April 29, 2015

For Softer Lips, Good Earth Beauty Lip Scrubs are Sensational!

Find yourself wanting softer lips but lip balms don’t seem to be doing their job? Well then, give Good Earth Beauty lip scrubs a try! They come in a variety of different flavors like pink lemonade, bubblegum, vanilla lavender, strawberry, cherry vanilla, and chocolate.
I have tried  strawberry and chocolate and they were sensational! Not only did the scrub make my lips softer, but they’re also completely edible and taste great! Plus, they use all organic ingredients like organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil to make your lips feel as soft and healthy as possible. So if you’re looking to get your lips in great condition, give Good Earth Beauty lip scrubs a try!
Give all 6 flavors a try at goodearthbeauty.com
Rachel Murray, Teen blogger
Rachael M
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