Flower” hair from Butterfly Studio

The best summer hair accessory? Flowers! Take your hair to the next level by adding beautiful flowers. Try this effortless braided look from the owner of Butterfly Studio Salon, Kattia Solano. This style is ideal for any hair length and perfect for summer outtings. See below for a step-by-step hair tutorial.

Flower Hair

Flower Hair

How To: Flower Hair
1. First step: set the crown area with a small curing iron.
2. For the rest of hair, take random sections and simply wrap the hair vertically around the rod. This will give it a bit of wave and texture.
3. Spray with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray before you brush out for hold, grip, and a better style.
4. Softly brush out to amplify waves and enhance texture. (Don’t worry, we are not looking for perfection – think more along the lines of rolling around the garden instead!)
5. Braid hair over to one side and secure.
6. Open the braid and create a soft frame (wave/swoop) in the front.
7. Take your flowers and cut to desired length, keeping the stems long and choosing wider and fuller flowers.
8. Place the flowers by sticking into the braid and secure with a bobby pin.
9. Design your own way, follow your inspiration, and break the rules. An added idea to create a look with more drama is to apply flowers through the length of the braid.

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June 13, 2015

Do You Need to Be Acnefree?


My Children have been huge fans of AcneFree for quite some time. They use several of their products because AcneFree contains 2% Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid is very beneficial in combatting acne, and unfortunately they do have annoying breakouts from time to time. With the summer months upon us, sleeveless shirts, shorts and bathing suits are part of their wardrobe, and they are more conscious of blemishes on their skin.  They have many acne products for their face but what about the body, like your back, legs, arms?

AcneFree has a great body spray and my kids having great results. AcneFree Body Clearing Acne Spray is a continuous spray that you apply on your body. The spray makes application quite easy. No mess, just spray on the affected areas and hard to reach places (avoiding your face of course) and AcneFree will work its magic, reducing unsightly and uncomfortable acne breakouts. AcneFree Body Clearing Acne Spray is a clear spray and is recommended by dermatologists.

AcneFree Body Clearing Acne Spray is oil-free. It also contains Vitamin B3 which helps the skin produce more natural ceramides, Glycolic Acid acts as an exfoliator and aloe and plant root extracts which will soothe the skin and even skin tone. AcneFree Body Clearing Acne Spray can be used at any angle, and dries quickly.  Show off your back, arms and legs this summer! You can start by purchasing your AcneFree!

AcneFree Body Clearing Acne Spray, as well as other AcneeFree skin care products, can be purchased in drug stores and mass retailers nationwide.

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June 13, 2015

10 days with Jessica

“Colour is a personal style, it defines who you are” -Jessica Vartoughian

Never truer words have been spoken when it comes to your nail polish. Jessica Vartoughian, known as “The First Lady of Nails”, redefined the overall way we look at the structure of our nails. That’s when she found her true calling and discovered a regimen for nails made with the individual in mind. That’s right, when you visit one of her many successful salons her her manicurists , called nail cultivists, will help you get the perfect regimen just for you. Opening the first ever Nails Only Salon in 1969, Jessica educated herself on the anatomy of the nail saying that just like the skin and hair, it must be maintained. To this day she is always coming up with the newest and best thing to make sure that all of us can have beautiful nails, the natural way.

Jessica Cosmetics Logo

Jessica Cosmetics Logo

Out of all of Jessica’s lines and of all the beautiful colors, I had the pleasure of trying the new Phenom line. Alot like a gel polish, Phenom is a complete 10 day chip free manicure in just 3 easy steps. But the catch is you do not need a UV light like your normal gel polishes. Simply apply the whole system of base, color, and top coat. Then let the top coat dry in natural lighting & ten minutes later, beautiful gel shine! The color will dry faster or slower depending on what kind of lighting you happen to be in. Ex. sunlight will be faster than the light in your bathroom but never more than 10 minutes. Lately I have found that my nails would get to a certain length then just break off but with the Phenom I have achieved my goal of having long beautiful nails with no chipping. The colors I was gifted are three of the most perfect colors. They are incredibly vibrant and yes it has lasted me ten days. No matter where I was, the nail polish lasted with no knicks and my manicure looks brand new everyday.

10 day Jessica Journey

10 day Jessica Journey

For the first time in a long time I feel in love with my nails all over again. Just like me, Jessica wants you to love your nails again. Jessica is truly a nail goddess and I can thank her for this. I know you will want to thank her when you first try out her Jessica Cosmetics nail colors. Check out to see where you can find a Jessica salon near you. Love your nails, love your color, bring out your personality.

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June 11, 2015

The Men Making Women Beautiful


In terms of fashion, the 20th century brought women’s apparel to the next level. Spearheading this reform were a class of male designer artists. Most of these famous male iconic fashion designers are known for their ability to exhibit the beauty of a woman’s body by way of stylish, modernist, creative and elegant clothing. Below you will find a list of my favorite men who have been making women look stunning, beautiful and gorgeous through their interesting and unique fashion designs.


