February 27, 2015

In-Style With Carly Robyn Green!


BMG Chrysalis singer and songwriter Carly Robyn Green has sang with Cee-Lo Green at the Grammy Awards and her original songs have been featured in over 100 television shows and films. The rising adult contemporary artist sat down with It’s A Glam Thing for a quick fashion & style chat!

How would you describe your style?

There’s a quote I’ve always used to describe my fashion sense, from the 90’s sitcom “The Nanny” – “She’s the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan!” For me, style is all about letting my personality shine through. It’s glamorous, bold, and eye-catching. And I like to think of myself as a trendsetter. I wear whatever I like whenever I want to, regardless of its popularity or trendiness… and usually it becomes the trend a season or two later! For example, I was wearing suede bags and boots with fringe a few years ago, and now fringe is back in style! I like to think that my style is striking and unique.

What fashion trends do you see happening that you either like or dislike?

I love how the jumpsuit is making a big comeback. It’s elongating and very figure flattering. Of course, it’s a modernized version of the classic seventies design, but the monochromatic tones and sleek lines reflect that original look in an updated way.

What fashion brands are you personally a big fan of?

Day to day, I love to wear Haute Hippie… Their designs are easy, flowy, and semi-bohemian, and they stick to a neutral color palette that is easy to mix-and-match. For performances, I enjoy singing in designs by Alexis. They do daring pieces with avant-garde cuts, and they take risks with their use of fringe and lace. It’s perfect for shows! For red carpet events and special occasions, I love wearing Ralph Lauren Collection. It’s classic and sophisticated, yet flirty without being risque. There’s a drama to the runway pieces that I adore. I also love Roberto Cavalli and Zuhair Murad. Their use of colors is brilliant, their patterns unique, and their cuts always fresh and cutting edge.

How does what you are wearing affect how you perform on stage live? Or it doesn’t?

I am definitely affected by what I am wearing when I perform. I can feel any song and connect to it emotionally whether I’m wearing a college sweatshirt or a ballgown. In fact, in the studio, it’s all about comfort and my hair is often up in a clip. But – on the stage, in the lights, before an audience, standing in beautiful heels, wearing an ensemble I feel great in, there’s a confidence I can’t help but exude.

What is your definition of “Glam”?

I define “glam” as an exaggerated expression of inner beauty… A heightened combination of femininity, confidence, and poise. For me, it’s shiny, sparkly, bold, and striking. It’s larger-than-life elegance that turns heads.

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