May 25, 2015

Its just that Amazing!

When you have one product that can do a multitude of things, it can easily becomes one of those “I cant live without it” deals. That’s how I feel about my Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Sticks. Coming in 4, moisturizing shades, from fair to deep, covering, contouring and highlighting was never easier. Even as a professional I still had some trouble getting the right look of it. The great thing about the Perfection Sticks is you don’t have to be a professional to use them and also they are portable so you can take all this with you.

Not only is Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Stick ideal for contouring, highlighting and covering but you can also use it for prepping the eyelids for eye shadow. It will help accentuate the colors, keep them from creasing and make them last longer. Use it as a highlighter around the brow bone to make eyes pop and define the eyebrow. I also, found that dabbing just a little bit on the top and bottom lips will keep your lipstick or lip gloss last longer as well.

I highly recommend the Perfection Sticks for anyone with oily/combination skin, & even if you have dry skin. The sticks are moisturizing and easy to apply so you wont feel like your pores are being clogged or heavy. I have used products for covering and I feel like I'm putting oil directly on my skin. Not with these though. Its like silk when it glides on your skin. Little by little they turn from sticks to your go to "magic wands".

There is just so much you can do with the Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Stick that we would be here forever trying to talk about it. I share some of my favorite ways to do it in my video and be sure to check out for more tips tricks and products!

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