An amazing Italian fashion designer. Noted for his clean and tailored lines. He formed his company in 1975 and by 2001 was acclaimed as the most successful designer to come out of Italy, with an annual turnover of 1.6 billion. Fun Fact- Armani was the first designer to ban models who body mass index was under 18.


The American fashion designer was born in the heart of fashion, New York City in 1942. He originally launched a denim line, but his name rapidly became one of the most recognizable in fashion. In addition to clothing, Klein has also given his name to a range of perfumes, watches and jewelry. Fun Fact- Before going mainstream, Calvin was considered the toast of New York’s elite fashion scene and quickly became known for his ability to charm so effortlessly, and to “work a room”.



A fashion designer, philanthropist, and highly success business man with an estimated wealth of $8 billion. Known for his timeless fashion sense, the man has made his name by way of the famous short sleeve collared shirt with the Polo emblem. These shirts have since become highly sought after and can be seen worn around the world. Fun Fact- Under his high school year book picture he stated that he wanted to be a millionaire.


The Texas born designer is counted among the most famous designers today, his portfolio includes serving as a creative director for both Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. His designs are sexy, yet elegant. He encompasses modern glamour and is known for using superior materials and workmanship. Fun Fact- Tom is also a film director. His most notable film “A Single Man” starred Colin Firth, who was nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award.

When it comes to males creating fashionable clothing and accessories for women, these men are the cream of the crop. They’ve spent their lifetime designing and producing some of the best fashion the world has ever seen.

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June 11, 2015

Femininity the Secret to SEXY

“Women of the world: our femininity will always be their weakness.” – Unknown

In todays’ society women play many different roles and more often than in the past, women are in roles that in the not so distant past, have been dominated solely by men. Some women think that they must sacrifice their femininity because of it. I do not think that a trade off is needed in today’s society. Women should embrace their feminine qualities as a strength.

It is my opinion, that a female looks her best when she plays up her feminine style. This is not to say that you can’t wear a tank top and jeans and look feminine. What I mean is that there is a special attractiveness when femininity is emphasized. Femininity is a presence; it’s about the way you carry and present yourself to the world. Posture, elegance, class, grace … all go hand-in-hand to MAXIMIZE YOUR femininity.

Embrace your femininity, as this is very attractive and if used correctly it is a lethal weapon that can bring any man to his knees. It is a look, an attitude, as well as, a right of passage for any grown woman.

How do you display your feminity, you ask? Well, I believe, that it is best to try and make yourself look as soft as possible, when trying to achieve the feminine look. Try not to use dark lipsticks, go with something lighter.I personally believe that soft pink is a very attractive shade on a woman but if you don’t like pink find a shade that works for you.

Looks – It is possible to be feminine and progressive. Opt for hair styles that are not too short especially in the front. Unless you have an absolutely flawless face it is hard to pull off really short styles. Often if a person looks good with really short hair, they will look stunning with longer hair. Your hair styles can change from straight to curled, just make sure it flatters your face. Don’t be afraid to try new styles, but trust your instincts, choose something that looks best on YOU. If you wear your hair curly make sure there is no frizz. Frizzy hair always makes your hair look dry and often times unkept.

Nails, Ladies, Ladies Ladies please know that no man wants a woman with dirty fingers. Keep your nails nice and tidy, you don’t have to wear nail polish or acrylics but a little trim and buff never hurt anyone.

Carriage – The way someone walks reveals a lot about them. A feminine image will be achieved by a confident stride, by standing erect and strolling lightly. DON’T walk like an elephant, glide like a beautiful swan. Contrary to popular belief men still like women who care about their appearance.

Making yourself appear feminine – Femininity is always important in a woman’s attractiveness. Women are almost always more appealing as soft, sweet and delicate creatures. It doesn’t mean we have to be helpless or weak, just smoother around the edges. Embrace your femininity as this is very attractive. It is a look as well as a demeanor.

In terms of a feminine demeanor, this is achieved by staying away from impolite behavior. Loud noises such as burps, farts, and other loud noises should be done in private. Be a LADY, cross you legs slightly at your ankles when you sit down, don’t just plop down into the chair, say excuse me when you sneeze or walk past someone. It is important to carry yourself with grace to achieve an irresitable feminine flair. If you are in a work environment you can always be polite and if a problem arises just be firm, never bitchy.Be assertive but not rude. Nobody likes a woman with a BAD attitude, keep that at home. SMILE! A smile goes a long way in terms of social graces. A smile will also make you come off as more attractive.

Dresses are feminine but a nice blouse with a colorful scarf or some other accessory will add to the femininity of your look. This can even be achieved by wearing a nice pair of black or blue jeans and high or mid level heel. I personally love pearl studs as they are often understated but regal and extremely feminine.
lash donna

I met a man once who said if a woman takes care of their appearance then I know that I can trust them to take care of our household. Remember that it’s about the WHOLE package. Be the BEST you, you can be. Always strive to evolve and grow.The bottom line with femininity is that always think softer, mild and subtle and not brash, harsh or brusque.

Now Go out there and show the world that Femininity is alive and well. Like Beyonce said “Who run the world GIRLS.”
donna green bikini leaning outside

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